The Survival Games


1. Chapter 1

It's time. The same time every year when twenty-four citizens in our society are sacrificed. We don't decide to get picked or not. They do. The government. They decide everything for us. They own everything. Even us.

Every year, twenty-four 'special' citizens are chosen to survive in a massive labyrinth. They search for a way out. But that's not it. They're not alone in the maze, creatures are sent in there to kill them. Violent, wild animals which have been created in the government's lab. Animals that can tear you apart in less than a blink of an eye. And only one person will survive. One out of twenty-four people. 

The Survival Games. It's a test to discover the strongest and bravest out of the twenty-four. The Survival Games teaches us that we have no control over life. What will be, will be. Once upon a time, there wasn't any Survival Games. It was a long time ago. We are reminded that we have no control over life because ages ago, there was a war. And it nearly destroyed the whole human race. The war occurred because of the evolution of technology and a lot of other things too. Some people tried to play God by testing ways to enhance a human's eyesight, improving a human's speed, improving a human's reflexes and so many more different types of actions just like these. Humans became so obsessed in finding ways to make our race better that they started testing themselves as experiments. People consumed different chemicals and many people even sacrificed themselves but that isn't right. No one can play God but God himself. So we are reminded of the war which we caused ourselves, every year, to prevent another one from occurring.

These games have been running for decades and decades. It occurs  once every year, in the summer. Twenty-four innocent people, aged thirteen to twenty, are sent into the center of a maze. And their only aim is to find a way out. 

Our society sacrifices twenty-four citizens a year. There are twelve provinces and each province, offers two fighters: one male, one female. All the names of the citizens living in each province is recorded on the government's databases. The choosing is completely random. You will never know if you are going in until the day before the Survival Games takes place. You get transported to the living quarters and then, the next day, you are forced into the maze. 

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