Only One

Skylar Marcy is driving to Hollywood with her mum for a concert. SHe looks out the window and sees three kids running up a hill getting chased by monsters. She sees a green light and blacks out.
When she wakes up she is surrounded by unfamiliar faces. She learns a chilling story of how she got there. Luke shows her around Camp Half-Blood where she woke up. Next thing the knows the blacks out again.
When she wakes up she in a weird place, in a cupboard under some stairs. A unusual boy with an unusual scar woke her up. He says he's her brother...


3. Birthday Present

Skylar's P.O.V.

"Luke why don't you show your friend around the camp. By the way I'm Chiron." The wheelchair guy said smiling up at me.

Luke just stood there staring at me apparently very deep in thought. 

"Camp?" I asked.

"Yes my dear Skylar. This is Camp Half-Blood you have been here in this room for about a year now. Luke here has never left your side for even a moment." Chiron said, "He should know the camp well enough."

I stared at Luke then Chiron then the crowd and lastly at myself. I was so different. My hair was about two inches longer and about reached to my waist, my nails looked like they were professionally done, and when I wiped my eye I found that I was wearing makeup!

"Look I'm really sorry that you had to miss your fifteenth birthday Skylar. But I got you a present!" Chiron said.

 He handed me a silver box with a big pink bow. The box was about a foot long and three inches wide. I took off the top and what I found was a knife. It was celestial bronze in the middle with Imperial gold around the sharp parts.The hilt looked like two treble clefs that met at the bottom dot and the padding was reddish pink.

"Wow..This is...Amazing. Thank You!" I said with a bright white smile.

Luke saw me smile and lit up a bit.

 "So what do you say about getting out of bed and having Luke show you around?" Chiron suggested

Luke looked at me right in the eyes. "Please come." he seemed to say.

I looked right into those blue eyes and said, "Let's do it." 

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