A New Life

as we got into the house i sent taylor and kat to find their rooms "you guys stay here do Not follow me. got it?" i asked they nodded sadly "guys its for you safety we don't know what their like ill be back soon for now kat since your the oldest out of you two your in charge" i said they nodded and gave me a hug and ran up the stairs i sighed and walked out side towards the woods


3. how could you!

Andrew's POV

i was sitting in my office when i smelt the best thing in the world vanilla then i heard a knock on my door"what" i yelled "alpha someone needs to speak with you and its urgent" jason said "who is it?" i asked from inside the room "its another alpha" jason said "send him in" i said then a girl walked in walked in "i think you mean send her in" she said already agitated i looked up from my work "oh sorry"i said i crossed my arms "i need to ask you if you have room for three new members" she said standing her ground  "who are they and how old are they?" i asked "well kat is 17 taylor is 17 and I'm 18. me and my sisters left our pack because there was a target from a stronger pack on my sisters and i didn't think twice on what i had to do" she said i nodded "well i must meet your sisters" i said she growled well I'm surprised she just growled at me I'm an alpha 'its kinda hot' my wolf said "i am an alpha welcoming you into my pack you will not growl at me" i growled (a/n you guys know how the rest goes so ill skip to after she leaves) after she left that smell went away wow she is my mate i thought i then got up and went down stairs and went in the kitchen the pack slut came over to me "hey alpha i was wondering if you wanted to go back to your room" she said then winked at me ​'don't you dare go anywhere with her she isn't our mate' ​my wolf said "not now thanks" i said and winked at her she smirked and walked away my wolf growled at me i got some fruit loops and went back to my room. its almost been an hour i called every one outside they didn't know what for but they all came anyways. we waited out side then i saw three figures start to walk down the hill then they were stood in front of us "couldn't wait to see us again could you" she said smirking jason blushed i rolled my eyes "anyway these are my lovely sisters kat and taylor. I'm announcing this to the whole pack anyone touches them i will rip your throats out and if your their mates I'm going to watch ever move you make" jessica said "jessica" her sisters said and hit her on the arm she smirked then looked at me "there you met them" she said i smirked and got up from where i was sitting and circled around her sisters she growled people from my pack gasped i then put my arms around her sisters they tensed up "andrew thats not a smart move" jason warned me i just stood there smirking with my arms around kat and taylor "yeah andrew thats not a good idea move your arms or i will for you" she said i just stood there she ran at me and tackled me and pinned my to the ground i felt electricity run through me as she held me there "you were warned since you are alpha and something else you have one more chance or i will do something you will regret" she said and got off of me and helped me up "meet you new pack members and luna since she was the alpha of her old pack she will be the luna here" i said she nodded everyone started to greet her sisters and her "andrew i need to talk to you in private" she said i nodded and we walked back up to my room once we were in there and the door was closed "don't ever do that again" she growled i chuckled "you know how hot you are where your mad?" i asked her she rolled her eyes "where can i take a shower?" she asked "in there" i said pointing to my bathroom door "haha because i trust showering in the same room as you" she said "ill go ask jason if i can use his shower at least i know he won't pull any funny business" she said and walked out
jessica's POV
i found jason and he lead me to his room and showed me where the stuff i could use was i thanked him and he left i locked the door and got undressed turning the water on and waiting till it got hot i then went in and did what i needed to about and half an hour late i was done i got out and wrapped my self in a towel i looked around for my stuff. fuck i left it in andrew's room i walked out of the bathroom in just the towel jason wasn't there i quickly went to andrew's room when i walked in i saw andrew and some black haired girl making out on his bed both of there shirts off and him on top of her i felt like i was about to cry my wolf was whimpering i went over and grabbed my stuff and walked out of the room slamming the door behind me and i walked back to jason's room he was sitting on his bed on his phone he looked up when he heard me come in and looked me up and down i blushed remembering i was only wearing a small towel that barley covered my butt i went into the bathroom and got into some clean clothes i then walked out of the room and jason was back on his phone i sat next to him and laid back "why aren't you going back to the alpha's room?" he asked i felt a tear slip "he was busy" i said and my voice crack he laid next to me and pulled me to him i started to cry into his chest someone walked in and growled i i looked at how it was and i got pissed i jumped up and off the bed "how fucking dare you growl at him for comforting me" i yelled at andrew "no one is allowed to touch my mate only me" he growled "oh really but that rule doesn't apply for you what you can sleep around the fucking pack and I'm suppose to be fine with it" i yelled pushing him back he looked surprised "What you didn't hear me slam your door after grabbing my stuff and leaving you and that whore to fuck" i yelled pushing him back again "i didn't know that was you" he said in a low voice "i don't get why i don't just reject you know' i yelled pushing him back with each word he looked sad and hurt but at the moment i couldn't care less he need to know how i feel "okay why don't you go for a walk with your sisters jessica and ill talk to him okay" jason said getting in-between me and andrew i huffed and walked out of the room running down the stairs to see my sisters on the couch talking to some girls i looked over at the kitchen and saw the girl that andrew was on top of i growled they all looked at me "you" i said pointing at the girl she looked kinda scared "stay away from the alpha or else i will rip your throat out and feed you to rouges" i said she looked terrified and nodded her head with wide eyes "kat taylor I'm going for a walk come if you want or stay either is fine" i said nicely to them they nodded and kat came for a walk with me and taylor stayed. we walked for about an hour listening to music we got back to the pack house and every one was down stairs even him i walked in and sat next to taylor and kat sat next to me andrew mind linked me 'can we talk' he asked 'no' i replied then closed the mind link i could feel people staring at me i looked around and a bunch of people were looking at me "what?" i asked confused as why they were all staring at me "that wasn't just a personal mind link we all heard it" taylor whispered to me "yes i said no to your alpha its not that big of a deal" i said and sighed slumping into the couch i could still feel everyone staring at me by now a lot of people have gone to their rooms there were about 20 or so people still here i groaned and got off the couch and went up stairs but instead of going into andrew's room i went into jason's i knocked "come in" he said i walked in and closed the door behind me he didn't see me yet so i jumped on the bed next to him and sighed he chuckled "whats the matter?" he asked turning to me "two things one he tried to get me to talk to him and two I'm bored" i said whining like a child for the last part "Well maybe you should talk to him" he said i sighed "fine" i said and got up and walked over to his room when i walked in him and a different girl were making out "great to know you want to talk" i said pissed off he looked at me "fuck me" he groaned "with pleasure" the girl giggled i growled she looked at me in shock "don't growl at me you whore" she said then andrew growled "don't call my mate a whore she isn't the one who sleeps around the pack" he said "if anything like this happens again we won't be" i growled walking out slamming the door and walking back into jason's room and lay on his bed "he did it again didn't he?" he asked i nodded "can i sleep in here for tonight until me and my sisters go back home to get our clothes?" i asked he nodded "you can stay here for as long as you want" he said i smiled "well I'm tiered can i have a blanket to sleep on the floor?" i asked he looked confused "your sleeping in the bed" he said "fine" i sighed joking around we laughed "I'm going to get ready for bed be right back" i said running to the bathroom and changed into some sweat pants and a tank top that hugged my curves when i walked out jason was in sweat pants and didn't have a shirt on i looked him up and down "you should not wear a shirt more often" i winked he chuckled i went on my side of the bed and pulled up the covers "well night" he said as he was about to leave "excuse me sir but where do you think your going" i said "the couch down stairs?" he asked "nope you not your going on the other side of the bed" i said he chuckled and went on the other side of the bed i shivered because i was cold "are you cold?" he asked i nodded "a little but I'm fine" i said smiling he smirked and pulled me to him "should have mentioned I'm a cuddler" he said i giggled "good night jason"i said "night jessica" he said and with that we fell asleep. i woke up in the middle of the night thirsty so i went down stairs quietly and walked into the kitchen to find a very shirtless mate drinking what i thought was water i walked right past him and grabbed a cup and got water from the tap "well don't you look sexy" andrew slurred "your drunk" i said surprised turning around"what no okay maybe just a little its only my sixth glass of vodka" he said the laughed and took another sip i took the glass from him and smelt it it was indeed vodka "drink this" i said handing him my cup of water he took it and drank some when he finally finished another cup "lets go you have to go to bed and sleep it off" i said grabbing his arm and pulling him up the stairs i pulled him in his room and saw a girl sleeping on one side of his bed "go to bed we have pack business to discuss tomorrow and i don't time for you to have a hang over" i said and walked out and went back to jason's room and laid there just staring at the ceiling. the next morning i got up and morning i got up and went and knocked on andrews door "come in" i heard him say i walked in and he was sitting at his desk with his head in his hands i sighed and walked into his bathroom and got some Advil "take these" i said he groaned and took them i rolled my eyes and sat on his desk "so the thing we need to discuss is what is going to happen with us" i said "what do you mean?" he asked he looked a little nervous "either you tell the pack your off limits  or  you continue to sleep around the pack like a man whore and i reject you from being my mate" i said with a straight face even thou i was dying on the inside he looked shocked "i don't want to loose you" he said and reached for my hand i pulled away "well your not making it seem like you want me either and i don't like sharing my mate" i said and got off the desk "listen I'm sorry okay i don't want to loose you okay your my mate and i know i shouldn't be like this please give me one more chance" he begged i sighed "since you are my mate you have two more chances" i said he nodded and jumped up and hugged me picking me up off the ground because of the hight difference. then someone knocked on the door the girl that was in bed with him this morning came in and came over to andrew "so same thing tomorrow?" she asked and winked at him i growled "my mate back off" i growled she looked shocked "you didn't say you had a mate" she said looking at andrew "leave now" i used my alpha tone she nodded and showed her neck to us and walked out "so whats your choice?" i asked through gritted teeth "lets call a pack meeting" he said and grabbed my hand i mined linked the whole pack "pack meeting every one down stairs now" i got a bunch of yes luna's and everyone was eventually down stairs me and andrew were standing with everyone looking at us "i want you all to know basically all of the girls the alpha is off limits he has his mate and i know if anyone tries any thing she will rip your throat out and then reject the alpha now i know you guys don't want that so that is all" i said they all nodded some one raised their hand "yes" i said "who's the alpha's mate?" some girl that looked a little like andrew asked "that would be me" i said and smiled a little the girl nodded "well you are all dismissed" andrew said i nodded and they all went back to their businesses kat came down the stairs "hey jess you wanna go for a walk?" she asked i smiled and nodded we walked out of the house and went walking around in the forest. after walking around for a few miles i smelt something 'rouge' my wolf told me i let out a growl and put kat behind me in defense then a wolf came from behind a tree infant of me "go to your human form now" i ordered in my alpha voice they went back behind a tree and came out with a shirt and shorts on it was a girl "p-please don't hurt me" she said stuttering a little bit "whats your name?" i asked in a sweet voice "ashley" she answered "well ashley you look cold and hungry come back with us to our pack house and ill get you some things" i said she smiled and nodded i went and put my arm around her as we entered a pack house glows filed the air i growled back "treat her with respect" i said in my alpha voice they apologized and showed their necks we were sitting in the kitchen eating after kat had gotten her some sweat pants and a hoodie taylor walked in the kitchen ashley and taylor stared at each other for a while "mate" they said at the same time i chocked on my water "wait seriously" i said they ran and hugged each other "wow" is all i could say 
hey guys heres an update sorry its short and crappy but its late and I'm tired but yeah anyways so i thought i would have some gay relation ships in here cause you know what the cutest things every are. gay people! so yeah :) and there might be another gay couple but you never know ;) so bye guys love you stay perfect~ jessica xoxo

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