In These Arms

Bella is your typical teenage girl, sure she has her ups and downs but that's besides the point. She is happily living in the UK with her loving parents and her big sister Amy who is more like her best friend. With good grades, plenty of friends and a boyfriend, Bella's life couldn't be more complete. She soon discovers that life is never that easy. Upon learning the death of her sister Amy who was tragically killed in a car accident, Bella's life starts spiralling out of control.

Between moving countries and adjusting to a new school, Bella struggles to move forward with the loss of her sister. Her cousin Scott who has always been more of a brother is thrilled to have her living in America which is where her parents decided to relocate. He soon discovers that she is not the same bubbly and happy girl she used to be. Can he get her to open up and attempt to put her broken heart back together? Or can Scott's best friend Liam who takes a shine to Bella help her through her grievance? I


18. Chapter 18

~~"Liam, it's ok, you can sleep with me," she said, making Liam's head turn in surprise.

"Really Bella, I'm fine," he insisted, knowing she was probably just being polite, the last thing he wanted to do was to make her uncomfortable around him, he wanted her to trust him in her own time.

"No you're not, you need a good nights rest and being on the floor really won't help," she pushed, watching her as she slid into bed and pulled the covers back for him, revealing her amazingly toned legs that had caught his attention a few times tonight.

"Come on, I won't bite," she teased, a cute little giggle escaping her lips.

No, but I might he thought, trying to pry his thoughts away from all the things he wanted to do to her. Did she really had no idea just how bad she was torturing him right now? Liam gazed over at her as she patiently waited for him to get in.

"I don't want to make you uncomfortable Bella," he pushed on, making it clear that she didn't have to.

Bella looked away shyly before saying, "I trust you."

He smiled at that, finding her innocence rather cute. Liam loved that about her, he knew she had a boyfriend before, but he had a feeling that they didn't do much. There was no way she could be this shy and not be a least he didn't think so?

"Are you sure?" he asked one last time. "Yeah," she nodded.

Liam painfully but slowly got up off the hard floor and made his way over to the bed.

"Wait!" she said, making him stop in his tracks.

He watched her as she got out of bed and walked over to her wardrobe. Thinking she had changed her mind, he walked back to where he was lying and waited for her to hand him what he thought was probably an extra blanket or something. His eyes were glued to her as she stood on her tip toes to reach for something and he couldn't help but let his eyes trail down her body as she did, giving him a perfect view. Grabbing what she needed, she quickly turned around, blushing when she caught him staring.

"Here," she said, handing him a pair of grey baggy sweats that seemed a size too big to belong to her. "They were Scott's, before I claimed them," she admitted, making them both laugh.

"Thanks Bella," he smiled, wishing she would just throw them aside and kiss him already. Sleeping in her bed was a very dangerous move, his mind was all over the place and all he could do was picture them together. It was going to be extremely difficult keeping his hands to himself tonight, if only she would let him touch her, even just a kiss would satisfy him, was it wrong to want to feel her so bad? Liam couldn't resist teasing her some more as he reached down and undid his belt and jeans instantly making Bella turn away, he chuckled to himself loving how easy she gets embarrassed.

Once changed he moved to the other side of the bed and got in beside her. A sudden jolt of pain shot around the side of his ribs catching his breath slightly, he took in a deep breath before letting it out while trying not to moan in pain. Feeling it start to ease he slowly laid his head down on the pillow and was thankful that he had taken the offer to sleep here after all. Sleeping in his car hadn't done him any good, although he was pretty used to it.

That car was his pride and joy, his baby. Liam remembered the first time he saw it, it was broken and left to be thrown away, but something about it caught Liam's eye. He fell in love with it, despite all it's flaws, he was determined to fix it and that's exactly what he did. As ridiculous as it sounded, Liam would be lost without it. When things would get bad for him, he would get in his car and drive. It didn't matter where he went and half the time he didn't even know, but it let him escape just for a while. It was his safe place and his bed on numerous occasions.

Liam took in another deep breath and let his body mould into the mattress. Turning his head to the side, he found Bella staring at him with a worried expression on her face.

"Are you in pain?" she asked worriedly, making him smile.

"No, just tired," he lied.

His whole body was in pain, it felt like a ton of bricks were laying on top of him. His father had really laid into him this time, for the first time in a long time, but this time he retaliated. Of course, that only made things worse and before he knew it he was being kicked out of his own home. Liam knew going to school would have been a bad idea. He didn't care what people thought of him, people always judged him, but when it came to Bella...everything mattered.

He knew that if the whole school had seen his face it would only get them talking and automatically start pointing the finger at Bella, he had already done enough damage as it is in that area, she didn't need anymore of that crap. Liam watched as she switched the light off, leaving them both in utter darkness. She shifted next to him and felt her arm come in contact with his for a split second, long enough for him to feel how cold she was.

"You're freezing!"

"I'm always cold, that's probably something you should know about me. I really don't know why?" she answered.

Liam turned on his side slightly, trying to ignore the pain as he did. It was too dark to see her face but not dark enough to know that she was facing him and also laying on her side. "It just means you need someone to warm you up," he told her, wishing that somebody was him. "You know where I am," he added quietly. He chuckled to himself knowing if anything he had just made her blush again and knew he was right when he felt her lie on her back.

"Why didn't you go to Scott's? Why come here?" she asked, knowing full well that she just wanted to change the subject. "I called Scott, but he was busy," he told her.

"He was? Busy doing what?"

"You mean who," he corrected her.

"Oh," she uttered, her innocence once again making him smile. "I'm glad you came," she said, sensing the shyness in her voice.

"Is that right?" he asked, lifting one eyebrow, even though she couldn't see.

"Yeah, because now we're friends again, right?" she asked him, her voice sounding hopeful.

Say no, just tell her the truth! Wait no, telling her how you really feel while laying next to her in bed will only freak her out, she will just think you're after one thing and kick you out he argued with himself.

"Right," he whispered, glad that she couldn't see the disappointment on his face. He really did want to fix things between them, he hated that he had upset her, it was one of the reasons why he came. The other reason he came, well he couldn't really explain it, he just needed to see her, to hold her and thankfully she let him.

They were quiet for a long while until he felt her turn to face him again. "Liam," she called out, loving the way her sweet voice would say his name.


His eyes had now adjusted to the light and he could see her face a little clearer now. She was staring at him, studying his face carefully. Liam allowed his eyes to gaze down at her lips, remembering how soft they had felt against his. He wondered what she would do if he kissed her right now, if she would let him? Thinking about it he decided against it, she had stated herself that it wasn't what she wanted, unaware of how much that had affected him. He wanted her so bad, but he couldn't have her.

"Do you snore?" she asked, a small laugh escaping his lips, wishing he could call this girl his.

"I don't know? Nobody's ever really let me know before," he answered, making her smile back.

"Well, lucky me," she joked, turning around so her back was to him. "Night Liam," she whispered.

"Goodnight Princess," he whispered back, allowing sleep to take over his body as his eyes grew heavy.


Bella woke the next morning feeling better then ever, it had been ages since she had actually had a good nights sleep. She sighed contently, her body feeling warmer then usual. It was then when she felt something heavy resting on the side of her waist that her eyes opened wide. Bella quickly looked behind her to see Liam's sleepy figure next to hers. Last nights events instantly flooded her memory and she felt herself calm down. The fact that he had snuggled up to her sometime during the night made her smile. Wanting to catch a quick glimpse of his sleeping face, Bella tried to turn over but was caught off guard when he suddenly wrapped his arm around her more securely.

Bella's whole body froze as she laid there, entrapped in his warm embrace, his breath tickling the back of her neck sending little shivers throughout her body. She could literally feel her heart thumping through her chest to the feeling of his body up against her own. Unable to bare anymore she carefully tried wriggling free, but of course that only made him tighten his hold on her even more. This boy sure had one hell of a grip she thought.

Attempting one last time, she slowly unwrapped his arm from around her, trying her best to slide out of his embrace. A soft moan escaped from Liam making Bella freeze again, it almost sounded like he was in pain. She managed to lie on her back, his arm now laying across her stomach. God this boy can sleep she noted mentally. Her eyes grew more curious as she watched him, his face so peaceful looking and those soft lips. Bella could still remember how good they felt to kiss. Feeling brave, Bella slowly tracing the hair down the side of his face with her finger, admiring how handsome it made him look.

She quickly brought her hand away as she watched him shift slightly, his once peaceful face had now turned into what looked like a small frown and Bella couldn't help thinking that he had lied to her when he said he wasn't in any pain last night. She knew something was up when she had watched him get into bed, he had told her that he was just tired, but she knew he wasn't telling the truth. Her eyes shifted down towards the end of his t-shirt revealing a tiny piece of skin.

Bella gazed up at his face making sure he was asleep, if he wouldn't tell her then she would just have to find out for herself. Bringing her hand down, she carefully started lifting the end of his t-shirt up. Just when she thought she could see something, Liam's hand came in contact with hers stopping her from going any further. Embarrassment flooded her as her as she came face to face with a very cocky Liam.

"Morning Princess," he grinned, his voice husky and sexy making her cheeks even redder then they already were.

"You know," he started, leaning up on his elbow so he was now hovering slightly above her. "If you really wanted to undress me, all you had to do was ask." He winked playfully before stroking her chin lightly, her heart beating rapidly out of control.

"I...I wasn't...I just..." she stuttered nervously, unable to find the right words with him staring at her like he was. "I was joking Bella," he chuckled above her. "You really are adorable you know that."

Clearing her throat and gaining up enough courage she said, "You were moaning in your sleep, like you were in pain or something, I was just checking..." she trailed off, looking away shyly.

"I told you I was fine," he stated.

"So you weren't lying?" He seemed to think about that before answering, his eyes never leaving hers. "I'll admit I'm a little sore but, that happens when you get bashed about a bit."

Bella definitely knew that for a fact.

"It's nothing I can't handle, don't worry so much," he said, finally leaning back down beside her.

"If you say so," she replied, watching him as he watched her. If only she could hear what he was thinking, she wished. "Are you hungry?" she asked, wanting to break the silence between them.

"Starved," he smiled, patting his stomach lightly. Getting out of bed she quickly wrapped her dressing gown around her and headed downstairs with Liam following behind.


Liam helped her as they both attempted to make the biggest omelette known to man, adding everything they could find into it which ended up being surprisingly good, even with the M&M's. Even though Bella's heart craved more then friendship for Liam, she was happy they were getting along again and this time she was determined not to screw that up. It would be hard to rid her feelings she had for him, although if she was honest she wasn't sure if that would ever change. But she had to try, it was the only way she would be able to have him in her life.

Feeling her eyes on him, Liam turned his head towards her and gave her a warm friendly smile that made her heart skip a beat, this is going to be really hard she told herself before returning a smile of her own. They sat there in silence for a while as they both finished their food

"Bella, I just wanted to say thank you, you know for letting me stay the night and everything. I know it wasn't fair on you."

"Liam it's ok, you're always welcome, what are friends for right."

Bella stared at him while he stared right back at her and it seemed like forever until he smiled and replied with a, "Right."

"Look Bella...I want you to know, just because your Scott's 'little cousin', that doesn't mean I don't care about you." He told her making her blink in surprise.

"You care?"

"How could you not know that," he stated, almost looking a little sad. "Do you really think I would even be here right now if I didn't? I know things have been tough for you lately and I'm sorry for that, I didn't exactly help." She wanted to argue with that but he cut in before she could. "I just want you to know that you can trust me, whatever you need...whenever, I'll be around."

Why does he care so much, she asked herself? Hearing him say those words to her, did he not realize how much harder he was making things?

"There's just something about you," he told her, like he was answering her soundless question for her.

Bella knew that she should probably say something, but for the life of her she couldn't, it was like she had been put on mute or something. Liam suddenly looked away and lightly shook his head like he couldn't believe what he had said. "Come on, I'll help you clear up," he said, taking both of their plates to the sink.

While Liam took a break to use the bathroom, Bella put the now dry plates away in the cupboard before hopping up to sit on the end of the counter. She couldn't believe that a gorgeous boy like Liam actually cared about her. Sure it wasn't a loving care, but at least it was something. Her thoughts were rudely interrupted to the sound of her phone ringing. Hopping off the counter, she rushed upstairs and began searching for her phone which she finally found hidden away under her bed. How the hell did it get there? Kneeling down, she crawled halfway under to reach for it. Great, she cursed to herself when the phone stopped ringing. Now she had to check her voice mail.

"What are you doing?" a voice startled her, her head coming in contact with the metal above her.

"Ow!" she shrieked, holding her head in pain.

"I'm sorry Bella, are you alright?" Liam asked, kneeling beside her as she crawled out from under the bed. "Yeah, I think so," she muttered, still holding her head.

"Here, let me see," he spoke, gently moving her hand away to examine her head.

"Still in one piece?" she joked making him chuckle. "Yeah, you're all good."

"I was getting my phone," she explained, placing it down next to her. Bella looked up and found him grinning widely at her. "Not funny!" she moaned, playfully whacking his stomach making him wince in response.

"Liam, I'm sorry!" she gasped, feeling terrible. How could she have been so stupid!

"Payback huh?" he joked, obviously trying to make out that it wasn't a big deal.

"I'm so sorry!"

"It's ok," he smiled, making her frown slightly. "I thought you said you weren't in pain?"

Liam stopped smiling and said, "I'm not." She wasn't convinced. "Not until you whacked me anyway," he added, making her smile.

"Can I see?" she asked, wanting to check once and for all that he wasn't lying. He simply grinned and leaned in closer, their faces inches apart. "You really are eager to see me naked aren't you."

"Liam," she gazed away shyly, his tongue licking his lower lip catching her attention straight away.

"Just how eager are you?" he asked challengingly. God he was so close. She wanted so badly to feel those lips on hers again. Before she could act on her thoughts she heard the doorbell ring. Who could that be she wondered?


Bella felt her body freeze when she heard that voice.

"Oh my god. It's Scott!" she panicked as she stood up. "Oh god, your not even dressed! He's gonna know you stayed the night," she blurted out, keeping her voice low.

"It's ok," Liam steadied her, standing up as well.

"No it's not," she replied, knowing full well that if Scott saw Liam here he would just assume the worst.

"Bella! You here?" Scott called out again.

"Go downstairs," Liam whispered.

"What about you?"

"Just do it. Don't worry about me," he told her.


"I'm coming." she called out, giving Liam one last look before rushing downstairs.

"Hey, you alright?" Scott asked her once she reached the bottom.


"I've been calling you for ages."

"Sorry I was...well I had my music on," she lied, hoping he would believe her.

"I didn't hear any."

"The wonders of headphones."

"Were you still in bed?" he asked, looking down at her dressing gown.

"Oh no, I was just lazing about. Let me just go get dressed," she said, turning to walk back upstairs.

"No it's alright, I don't min- " He was cut off by a light thud from above. "What was that?" he asked, his gaze focused towards her stairs.

"What, I don't know?" she answered, wondering what Liam was doing and hoping he hadn't hurt himself.

"Is someone else here?" Scott asked her, his gaze making her nervous.

"No," she answered him, knowing she was screwed.

Just like she predicted, he quickly ran up the stairs and into her room. Bella panicked and ran after him expecting to find the worst. When she reached her room she found....nothing? Liam was gone, it hadn't even looked like he'd been there. As she looked around Bella tried to figure out where he was hiding when she noticed the blinds above her window slowly swaying making it obvious to her that he had left.

"It must have been your phone, you got a message" Scott muttered as he picked it up from the floor. "What is it with you and phones? Always breaking them."

"It's not broken," she moaned, grabbing her phone from him.

He laughed and nodded his head, "Not yet anyway." Bella stuck her tongue out at him making him laugh even more. "Come on, let's go watch a movie."

Bella waited until he left before she quickly checked her phone, it was from Liam.

'Thanks for everything again Bella, see you Monday' she read.

"Hurry up," Scott called, now downstairs. She quickly texted back with a simply 'ok' before tossing her phone down on her bed and going downstairs. That was way too close she sighed.


"Mum, I'll be fine," Bella told her for the millionth time that day. It was Sunday afternoon and they were both currently sitting in their car outside of Scott's house.

"I'm just going to miss you that's all," her mum said.

"I'll miss you too, but it's only three weeks mum."

"I know, I keep forgetting how much older you really are sometimes," she sighed. "Alright, let's go."

They step out into the cold and grabbed her bags from the boot before made their way up to the front door. They were greeted straight away by Scott's mum, her Aunt Judy to be exact.

"Oh, it's so nice to have you staying with us, it'll be just like old times," she stated, hugging Bella tightly.

"Thanks for letting me stay Aunt Judy," she smiled, returning the hug.
"You're more then welcome."

"Hey little cuz," Scott announced as he jogged down the stairs.

"Hello Scott, how are you?" her mum asked him. "Good thanks, looking forward to your trip?"
"Yes and no," she answered, giving Bella a worried glance.

"Don't worry, I won't torture Bella too much," he teased, poking her in the side of her stomach.

"Ha ha, more like the other way around," Bella boasted, making believe that she was tougher then him.

"Oh yeah?"


Scott suddenly lifted her up and over his shoulder before spinning around causing her to giggle rather loudly. "Yep, just like old times," her Aunt Judy muttered. "Lily can I talk to you for a minute?" Judy asked, motioning for them to go in the living room.

"Sure, I have a few minutes before I have to go anyway," she replied and followed her into the room.

"What was that about?" Bella asked curiously as Scott put her down.
"Uh well, there's been a slight change," he told her.
"What do you mean?"
"Well -"

Bella's attention quickly turned to the stairs as she heard someone coming down them, her eyes meeting those gorgeous brown eyes she loved so much.

"Liam? What are you doing here?"

"Liam's staying with us for a while."

Bella's head spun around to face Scott before glancing back at Liam. What!?

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