A New Life

as we got into the house i sent taylor and kat to find their rooms "you guys stay here do Not follow me. got it?" i asked they nodded sadly "guys its for you safety we don't know what their like ill be back soon for now kat since your the oldest out of you two your in charge" i said they nodded and gave me a hug and ran up the stairs i sighed and walked out side towards the woods


2. characters/wolves


this is taylor she has pink hair (dyed) she has blue eyes she is the most calm one out of her sisters but the youngest she is short but strong


this is kat she has red hair and green and blue eyes she is the second oldest but the one who misbehaves all the time but when i come to her sisters she is all seriousness and can kick some ass ;)

jessica has blue green hair and blue eyes and a lip piercing i guess you could say she's pretty badass she is the oldest she's 18 and very protective over her younger sisters as they are the only family she has left

louis is 16 almost 17 and is brothers with luke he is very kind and gentle and pretty tall 



luke is louis's older brother he's 18 he's tall and watches out for his 'little' brother he can be funny but serious 


this is jason he is 19 years old he is the beta of his pack luke is his beta and louis is his second jason is very caring and nice but can kick ass if he needs to

and last but not least Andrew 

this is Andrew he is the almighty alpha he is a strong and good leader as cuddly as he looks in the picture (which for me is pretty fucking cuddly) he can be dangerous he is protective over his pack members and especially when he finds his mate ;)

ok so those are the characters human form I'm pretty sure we all like them ;) here are their wolves pictures


jason is the black wolf and louis and luke are the white wolves 


that is the alpha Andrew 


and these adorable little shits are the girls the one with her paw on one of the other wolves is jessica she has her paw on kat and taylor is the one that looks like she's laughing XD

okay so those are the main characters in human and wolf form :))))))) lol 

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