My love...Percy Jackson

Destiny Smith gets to camp half-blood the hard way alone, till a certain son of Poseidon saves her. As soon they to saw each other they fell in love.Then after not even being at camp for a day she gets claimed. Then her life changes forever.


12. You Don't Know who he is? Wow...

Destiny's POV

"So who do you want me to meet?" I asked as Ron was running around the house telling everyone that his bestfriend was coming.

"You'll know who it is even if you are a demigod," Ron said positive I would know who it is.

Ginny called from the kitchen," He's here!"

Ron dragged me from the room to the kitchen. 

When he let go I looked up at a guy with messy jet black hair, round glasses, emerald green eyes, and a lightning scar in the middle of his head.

"Destiny this is Harry Potter Harry this is Destiny," Ron said happily.

Harry's POV

When I came in Ron came dragging someone behind him.

"Destiny this is Harry Potter Harry this is Destiny," Ron said introducing us.

My jaw nearly dropped when I saw her. I lost all my confidence not only because she was beautiful but her eyes seemed to find all of my weak points as if we were in battle.

Her crystal blue eyes stared straight at my emerald green ones.

"Hi," I said putting my hand out.

"Hi," she said staring at my hand. Then she sighed and took it.

Not to brag but I like her and she probably likes me because I am Harry Potter.

Then this dude walked in he had black messy hair, sea green eyes, and looked murderess at the moment.

I could take him I thought he looks like he doesn't know left from right.

Destiny's POV

He is so stupid.

He thinks I like him.. as if.

I sighed a sigh of relief as Percy walked in.

"So do you finally see why I said you'd know him?" Ron asked.
"No." I said flatly.

"You don't know him? HE"S HARRY FREAKING POTTER!!," Ron yelled.

"Wait now that you mention it.... no nothing," I said to Ron's shocked face.

"You Don't Know who he is? Wow..." Ron said shocked.

"No I don't."

Ron through his hands in the air and walked out of the room with Percy following (they've grown close).

Harry stood there for a moment then said," So are you a witch? Or..."

"I'm a witch but not at the same time," I said.


I smiled at his confusion.

Harry's POV

When she smiled I could tell she was having fun messing with me.

I was surprised when I figured out she didn't know who I was but oh well.

"Destiny who was that guy that came in?" I asked.

"Percy Jackson my boyfriend," she said darkly like she was challenging me.

"Why do you asked," she said happily.

"Because I've never seen him before," I lied disappointed.


Fred's POV

Great now I'm competing with the boy who lived.

(he read his mind)

George's POV

With you Fred.

(read his mind)

Percy's POV

Don't need to read minds to know that Fred George and "the boy who lived" likes Destiny.

Destiny's POV

Fred, George, Harry, and Percy!! 

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