The Warrior Within

Prey or predator. Ally or enemy. To protect or to kill. Is the boundary always so easy to to define?


3. Chapter Two

Right in the heart.

I grimaced, unsatisfied that it'd taken much longer than expected to incapacitate the threat.

Withdrawing my weapon and holstering it into its rightful position on the side of my hip, I wiped the non-existent bead of sweat (that would've been there if I was as weak as a human) with the back of my hand. 

With an effort that was lacklustre, I disposed of the body, indifferent about its fate...probably straight for incineration or sewn back up and reused. I was still burning, yearning for something to do that would allow me to release all this pent-up energy.

My eyes flicked onto Will, who'd been training beside me. He is pleasant-looking, as we all are, supposedly an embodiment of physical perfection. It didn't bother me much. 

Will is a skilled warrior, his maneuvers swift and accurate, never missing his mark. His only downfall is his love for lust. Nevertheless, it did come in handy. 

It didn't take long for him to notice that I'd been watching him as he regained his posture and smirked at me, thinking I was impressed. I turned up the corner of my lips, showing approval. He was centuries younger than me but for his age, he was impressive. I gave him an affirmative nod, his eyes smiling as he acknowledged what that nod meant.

A few minutes later, once we were done, we laid on the bed, relishing the few moments of quiet we had. Then I got up, admiring his physique as I put my clothes back on while he watched. I briefly ran my fingers through my hair, which I kept short, disregarding any vanity issues for convenience, and glanced at my reflection in the mirror, my iridescent red-tinged green eyes a stark contrast to my flame-coloured hair.

Will was still under the sheets, his hands propped up behind him as his eyes traced the curves of my body. I laughed to myself quietly, mocking the naivety of those who wondered why there weren't any of us who had more meat on them.

"We should do this more often," he proposed. A smile tugged at the corner of my lip.

"The experience is pleasant. But it may distract you from your training. You need more time for that." I turned on my heels and left, hearing Will chuckle under his breath yet knowing that a look of worry had flashed across his face, as I'd seen in the mirror.

Kira passed me by, looking as if she'd tasted some blood from a corpse - cold. She nodded, acknowledging my presence as the rest of the coven did, a blatant (perhaps forced for some) show of respect for Andre's disciple. He was something of a leader for us.

I was aware that she'd taken a particular liking to Will but I gave no importance to it. A simpleton's thought did not bother me. Kira was aesthetically appealing but lacked the combat skills to draw my attention.

Now that my energy was well-spent, it was time to replenish it with a meal, an activity I thoroughly enjoyed.

Time to hunt.




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