The beginning of everything

In which a girl falls in love with a thief.

Hey guys so I decided to not do the story to the one I was originally ganna make so here's a new/different one hope you like :D -Kat


4. -RAVEN-


"Where is he?" I ask myself as I sit on a rooftop of a apartment home. "he's late. ugh! he proissed me he wouldn't be late this time. whatever im just ganna look for him." I say to no one in particular. I start jumping from roof to roof. i mean its not that hard considering the houses and buildings are so close to each other. in the meantime while i was looking for him i stole a couple of bills from this mans wallet and stole an apple. 

"AHA!" i say to myself as i find him walking down our alley way. but there's something I see. More like someone. I can't really tell if the person is a boy or a girl because they're wearing a hood while looking down. That's when I snap out of it and decide to find a way down. I start sliding down the railings and finally land on the floor in our alley way. "Fletcher what the hell man?" "what? sorry i know I promised i wouldn't be late this time but a certain someone was in need of help. Right Blue?" Blue so the person's name is Blue? "yes" i hear the person say as he looks up. or should i say she. "raven? Meet my cousin Blue." "Hi blue! your really pretty." i reply and i mentally slap myself. wow im an idiot. i see a little blush creep up on her face as she looks to the ground. "Hey now Raven. Don't go on flirting with my cousin now. Sorry 'bout that Blue. Raven is very ... how do i say this ... Straight forward." "sorry if i made you feel uncomfortable." i say. "Its fine really it's just that nobody ever told me that before." what? how can someone not? "oh. what a shame." "Okay now Raven stop your embarrassing the poor girl." he says as he clasps his hands together. "okay well shall we discuss this here Raven or on our sacred rooftop?" "rooftop" I reply. "is she going to come with us?" "I don't know. Only if she wants to." he replies. "you want to come with cousin?" "sure why not?" she replies. okay well I don't know if you know how to climb to a roof top or not but if you need help jus-" i start to say as i turn back around i cut myself off. She's already at the top. "Close your mouth Rave." Fletcher tells me. So I start to climb up and reach both of them. Fletchers such a lil bastard for leaving me. "Okay so lets jump the roofs." i say.


"okay now shall we discuss the issue?" i ask "we shall" Fletcher replies.

"so it started like this ..."

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