The Perfect Christmas

This book describes my perfect christmas and a bucket list, along with my New Year Resolutions. Enjoy, my fluffly unicorns!


4. DIY Hot Chocolate With Nutella

What you need~

1~1 and a half cups of milk

2~2tablespoons of Nutella


4~Microwave or stove with a pan


How to with a microwave~

1~Add all ingredients in a microwaveable mug

2~Heat at 1 minute and check how hot, if not hot enough, heat for 30 seconds at a time

3~Serve with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles (optional).


How to with stove~

1~Add all ingredients to a pan and heat for a few minutes-until it bubbles

2~Stir with a choptick until it reaches a nice brown colour-its normal for it to have little chocolate spots

3~Serve with whipped cream asnd chocolate sprinkles (optional).

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