Only One

Skylar Marcy is driving to Hollywood with her mum for a concert. SHe looks out the window and sees three kids running up a hill getting chased by monsters. She sees a green light and blacks out.
When she wakes up she is surrounded by unfamiliar faces. She learns a chilling story of how she got there. Luke shows her around Camp Half-Blood where she woke up. Next thing the knows the blacks out again.
When she wakes up she in a weird place, in a cupboard under some stairs. A unusual boy with an unusual scar woke her up. He says he's her brother...


5. My Brother!?

Skylar's P.O.V.

"Skylar! Skylar wake up!" An angry voice said. I was getting shaken awake rather ruffly.

I opened my eyes to see a boy. I had never seen this boy before but I felt like I knew him somehow. The boy had jet black hair that was constantly in his face and sticking out everywhere and emerald green eyes hidden behind round glasses.

"Skylar thank goodness I thought you were dead!" He said jokingly. He also had a British accent.

I laughed a little not knowing who the heck this boy was or where on Earth I was if I was even on Earth!

It was then when I finally took in my surroundings. I was in a cupboard under some stairs. All I could see were two very small beds crammed in here. One small light hung from the ceiling. 

"Come on we have to cook breakfast before they ban us from coming to the zoo today!" The boy said taking my hand and dragging me out from the cupboard and into the hallway.

Just then some lady walked out of the door at the end of the hallway and yelled, "Well what took you so long? Hurry up and cook breakfast! Today has to be perfect!"

I shrank back a little but the boy stood firm looking bored, "Yes Aunt Petunia." he said lamely as he walked towards the door, "Well aren't you coming Skylar?" He started before he saw my confused expression, "What's wrong?"

I looked at the boy, "I have no idea who you are or where I am. The last thing I remember is being in a forest kissing a boy when somebody screamed at us." I was almost positive he would think I was joking or lieing like the other people at Camp Half-Blood did but he seemed to know that I was telling the truth.

"I...don't understa-" He was cut off by a very fat boy running down the stairs and running into me. I fell to the floor with a mighty  "thud

"Oh my! I am so sorry Skylar! I am so sorry my dearest!" The fat boy said helping me up.

"Dearest?" I asked.

He blushed red and was saved by somebody in the next room yelling, "Dudders is that you?"

He blushed even more, "Yes Mum!" He yelled back. He gave my a creepy lovey dovey look as he walked to the door. As he passed the other boy he scowled and marched into the kitchen.

"Do you really not remember?" the smaller boy asked.

I shook my head, "Not at all."

"Well I'll give you the short story then. You were found in a basket of my doorstep and my parents took you in as their child. They died when we were one. We are now living like servants to my Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia, and my cousin Dudley who has a very awkward crush on you." He said with no enthusiasm.

I stood shocked, "And...who are you."

He looked just as shocked, "I'm...Harry Potter. And your Skylar adopted sister."

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