My love...Percy Jackson

Destiny Smith gets to camp half-blood the hard way alone, till a certain son of Poseidon saves her. As soon they to saw each other they fell in love.Then after not even being at camp for a day she gets claimed. Then her life changes forever.


5. To Good To Be True

Destiny's P.O.V

"But..." my mother began.

I looked at her sadly because what she had just said.

"But to keep you safe by you joining the hunt with me and swearing off men. So we know your safe and no one could hurt you, you are very important to us," my mother said to my sad, shocked, and angered face.

"But," Zeus spoke up," If you help us against Chaos who is going to fully awaken soon. He will be terribly angered when he sees what has happened to earth. He might almost destroy humans out of anger. If you do this we will let you decide what you want to do."

I stared at them in shock. Swearing of men but Percy...

I ran to the woods crying. "How could I help them I just got here" I thought as climbed a tree. I sat there crying for longer than I thought.

"Destiny where are you?" I heard Percy call.

I knew he'd find me," I'm up here."

He looked up and shook his head," You do know your been missing for over two hours."

"Oh well," I called.

"Come down here," he said.

"Fine," I said defeated.

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