The beginning of everything

In which a girl falls in love with a thief.

Hey guys so I decided to not do the story to the one I was originally ganna make so here's a new/different one hope you like :D -Kat


2. ~ Blue~ (first off icial chapter.)


Run away, get comfortable, be on the look out, and run again. It's all a circle. every where I go. I just cant seem to find somewhere I fit in. every two months I'm in a new place wondering why this happened to me. Oh yeah, I was tired of feeling so trapped and alone, being an only child and all. I wanted to find a place to call my home. but I never really could. I had no friends ever because if I did I probably never leave. So here I am in the city of Sheer. I decided that maybe I should change for once. I changed into my sweats and hoodie with some Converse all-stars. I pull up my hood over my head just incase somebody knows me, I don't know how they would recognize me but you never know.

I head to the apartment im probably going to be staying for a while and throw my duffel bag on my bed. "why me? why did it have to be me? I've done this for so long its like a life that I can no longer escape. im in my own box. so tell me now, why cant things be simpler where I can stay in one city or state for the rest of my life. settle down and fall in love do stupid things a normal teenage 17 year old would do? but no ... I can't" I sigh as I sit down on a bench in an what seems like an abandoned park.

"hey" I hear a voice say beside me. I slowly look to my left to see someone with green eyes. "who me?" "yes you. is there anyone else here anyways?" "oh um hi." "I'm Fletcher. Fletcher James." he says as he stick a houd out to me to shake I slowly but carefully shake his hand. "your name?" :im sorry what?" "I said your name. What is it?" Fletcher says. "oh um sorry. It's Blue." "Blue? as in like the color blue?" "No my full name is stupid." "really what is it?" he asks. should I tell him? Eh why not I mean I have nothing to loose ... right? "My name is Blue. Blue bird." "so your parents names you after a bird because of your last name?" "well that and because I'm really pale and have piercing blue eyes as you can tell." I say to him. "Well I like it so It's nice. By the way. What brings you here? I never seen you here before." what do I say. "well I like to travel places." Lies. I'm lying. Why? I don't know. "Hmmmm. I don't know if I should believe you or not. Tell me the truth. I mean. What do you have to loose?" I sigh and give up and tell him my story.



"So let me get this straight. You ran away from your home and are on the run. You stay at a place for a month or so and leave to see another place?" he asks me. "yep pretty much." "So your practically a teenage run away?" "yep." "why? I mean why don't you just find a place to settle down at? I mean you said all the other places you've been to aren't what you liked and don't know what you want to do for a while. why not settle down here for a while? I mean its nothing like the other towns cities and states you told me about. You like to feel excitement and I think the city of sheer is perfect for you. so why not give it a shot?" I hesitate before answering him "Sure why not? I man what else do I have to loose?" "Yay! Now lets show you around."

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