Love been taken

Harry is a smart person but the day he saw a girl, he changed completely. Bad grades........... Her name was Anne and she was new to the school and one day the teacher told Harry to show the school to her. He was nervous. But someone keeps blocking their LOVE!!


1. class

Harry P.O.V

It was class time and I had the whole night to study for the upcoming test. I was feeling confident and the bell rang for class and I sat down and opened my book. The teacher came in and was walking with a girl? The teacher introduced her and her name was Hanadi. What a pretty name! She was beautiful and there was seat next to me and I was excited for some reason. The teacher told her to sit next to me since no one likes me since i'm a nerd! She sat next to me and my heart beated fast. I was nervous! I looked around and everyone was staring at her which made her blushed. She looked pretty when she blushes. The teacher called me and told me to take her around the school. I was happy and nervous at the same time.

Hanadi P.O.V

I was introduced by the class and the teacher sent me to sit next to this curly haired boy who always stared at me for some reason. Everyone was looking at me and I blushed. I always blush easily when I'm embarrassed. The teacher called the curly boy and she talked and I heard my name. When their conversation was finished, the teacher called me and told me to go with the curly haired boy so he could show me around the school. I stood up and we went outside and he introduced the school and I shyly asked what was his name. He said that he's name was Harry. I thought he was cute. After he showed me around I thanked him but my heart was beating fast. Did I fall in love with him already?

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