Only One

Skylar Marcy is driving to Hollywood with her mum for a concert. SHe looks out the window and sees three kids running up a hill getting chased by monsters. She sees a green light and blacks out.
When she wakes up she is surrounded by unfamiliar faces. She learns a chilling story of how she got there. Luke shows her around Camp Half-Blood where she woke up. Next thing the knows the blacks out again.
When she wakes up she in a weird place, in a cupboard under some stairs. A unusual boy with an unusual scar woke her up. He says he's her brother...


7. Harry's Confused.

 Harry's P.O.V.

 I don't know what is happening. I wake my lazy sister up and she doesn't remember me? Dudley tackles her to the ground and calls her dearest!? I mean that's normal but she normally disgusted not confused! 

"GET IN HERE BOY!" I heard Uncle Vernon yell from the kitchen.

I sighed and looked at Skylar, "Well I'd better get in there." I told her. 

"Wait!" she said as she grabbed my hand, "I need to know more! I can't remember anything! Just a second ago I was at some place called camp half-blood and I was getting tour from this really nice guy named Luke! Now I'm here at this house in some town!" she looked at me with her puppy dog eyes. I hate those eyes. I always fall for those eyes! 

I sighed again, "I will but right now we have to make their breakfast." I said as I dragged her into the kitchen.

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