A New Life

as we got into the house i sent taylor and kat to find their rooms "you guys stay here do Not follow me. got it?" i asked they nodded sadly "guys its for you safety we don't know what their like ill be back soon for now kat since your the oldest out of you two your in charge" i said they nodded and gave me a hug and ran up the stairs i sighed and walked out side towards the woods


1. A New Life

jessica's POV

we walked into what is our new house in the middle of no where "guys go choose who gets which room and do NOT follow me" i said they nodded sadly "guys its for your own safety okay kat your the oldest out of you two so your in charge while I'm gone, taylor your more mature make sure she doesn't follow me" i said they smiled a little and nodded i walked out the door and locked it i walked into the woods i grabbed out my headphones and put on fall out boy and put in one ear phone and let the other hang freely. after walking about three miles and feeling someone following me for those few miles i turned around and saw taylor and kat "guys i told you not to follow why would you i told you its for your own safety" i said then i heard a twig snap behind me and taylor and kat's faces showed fear i turned around i could tell the person was a beta "we mean you no harm me and my sisters just moved here we left our pack i was coming to find your pack to talk" i said he growled i looked back and saw taylor and kat back to back surounded by other wolves "okay please let them go they mean no threat" i said and turned back to the beta  "please they mean no harm i don't care if you rip me to shreds but leave them alone" i said he growled "fine if you don't call off your wolves then ill do it myself" i said and i took off my clothes and transformed i growled at the wolves they all looked at me their eyes went wide and they showed me their necks and went behind their beta i went back into my human form and got dressed "now i suggest you transform or ill have to find your alpha and tell him you disrespected me" i growled the beta nodded and transformed into human form and put on some shorts as taylor and kat hid behind me "guys go back to your human form" he said turning around to the other two wolves they went behind trees and came out with shorts on "okay so you were looking for us" he said i rolled my eyes "show some respect I'm an alpha" i said "sorry" he said i nodded "as i said before me and my sisters left my pack for their safety and we moved a couple miles away and i was coming to find you guys i figured this would have happened but they weren't suppose to be here" i said and nodded towards taylor and kat "how old are you guys?" he asked "I'm 18 kat is 17 and taylor is 16" i said he nodded "whats your name?" he asked "jessica" i said he nodded "I'm jason thats luke and louis" he said i nodded "i would like to talk to you alpha" i said he nodded "thats fine but we need to check you for anything that could hurt our alpha" he said i nodded he patted me down then louis and luke went to pat down taylor and kat i growled "they are going home so don't touch them" i said they nodded and walked away "you two head home now" i said they nodded shifted and started running to the house "ok lets go" Jason said i nodded a followed him "your very protective over them" he said "yeah i am i would give my life for them" i said looking straight ahead i could see him looking at me through the corner of my eye i cleared my throat "how far until we are there?" i asked "we are here" he said just at the bottom of a hill there was a giant house we all ran down the hill as we entered the house there were a few growls "do not disrespect her she is a alpha" Jason growled they all showed their necks to us i nodded "where is the alpha?" jason asked "his room as usual" some one said "you two stay here alpha jessica come with me" he said i nodded we went up some stairs and down a long hall way to a room jason knocked "what" a voice yelled "alpha someone needs to speak with you and its urgent" jason said looking a bit nervous "who is it?" the same dude asked from inside the room "its another alpha" jason said "send him in" the guy said i rolled my eyes and walked in "i think you mean send her in" i said already agitated "he looked up from his work "oh sorry" he said i crossed my arms "i need to ask you if you have room for three new members" i said standing my ground in case he flipped "who are they and how old are they?" he asked "well kat is 17 taylor is 17 and I'm 18. me and my sisters left our pack because there was a target from a stronger pack on my sisters and i didn't think twice on what i had to do" i said he nodded "well i must meet your sisters" he said i growled a little he looked at me in shock that i just growled at him "I'm an alpha that is welcoming you into my pack don't growl at me" he said "i wasn't finished talking i am also an alpha so you disrespecting me also" i said he put his hands up in surrender leaning back in his chair in amusement "you might want to talk about your pack on how they treat other alphas a few almost got their throats ripped out" i said he growled "don't threaten my pack" he said "then teach them how to be respectful and we won't have a problem i will be back in a hour with my sister if i find anyone following me i don't care who they are ill have their ass handed to them" i said and walked out of the room slamming the door i ran down the stairs and every one was staring at me "i suggest you stop staring I'm not in a good mood" i growled every one looked away then jason came over to me "how did it go?" he asked "ok ill be back in less than an hour" i said walking out of the house and turning into my wolf and ran home. when i got home taylor and kat were watching tv "guys I'm make dinner then we are going to the other pack so you can meet their oh so annoying alpha" i said they nodded "We want pizza" they said i laughed "Ok" i said and went in the freezer and pulled out a pizza and put it in the oven about 20 minutes later the pizza was ready and we were eating i was drinking my water when taylor said "i hope you find your mate in that pack" i chocked on my drink then i started coughing "i probable won't but I'm not worried about me I'm only worried about you two" i said they blushed about ten minutes later we finished "we would start walking i don't want you guys wolfing out okay but bring an extra pair of clothes" i said they nodded i grabbed some clothes and a bag i put mine in then theirs. when we finally reached the pack house the alpha and beta were out side with the other pack members waiting i smirked "couldn't wait to see us again huh?" i said to jason and the alpha jason blushed "anyway these are my lovely sisters kat and taylor. I'm announcing this to the whole pack anyone touches them i will rip your throats out and if your their mates I'm going to watch ever move you make" i said "jessica" kat and taylor said at the same time and hit me on the arm i smirked "okay there you met them" i said looking at the alpha he smirked got up from where he was sitting and walked circles around them i growled some people gasped the alpha looked at me smirking then he out his arms around them "andrew thats not a very smart move" jason warned him "yeah andrew move your arms or i will for you" i growled he just smirked and stood there i ran at him and tackled him to the ground i pined him to the ground and he was just looking at me in shock "you were warned since you are the alpha and something else you have one more chance or i will do something you will regret" i said getting up "everyone meet you new pack members" andrew said "and jessica is your luna since she was an alpha with her pack she will be here" he said i nodded "i need to talk to you in private" i said andrew nodded we walked into his room "do not do that again" i said he chuckled and sat on the bed "you know how hot you are when your mad?" he asked 

so this is my new movella and its not a fan fiction *gasp* lolololol okay so next chapter will be the characters :)

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