The beginning of everything

In which a girl falls in love with a thief.

Hey guys so I decided to not do the story to the one I was originally ganna make so here's a new/different one hope you like :D -Kat


5. -Raven-


As I start explaining myself to fletcher about the incident I notice that blue is out of it, her face it turned towards the sky. I wonder what she's thinking ... At least she's not paying attention to us. I don't want her to know that I'm probably the republics most wanted criminal which is why I'm always looking different.

"So what are we ganna do about it rave?" "I don't know" "how bout we go and get something to eat?" "I'm fine with that fletch. What bout lil blue over there?" I ask him. "I dunno let me ask. Hey Blue wanna go get something to eat?" "Huh- oh uh yeah sure" "great! Now where do you want I eat? Blue?" "I don't know this is my first day here after all so i don't any places" she replies as she looks to the ground her cheeks getting pink of embarrassment. How cute. "How both you Raven?" He he asks me. I just reply with a shrug. "how bout that little restaurant that we always go to?" "I'm fine with that" we both turn to Blue. "Uh I'm fine with that I don't know so let's just go."

As we're about to turn the corner of an alley way to get there I hear soldiers causing me and Fletcher stop in our tracks causing Blue to bump into my back and fall on her butt. "Sorry" I whisper. "It's fine" she whispers back as I help her up. "Hey raven what are we ganna do now?" "They don't know Blue so she doesn't have anything to worry about. Come here." I tell him as he comes closer to me. I take most of his and my brackets off and put them in his jacket and put my shortish long black hair up and change my shirt. Then I mess up his hair in the front and put his beanie on and his hood over it and as I'm about to switch jeans I realise that Blue is there with us and I turn around to see her cheeks turning a light shade of pink as she turns her head to the side. she mutteres a low 'sorry' realising that she's just seen me shirtless. I tell her that it's fine and me and fletcher quickly change our jeans.

"Okay so who's going to to first?" Fletcher asks me. And I just shrug. "How about this. I go first and then in a bit you two go but Raven your ganna put your arm aground her shoulders. You fine with that?" He asks us. I can't help but feel the rosiness rising to my cheeks. As I turn I see that her cheeks have become a bit pink too. "U-Uh S-sure. I mean yeah I'm fine with that." She says.

So fletcher starts walking and I wait a minute before walking with my head down and arm atriums her shoulder. And all of a sudden I hear a soldier say "Hey you!" And I tense as I try to walk a bit faster. Just a bit. "HEY! I called you!" Then I see fletcher stop which causes me to stop. He looks at me and gives me the nod. "RUN RAVE RUN" fletcher screams as he starts running full speed. "Blue I'm going to have to have you hold one of my hands" I say as I'm running realising that I had my arm still around her shoulder. "Okay" she replies. "DONT JUST STAND THERE CATCH THEM!" I hear one of them say. As I start to hear the footsteps come closer I realise something. I need to take care of Blue. So as I'm running I scoop her up to carry her bridal style. I feel her tense and hear her gasp but then she soon relaxes and I start running full speed. I take a bunch of turns and just as I think I lost them I feel it. I feel the breeze of the bullet passing missing my nose by a bit. Luckily I have blue hidden under my jacket I had put on earlier she is so short so it's not that big a deal she is practically curled up in a ball holding onto my shirt for dear life. i slow down so that Blue can hear me. "Hey you okay?" "Yes I'm fine don't worry about me." "Okay" and that's when I start running faster. Faster than I have before. I would rather be hurt than accidentally have Blue hurt.

After slot of running I hear the soldiers in a far distance say "dammit we lost them. Let's head back to the office I think we're good for the day. We'll continue our search tomorrow." I let out a deep breath as I hear the foot steps slowly walk away. "PST. Hey Raven Blue up here." I hear fletcher whisper so I look up and see he's on the roof. I chuckle and tell Blue it's safe to let go now. She realises that she was still holding onto my shirt from under my jacket. She blushes and lets go and I put her down. "Sorry" she mutters under her breath. "It's fine" I say and ruffle her hair a bit. "Hey that's not nice." She whines and pouts. God she's beautiful. "Awe I'm sorry. Alright well let's go see you cousin up there." "Cousin? Oh right Fletcher right sorry I'm just. Out of it." "Is fine now let's go."

Once we get to the roofs we see that Fletcher brought food. "You always have food with you don't you Fletch?" "Nah I just went down while you two were talking and bought some take-out and voiala. Food." He says and I just laugh. "Can we just eat I'm hungry." I hear Blue whine. "Awe is little Blue hungry?" I tease her. "Oh hush Raven like your not." Once she said that I hear my stomach grumble which causes her to put a hand over her mouth and giggle. "You suck now let's eat" she pouts and sticks her tongue out at me.

When we finish eating Fletcher tells us it's getting late and that I should walk Blue home. So I do. "So what's your story?" "My what?" "Your story. Everyone has a story. Like how and why did you come here and how long are you staying?" "Uh... Well I'm just some ordinary seventeen year old girl who came yo visit her cousins for a while." She said but it came out more of a question. "Oh. Um I guess I should tell you my story. I ran away from home. I was mentally abused by my family and it caused me to go through depression and they laughed at me for everything and always told me a was a disgrace to them. That I was lucky I was even born. It all happened for 7 years of my life. I ran always when I was ten. It was hard ya know. I was bullied a lot at school too. And once I came here i- I knew this was the right place for me. City of mystery and action. I came here for a new and fresh start. No more little innocent Raven who believed what his parents said. I was me. And that's when I ran into Fletcher my best friend. And when I say I ran into him I literally mean I ran into him. And he helped me up and we hit it off since then he was like the father and mother I never had. Always protective over me. And he's just amazing I couldn't ask for anybody better than him." He's everything to me. He taught me who I really was and yeah. Here I am." I say and I didn't realise that I was crying till I heard a sob come from me and a sniffle come from Blue. And as cliché as it seems she faced me and whipped me tears and hugged me. "Why are you crying?"

"Because." "Because what?"

"Because that's my story."


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