The Survival Games


4. Chapter 4

5:59pm. One. Last. Minute. One more minute until two people in this province will receive the news that they will have to survive the maze. I try to relax but how can I when this one minute might change everything for me? There's a small chance it will be me. Me out of my whole province. It's a small chance, but anything's possible. 

And that's when the clock hand ticks 6:00pm. I draw in a deep breath. I breathe in and out steadily to try to calm my racing heart. No one has knocked yet. Maybe it isn't me... Everything will be alri-

But that's when I hear it. 

My mother lets out a sob. No. My father slowly walks to the front door. No, this can't be. The door swings open and two Leaders step inside.

"Hello, Lyssa Jones. You have been picked for the participation of this year's Survival Games."

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