The beginning of everything

In which a girl falls in love with a thief.

Hey guys so I decided to not do the story to the one I was originally ganna make so here's a new/different one hope you like :D -Kat




I can see the shock clear on his face.

"what do you mean Blue?" he said as I look at the ground a few stray tears rolling down my cheeks. "its nothing" "well obviously its something. Tell me ... Please." he said the last part softly as he tilted my chin to look at him. with a deep sigh I say "come in." "What?" he says clearly confused. "I said come in. We're at my house ... for now" I say the last one to myself reminding myself that my stay here wont be long and I wont be staying here forever.


"so this is your place huh? seems nice" he says as he observes my small yet spacy home. "yeah. it is, it gets kinda lonely here sometimes though." I say. I can see him looking at me. well not really but I can sense his eyes on me. as I look up I see him looking straight at me. We lock eyes for a moment and im pretty sure he was leaning in and maybe we would have kissed if I hadn't told him this. "You have nice eyes." "thanks" he said blushing. and I don't know if he's blushing at the fact that I had caught him leaning in or the fact that I told him I like his eyes. Probably both Im guessing.

"you want something to drink?" "uh sure what you got?" "well I got lemme check .. we got water, water, water, more water, and apple juice boxes." as I finish saying that he laughs. His laugh is so contagious so I laugh. "I like your laugh" he says to me as the laughter dies down. "Uh thanks." I say. "you wanted to know how I ended up here in Sheer?" "you don't have to tell me if you don't want to Blue. You know that right? I would never make you tell me anything you don't want to talk about." "im fine rave. I think you should know. I mean being Fletcher's bestfriend and all." "Okay." I can tell he wants to know how I ended up here but he wants to be nice and wait till im comfortable. "Blue. tell me that you are 100 percent sure you want to tell me this. I'm serious Blue, this isn't something you have to tell me. im not forcing you. do I want to know? yes. Do I want you to tell me when I can clearly see that your kinda un-sure about telling me this? No. So please don't tell me right now. I can tell your unsure about this. I think you should wait." "Okay. Thank you Raven." I think what I did cought him off guard because he stumbled back and we fell off the couch. I hugged him. I landed on top of him and he just started laughing. I felt his chest vibrate and making me laugh along with him. he reacts and hugs me back. "sorry about that." I said to him as I look into his eyes. "No no it's fine" he says and turns his head hiding the redness of his cheeks.

"I've been thinking about cutting my hair" he says after a comfortable silence. "What? Really? Why? I like your hair. I say with a pout.


"What? Really? Why?" She says with a pout. Gosh I want to kiss that pout off her face. She looks so cute. "I dunno I kinda just want it a bit shorter I've had it long for years already." "Yeah same here. I've been wanting to dye and cut my hair. I've never dyed my hair but I have cut my a couple times." "Oh, well we should cut it together and then we can dye your hair after." I say. "Yeah. I'd like that." She whisper/said. "So tell me about yourself Blue." "Well what's there to say? I'm not a very exciting person. Well my name is Blue Azrue Bird I'm 17 my favourite colour is a pastel purple and black. I like my all black converse and combat boots. I can't go anywhere without them. I'm into like a little bit of everything in music taste but mostly rock/alternative rock classical oldies and indie music. I absolutely LOVE Elvis. I like singing but I suck at it. I have a unicorn onesie and I carry a gun with me. I'm obsessed with Pokémon and The Legend Of Zelda and always have been.i have a bow and arrow that I guard with my LIFE. I can't go anywhere without my music and headphones. And yep that's all I know about me that I can remember. Oh! And I always brush my teeth right when I wake up and then three times again after a couple ten minutes.and I'm very OCD about my bed. Yeah. NOW that it." She told me. Wow. "We have a lot more in common than I thought. Well my name is Raven Alec and I love Elvis I can't go anywhere without my all black converse as you can tell" I told her as I model my converse. She let's out a cute giggle. "I love classical alternative rock oldies indie music and rock music the most. I ,sadly, have to carry a gun with me I have a lucky bow and arrow. I'm obsessed with music. OCD about my bed and hate the taste of morning breath but only brush them twice in the morning. Except I'm 18 and I'm a guy so ya know uh... Yeah. " I finish as I see a light blush creep upon her cheeks because if how I ended that. "Wow. We really do have a lot more in common" "yeah we do."I say and then check my phone for the time. "Oh gosh. It's late damn it Fletch is so gonna kill me."I say to no one in particular. "Hey Rave. Calm down its fine. You can stay here for the night if you want. So that you can avoid the dark." She says and fear crosses her face. Just for a quick second though. "And you know so that you won't get hurt and stuff. I'll explain to Fletch what happened and if he doesn't understand then screw you Fletch." She says and I laugh which causes her to giggle.

"Sure I'll stay." "Hold up be back in a bit Rave" she says as she gets up. She comes back outside to hand me some cloth to sleep in which consists of some gym shorts and a large t-shirt. "Your probably not gonna use the shirt anyway but might as well just incase ya know your uncomfortable without a shirt." She says. "Yeah thanks" "bathrooms on the second door to the right doe the hall." She tells me. "K thanks I'll be back." "No problem" she says with a smile. God she's amazing.


When I went to get him some cloth I took my time because 1. I really needed to find my extremely oversized cloth so that it can fit him. And 2. I feel like he can hear my heart beat fast from a mile away! Gosh what is happening to me. I find it and give it to him. I tell him the direction to the bathroom and go to the kitchen to get myself a juice box. Yes. It's apple juice. My favorite. I make a small scream and drop my juice box on the counter when I feel someone my feet being lifted up off the ground and thrown over a shoulder. Raven. As he turns I try to reach out and get my juice box. My baby. I fail when I bearly touch the straw. I then proceed to pout and fold my arms across my chest. "Raven can I at least get my juice box." "Hmmmm lemme think about it. No." "Pleeeeeeeeeaaassseeeee?!?!?!?!" I shout in his ear which causes him to flinch. "Jesus woman can you like not do that in my ear?" He says as he rubs his ear. "Only if you give me my juice box." "Fine fine! I'll give it to you just please no more screaming." He says as he hands me my juice box which I happily take. "Hey rave I'm pretty tired can you take me to my room?" "Sure beautiful what door is it?" I feel my chest flutter with happiness as he calls me beautiful. "Third door to the left then make a right and it will be the first door to your left. You can sleep on the bed with me if you want. I would feel really bad if you were asleep on the floor because of me." I tell him sincerely. "Sure ill join you on your bed to sleep on a nice bed with a ... Is that a pillow pet?" He says once we enter my room.. " uhhhh yes?" "You really are a cute one now aren't ya?" He says as he puts me down on my bed and slips off his shirt. I duck my head down onto my lap as he does so. "Blue it's fine. I'm JJST taking my shirt off it's not like I'm giving you a strip show... Unless you want one." He says playfully. I shake my head no. "No thank you. Shirtless man in my room is enough." I say as I hear him laugh. "You know what just get go to sleep already." I say crossing my arms and pouting. I seem to be doing that a lot around him. "Alright alright." I hear him say. "Oh come on." I say as I forcefully take a hold if his hand and pull him onto the bed. "Okay okay. Night blue." He says once we get comfortable. We had to technically cuddle in order for that to be possible. "Night Rave." I say and kiss his cheek. And once I put my head down I fall asleep within a minute of listening to his heart beat.

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