Going Blank

A 14 year old girl named Ally was taken away from her parents because of child abuse. She has a brother but doesn't know where he is, or if he is still alive.


1. Black

     I am a girl, with secrets. Lies, kept inside of me. I am a girl, who was beat to the curb, once. Twice, a week. This diary is all I have left, left of her. My scared mother who was 16 when she had me, not even knowing the father. Me, being born on a couch, an old, wore down couch. My mother, to scared to defend me when one of her jerk boyfriends would beet me. And my brother, Sam, who I don't know, nor do I want to. For all I know he is probably like me, In a adoption facility, somewhere in the middle of no where. So that's my life. But I ask my self, is this a life, or should end it? I have thought so long about that question, jump out a window, hang myself? But the truth is, I am scared of what would happen if I didn't go. And have more pain to hold inside of me. So that's it diary, that is my life. The sad, stupid life of Ally Jones.


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