The Survival Games


2. Chapter 2

I don't think it's right. It's not fair. Twenty-three lives are destroyed to teach a lesson to society. There are ways to deal with problems, this just isn't it. We are reminded by the war of deaths. On how it feels to lose someone close to you. But they can't put everyone in the maze and I think that's what they hate the most. 

They are more superior than us. Even though they will never, in a million years, admit it. They are. The Leaders are never lenient towards us. They choose everything for us. They choose our jobs, our houses, our lives. We don't get a say. And we're all too scared to fight back. You would probably think our society is made up of cowards but it isn't. I'm scared, petrified. We all are. We live our days in fear, whilst the Leaders live their lives in pure bliss, not caring about anyone but themselves.

If the Leaders had any idea on what I thought of the society system, I would be executed within the hour. My death would be slow and horrendously painful. First they'll make me suffer, until they hear the breaking of my bones, until I believe that life is the worst thing ever, until I welcome death with warm, open arms and then they will execute me with two swift strikes of a blade.

You must already be dead if nothing about the Leaders makes your skin crawl and heartbeat quicken. And they will spare no one. Not even if that someone is a child. So even though the Leaders say that they will always be 'equal' with the citizens of the society, they will never be unless we change the way we are living. You are a weak fool if you believe that we can ever be even with them monsters. They don't give a damn about us. We are told at home, at school that we should never talk bad about the Leaders but why? They don't respect us anymore than they respect the ground that they walk on. We're nothing to them. 

Those monsters rule with fear and there is nothing that we can do to change that. Believe me, I want to. There isn't anything else in the entire world that I would want more than for everyone to be equal.

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