The Survival Games


3. Chapter 3

The clock reads 5:42pm. Everyone in this province is waiting. Waiting for the time to be 6:00pm, the time when one male and one female will be told that they will have to fight till their death the very next morning. It's harsh, it's cruel, but that's just the way they do it. The Leaders will have already picked the two victims for each province by now. All that's left to do is wait. It could be me this year. I'm fifteen and I've been lucking the last two years. Hopefully it will be the same this year. I pray that it will. 

The whole house is quiet. My mother's waiting, my father's waiting. I'm their only child. Neither of them is talking. The whole province is silent. All of the thirteen to twenty year olds hoping it won't be them. But the truth is: it's got to be someone. And if it's not them, it's someone else. Someone else who doesn't deserve it.

The clock hand ticks, each second growing longer than the last. My hands are sticky with sweat, and I only just realize how nervous I actually am. It will be okay, I tell myself, it won't be me. But isn't this what all the children in the provinces telling themselves? None of us deserve to go through this. Waiting for 6:00pm is like torture itself. It's life being given your death sentence because you never know if you'll see the sun shine again after you walk into the doors of that maze.

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