So this is literally my journal, page for page, word for word... I will only use initials instead of names, and I will update fairly often... also, I don't want any hate... you're the one that decided to read.


2. November 24, 2012------November 25, 2012

Nov. 24--

I just went to the flea market, in St. Augustine. I talked them into buying me a kitty wrist watch...hahaha suckers.


I'm such a loser... I just got my nails done,---- for the first time. It does look really cute though, it's purple.




Nov. 25

I'm at Pop Pop's church, and we are 30 minutes early. I do feel bad for W***A because she has cancer, and that means J**F has to do the music.



SO. I'm stupid.

I got CRAZY sick from dumb mints, there were 60 and within an hour, there were 5. I felt horriable!!!! Then I got stupid and ate pizza, from this amazing pizza place, and I drank Pepsi, and then rode in pop pop's truck for like an hour and a half, on the highway.... lets just say there were many painful turns and bumps. I wanted to throw up so badly... but I didn't. 

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