Going Blank

A 14 year old girl named Ally was taken away from her parents because of child abuse. She has a brother but doesn't know where he is, or if he is still alive.


2. Railway

      Dear diary, today I over heard Ms .Convy, the owner of girls in need, talking to a lady in her office. I think the ladies name was Lisa, or Lana but when they were talking I herd my name several times! Tiana, my best friend, would draw a stick on the wall with chalk every time we herd my name. The total of marks was 6 times. If I am going to be adopted by any one, I hope its Lisa, or Lana! Oh, and, I had the dream again. The one where i am silent, I am at my moms house, well shack. My mom is yelling at me and so is a man about the same age as my mom. Probably one of her boyfriends. I try to say stop but I am quiet, I try so hard to make out any sound but I am filled with silence, blackness, like an empty railway with no train.

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