The Warrior Within

Prey or predator. Ally or enemy. To protect or to kill. Is the boundary always so easy to to define?


2. Chapter One

I am a vampire. I have accepted my fate. And I welcome it.

The rich taste of warm blood taken directly from vein still lingers on my tongue as I drain the last ounce of blood from the pathetic human in my hand. The blood travels down my throat, satiating my hunger. Temporarily. 

"The only that burning thirst." 

I could snap his body into half with a quick yank. His throat was a mess now that I'd ripped it apart. I rid myself of his lifeless body, letting it slump to the ground, a useless, now-empty blood bag. I sighed out of boredom, licking my lips, removing any trace of blood. That would be...distasteful.

"Clean this up," I ordered one of my humans. An audience to a delightfully good show. She nodded quickly, her eyes betraying her obvious fear. I wrapped my hand around her thin neck. Her eyes begged for mercy, the knowledge that I could end her frightened her. 

"Your fear..." I sniffed her neck, feeling that consuming desire to taste her arising once again, the fragile flutter of her heart beckoning me forward. "It's...delicious." 

I smirked at the others with my blackened eyes as they cowered on the other side of the room, daring them to come forward, to protect their...friend. There was no sense of loyalty among them, except to me. They knew better than to challenge me. 

"I shall have you for a snack later on." I let the girl go as she bent over, coughing, clutching her throat, her lungs desperate for air. So weak. As I once was. 

I walked out of the room, the hushed whispers of those humans faint behind me. Mumbled words of comfort, giving them a false sense of hope. 

Perhaps a good fight would lighten my mood. 

"They are not play toys. You do not play with your food, ma belle fille." A weak voice called from the room. It would be disrespectful to ignore. 

"I was just having some fun, father," I replied, controlling my annoyance. 

"I've lived for thousands of years," he coughed, laughing at his misery. "To die at the mercy of a filthy creature is pitiful." A werewolf had bitten Andre a few days ago on a hunting trip. Their bite is potent to my kind, equipped with venom that spreads quickly and painfully throughout the body until the host dies. However, due to his age, the effects are slower on Andre. And the copious amounts of blood delays the symptoms. There is no cure, no method of saving him. His end will be a tormenting and excruciating one. The hallucinations - manifestations of his deepest fears and most painful memories - are uncontrollable. To prevent any harm, he demanded to be restrained with rope soaked in vervain and silver chains, causing an insurmountable amount of agony.

"And that, my child, is not fun."

I sighed and resigned to sit by his side, holding his hand. He winced in pain as the rope tightened around his wrist. Yet, he still managed a smile. 

"Andre." I wiped his forehead with a cool towel I retrieved from his bedside table. "Why are you subjecting yourself to this? There must be another way."

His eyes remain closed, too weak to open them. He scoffed, ending in a ragged breath.  "This is punishment for my sins, for all the wrongs I have committed in my existence." He smiled again. "I am grateful that God has graced me with you."

I laughed. How outlandish. "God?" I asked incredulously. "How can you believe in such a thing as you lie in your death bed? If there was such a thing as a God, he would save YOU." 

He gripped my hand as tight as his could with all the remaining strength he could muster. "I have lived many lifespans. Soon, you will inherit the responsibility of leading our coven and you will be a great leader." He caressed my cheek adoringly. "I am sorry that I cannot teach you more. You still have much to learn. But do not make the same mistakes as I have." He dropped his hand as he coughed, his whole body shaking. 

"Enough, father. Rest."

I turned to look at one of the humans, gesturing for her to come over. "Blood will make you feel better."

"No," he barked, opening his eyes, his voice full of authority. "No more."

His skin was a translucent white. There was no indication of his former self. Of the warrior that he once was. 

"Then I will not watch you die."

I released his hand and disappeared out of the room. 

Into the cells, I dragged the thing by his hair into the arena. He'd been beaten for days, fed sustenance only to ensure that he was still alive. 

I kicked him in his chin, he fell to the ground. I kicked him hard in his gut. And made him kneel before me. 

"You did this!" I yelled, infuriated. ''I will kill you and hunt your family down and cause them pain that you cannot fathom. Then I will make them watch as I kill them one by one." 

I was enjoying his broken sobs, his bruised and battered body realising that his descendants were doomed. This, however, turned into loud laughter. How could his impending death be so amusing to him? 

I dealt a hard blow to his temple, the satisfying crack of his skull indicating that I'd done damage. But I knew he'd already begun healing. Yet, his laughter became hilarity. I grabbed him by his neck. His blood would taste like pure dirt to me but his death by my hand would cause me much pleasure. 

"You have no idea what pain is," he growled. "The death of your friend is just the beginning. There are many more of us, more than you can imagine. And we will win this war." 

I snarled at him, showing him my true form but his face remained indifferent. Arrogant bastard.

I clamped down on his larynx and sliced open his aorta before throwing him to the ground. I strolled to retrieve my sword to slaughter him, like the animal he was. He was kneeling again, choking on his own blood. 


I brought the sharp sword down upon him, slicing cleanly through his neck and his spine, the sight of his lifeless, headless body on the ground bringing me pure joy. A haunting smile remained on his face. My blade sliced his head in half. 


I turned around to face Ferrand, a loyal friend to Andre. "Andre-"

His face told it all. He was gone. I nodded ."I am going for a walk."






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