The way of spirit.

"You are not alone, I say. There is more to the room, that you, nor me, can see. Though as time passes, and you are sucked into the modern days, you will forget me. A mere figment of memory, lost in the blackness, that is your soul. As that is done, you become, another of the Spirits tests, on humanity. Now child, don't forget what you have seen today, for tomorrow, it was just, another dream." - The collector


1. The room

It was a simple room, a white room. No windows, no door, not one piece of furniture in sight, just four white walls. Though it was a simple room, it was equally a complicated one, but my curiosity was not aimed at the room, it was aimed at the possibilities of me finding my way in the room. I don't remember ever entering the room, nor do I remember leaving mine. So, as I stand in the middle of this complicatedly simple room, I realized, I don't really remember much of anything before the room. I remember a name, Creston, and I remember stairs, a lot of stairs, and chains. 

I don't know whom the name belongs to, or where the stairs lead, or why I was chained, I don't even remember ever remembering, just knowing these bits and pieces of my life, or a part of it. There was something though, strange about the room, and it was not the nothingness that was present, it was the fact that I wasn't quite sure whether or not there were walls, or just a empty whiteness. I acquired this thought, this possibility, when I took a step, and I was met with an echo, a voice, telling me not to move. This voice sounded distant, so I wasn't sure how the person it belonged to saw me move. The horrifying thing was, if this was a room, where was the person speaking?

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