In These Arms

Bella is your typical teenage girl, sure she has her ups and downs but that's besides the point. She is happily living in the UK with her loving parents and her big sister Amy who is more like her best friend. With good grades, plenty of friends and a boyfriend, Bella's life couldn't be more complete. She soon discovers that life is never that easy. Upon learning the death of her sister Amy who was tragically killed in a car accident, Bella's life starts spiralling out of control.

Between moving countries and adjusting to a new school, Bella struggles to move forward with the loss of her sister. Her cousin Scott who has always been more of a brother is thrilled to have her living in America which is where her parents decided to relocate. He soon discovers that she is not the same bubbly and happy girl she used to be. Can he get her to open up and attempt to put her broken heart back together? Or can Scott's best friend Liam who takes a shine to Bella help her through her grievance? I


1. Chapter 1

The new girl, that's what Bella was hearing left and right as she walked down the halls that morning. It was a strange feeling having everyone stop in their direction with their withering stares and hushed whispers, for Bella it was extremely new. She sighed in frustration as she struggled to find her first class, this place was so big compared to her last school!

Bella was born and bred in England, it was her home for so long, but sadly that had all changed all just one month ago. Stopping in her tracks she soon realised that she was once again on the wrong floor. Seriously! How big does a school need to be! Turning around to head back the way she came she suddenly came to a crashing halt as she collided into something hard, causing her to loose balance and drop all of her books in the process.

"I'm sorry!" the guy quickly apologised as he knelt down to pick them up.

"No, uh it was my fault," she stuttered, also attempting to pick her books up but stopping when she noticed  he had already done it. Not exactly the way she planned to start the day!

As she gazed down at the stranger who helped her she  found a pair of the most gorgeous brown eyes staring back at her as he glaced up ah her. Bella felt like she was living in a cliché movie at that moment, her mind going back to all the books she had read where a couple had met over some cosmic accident that in her experience only ever happened in books and movies.

Having mocked the situation countless times, she soon found herself having one of those moments herself. Suddenly all those cliché scenarios didn't seem so crazy. Gathering the last of her books up, the guy finally stood up, quickly finding themselves awkwardly looking at one another.

"Here you go," he said, handing over her books. "Sorry again," he added with a warm smile.

"Thanks," she replied, returning his smile with one of her own.

"You're Bella right?" Catching her off guard, she didn't realise that anybody knew about her, at least not yet. 

"Yeah, how did you -"

"News travels fast around here, well that and I’m a friend of Scott's."

Scott was Bella's cousin; the only family she had here in America and one of the reasons why they had moved here. He was supposed to show her around this morning, but he got called away by his coach. Yep, that was her cousin, captain of the football team.

"He mentioned you were moving down here. It's a long way from England."

"Yeah," she muttered sadly, trying to avoid his gaze.

"Do you need any help being shown around?" he asked, obviously sensing how sad she looked and decided to change the subject.

"Actually, I’m looking for room twelve," she told him as she unfolded her schedule.

"Which lesson?" he asked.


"Sure, i'm actually headed that way. Come on, I’ll show you."

"Thanks," she smiled gratefully, as he led the way.

"So how do you like it here so far?" he asked as they walked on.

"It's ok. It's just never much fun being the new girl," she admitted, trying her best to ignore the devilish looks she was receiving from a group of girls.

"I wouldn't worry. I'm sure you'll make plenty of friends in no time," he reassured her. She really hoped that was the case. In her last school she had grown up with most of the kids in her school. Every year she at least knew half of them so it was easy, but now....she didn't know anybody except Scott.

"Plus you've got Scott and now you know me, i’m always around," he smiled, giving her a small wink that made her blush a little.

"You know, you’re the first person that's actually been nice to me since I’ve been here; especially the girls, they don't seem to like me very much," she told him, remembering the group of girls they had just passed and how they were looking at her.

 "Yeah, you’re gonna get that," Liam chuckled. "I am?" she asked warily.

"Well see, when there's a new girl around here, you're automatically on every guy's radar," he explained.

She looked at him questionably as he continued. "See first they'll check you out, then a few of them will ask you out and you will probably hear some of the cheesiest pick up lines that will no doubt scar you for life," he carried on, making her laugh. "And of course the girls are not gonna be happy that you're getting all the attention that  they usually get."

"Wow, I can't believe schools like this really exist, no offence."

"None taken," he grinned amusingly.

"Nothing like this has ever happened to me before!" Finding the whole thing completely bizarre. Where she came from there were no cliques and everybody was always so welcoming. Whereas here, she felt lucky her head was still attached to her body.

"Really? I would think you could have your pick of guys," he smiled suggestively, making her blush for the second time in a row that day.

"Here we are, room twelve," stopping just outside of the door. Bella glanced up at him and smiled, relieved that she wouldn't be late for her first lesson.

"I'm Liam by the way," reaching his hand out for her to shake. She hesitated for a moment but then gradually reached out and shook his hand before the sound of the bell rang.

"Well I should go," he said, letting go of her hand.
"Me too and thanks," she smiled, oddly missing the touch of his skin.

"Sure, so i'll see you around?" he asked.
"Yeah," she nodded.
"Ok," he smiled. “Oh and don't worry, things will get better," he assured her, lightly squeezing her arm before walking away.

Bella stood there and smiled to herself as she watched him; it was almost like hearing him say those words made it seem true somehow, but she knew it would take a lot more then a charming grin and some sweet words to make everything ok, no matter how gorgeous he might be.

"Excuse me!" she heard, startling her a little bit.Looking to her left, she found a tall, quite handsome man in a trench coat staring down at her.

"Are you taking this class?" he asked, pointing towards the classroom.
"Yes," she replied dryly until she realised that she was standing directly in front of the door. "Oh, I’m sorry."

"No problem," he chuckled, giving her a gentle smile. She moved aside to let him through and slowly followed behind him.

"I take it you're Bella."
"That's me."

"I'm Mr Collins, your English teacher, welcome to Stamford High School," he said cheerfully while sitting down at his desk. "Thanks," she smiled, hoping all of her teachers were this nice.

"Please, take a seat anywhere you want," he instructed her.

"Ok, hey um you’re not going to make me stand up in front of the whole class are you?" she asked politely, hoping to avoid public humiliation on her first day.

He leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms. "And if I don't ?" he asked, a cheeky grin on his face.

"I... promise to vote you teacher of the year?" she responded with a sweet smile.

He laughed at her attempt before leaning forwards on his desk. "You got yourself a deal," he smiled at her.

Turning around with a proud accomplished smile on her face; she walked to the back of the class and took a seat. As she did, more and more people were beginning to fill  the room, all taking their turn to stare at her, probably wondering who she is. She tried to avoid the staring while pretending to be looking inside one of her books, when two girls walked into the classroom and took the two empty seats in front of her. She noticed the both of them staring at Mr Collins and giggling between themselves. She couldn't help but smile to herself thinking how he probably gets that a lot; she had to admit he was very handsome.

Just then the girl on her left slowly turned around in her chair and faced her with a smile.
"Hi, you’re the new girl right?" she asked, her voice high and bubbly.

"Yeah,” she replied faintly, finally somebody that didn't already know who she was.
"I'm Samantha, Sam for short. This is Santi," she said, pointing to the girl on the right.

"Hi, I’m Bella."

"Cool name," Santi chimed in who had now also turned in her seat.

"Thanks," she smiled, looking between the two girls.

Sam looked like a fairly short girl with short mousy brown hair and was wearing a 30 Seconds to Mars t-shirt which she had to applaud. Santi looked a little taller and had  black hair that came just past her shoulders and was wearing a pair of black rimmed glasses that she thought suited her really well.

"So how are you enjoying it here so far?" Sam asked with a smile.
"It's ok I guess," she shrugged in response, not wanting to be bluntly honest.

"Still getting used to it huh?" asked Santi.

"Yeah," she nodded, wishing she didn't have to. "Don't worry it's not so bad here, it definitely has its high points." Santi stated with a big grin on her face.

"It does at that," Sam chimed in. "English class with Mr Collins gets me through any day," she grinned, looking over at him and giggling making her laugh herself.

"So, I heard you’re from England!" Santi said to her. "I've always wanted to go to go there. I bet it's fabulous!" she stated.

"It is," Bella nodded, feeling a tad bit nostalgic. She missed her home already she thought, giving out a long sigh.

"Alright class, let's get started!" Mr Collins announced as he rose from his chair and walked in front of the class.

"We should hang out some time, we can show you around and stuff," Sam whispered. "Sure that'll be great," Bella responded with a smile.

"Girls! Eyes on," Mr Collins said with a quick smile.

"If you insist," Sam whispered with a mischievous grin low enough for the other two girls to hear.

She laughed to herself thinking maybe Liam was right, maybe she would make some friends here.


Bella sat on her bed that afternoon just staring at the boxes piled up around her empty room that she had yet to unpack. She sighed to herself figuring if she didn't unpack, the move wouldn't feel so permanent. But of course, who was she kidding. Her thoughts were quickly interrupted from a small knock at her door.


She looked to see that it was her cousin Scott who was leaning against her open door. Bella and Scott have always been really close, he was more like a big brother to her then anything. She was devastated when she learned he was moving away, she remembered crying for weeks.

"Hey," she smiled back, getting up off her bed to hug him.

"Sorry I wasn't around much today, the coach had us train like crazy! I would have introduced you to everybody otherwise." he explained to her. Being the captain of the football team, Scott was quite the social butterfly. He knew everybody and everybody knew him.

"That's ok, I got by," she assured him as she walked towards the window.

"Yeah, Liam mentioned that he met you."

"Yeah, he's really nice." Really nice she thought, remembering how gorgeous he was.
"Yeah, he's a good guy," he stated, being his nosy self as he peeked inside some of the boxes around her room.

Bella wrapped her arms around herself and gazed out of her bedroom window. She watched as both of her parents were outside grabbing the last of the furniturefrom the moving van into the house. Things were really starting to sink in for her as she continued to watch her old life slowly fade away. Moving here was supposed to be a good thing, but Bella couldn't feel more miserable. What if this was a mistake?

"Hey, what's the matter?" Scott asked, suddenly appearing at her side.

"Nothing." Giving him a small smile which of course failed her straight away. Scott could read her like an open book.

"Come on, you can't lie to me," he grinned, knowing her all too well. She looked away from him and continued staring out of the window, tears beginning to well up in her eyes.

"I just....miss home," she admitted, feeling the tears begin to roll down her cheeks.

"Yeah, I know. Come here," he mumbled, pulling her into his arms as she cried into his chest.


After Scott had reluctantly left, she decided to go for a walk to clear her head and get to know the neighborhood a little bit more. She couldn't deny how beautiful it was here, but as nice as it was, it wasn't home. Not long into her walk it slowly started to snow. She had always loved snow. It was one of her favourite things in life and the one thing she always looked forward to around this time of year.

She laughed to herself as her mind went back to when she was just a little girl, she had always thought that the snow had come especially for her. Like the time when she had the chicken pox and was cooped up in bed, she remembered feeling miserable and wished for something to cheer up. The next morning it had snowed. It didn't get rid of them, but it instantly cheered her up. There was also the time when her grandmother was in the hospital and she had prayed for something to make her smile, it had snowed and her grandmother magically became better.

Obviously as she got older she realized that sadly the snow wasn't actually there for her and her only. But that still never stopped her love for it, in a weird way it comforted her and made things seem not as bad as they are.

As she walked on a little further, she came across a small park with a swing set and slide. Walking towards the swing set she sat herself down and started slowly rocking back and forth. Can she really start over here? Can she really call this place her new home?  So lost in her thoughts she didn't hear the faint footsteps that were approaching her.


She looked up and to her surprise found Liam standing there. "Hi," she responded, a little taken back. Please don't let him be a stalker!

"Mind if I join you and the snow?" he joked, smiling down at her.
"Sure," she smiled back, maybe he just lives nearby.

"What are you doing sitting here by yourself anyway, aren't you cold?" he asked politely.

"I haven't really been here that long," she told him. "So, do you live around here too?"

"No.... I used to come here when I was younger," he hesitated in saying. "So, how was your first day?" he asked, quickly changing the subject.

"Not as bad as I thought it would be."

"See I told you," he smiled.

He has amazing eyes she thought. Realising what she had just said to herself she quickly looked away and focused her gaze on the snow that had already started to settle.

"It's so beautiful here." she mumbled quietly, not sure if he heard or not.
"You like the snow?" he asked her.

She gazed up at him and smiled. "I love the snow, it's just the best time of year. Snow makes everything look better and when all the lights are on at Christmas, it's almost magical.

"What else is there?" she goes on. "Drinking hot cocoa and sitting in front of the fire listening to Christmas songs and watching Christmas movies..." she stopped herself, suddenly realizing how childish she must sound. "I'm sorry, you probably think I’m like five years old." she said, slightly embarrassed.

"No," he chucked. "I think it's kind of cute actually," making her blush, something that seems to be becoming a habit when he's around. "In fact you make it sound better then it is," he added.

"Not a Christmas fan?" she asked curiously.

He shrugged his shoulders before saying "It's ok; I guess out of it all the snow is probably the best part. My family aren't really the jolly holly type."

"Oh," she muttered, noticing a change in his attitude and decided not to further the conversation. She caught his eye as he looked at her again.

 "Can I ask you something?"


"Why did you and your family move down here?"  She felt her face slowly drop when he asked that.
"It's kind of a long story," she muttered quietly. "I've got time," he smiled sincerely.

She studied him carefully, hesitating over whether or not she should tell him? What are you thinking she told herself! You don't even know him!  "We just moved here because of work. An offer too good to refuse or something like that. Plus Scott's here," she added. "So, it's not all bad."

He slowly nodded his head, obviously not convinced she was telling the truth. She was grateful for the fact he didn't press on the matter though.

"Anyway," she muttered, standing up from the swing to face him. "I better get home. I should probably start unpacking at some point," knowing she couldn't put it off for much longer.

"Thanks for keeping me and the snow company," she joked as he stood up to face her.

"You’re welcome," he smiled once more, even his smile was amazing she thought. "I'll see you later."

She nodded, giving him a sweet smile before turning around to head home.

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