My love...Percy Jackson

Destiny Smith gets to camp half-blood the hard way alone, till a certain son of Poseidon saves her. As soon they to saw each other they fell in love.Then after not even being at camp for a day she gets claimed. Then her life changes forever.


9. Percy+Plane=Haha

Percy's P.O.V

I'm kinda terrified of planes. So riding to a airport so we can get on a plane for who knows how long... Lets just say I'm not very excited.

Destiny's P.O.V

Percy was being very jittery. But I just didn't know why, "Percy calm down. Why are you so nervous? It's just a plane!"

He looked at me with fear in his eyes, "Well it's just that being a son of Poseidon and going into Zeus's territory doesn't make me feel that great." 

"Oh I understand! You're afraid that Zeus will blow us out of the sky!" I said finally understanding the situation, "Percy he won't blow us out of the sky! You need to relax!"

"I-I just can't! He might take out his lighting bolt and make the plane crash on an uncharted island where we will have to live on FOREVER!!"  He yelled staring at me with wide eyes.

"Hey you! Yeah you in the jean jacket! Keep your boyfriend under control! He's scaring my kids!" Some lady yelled at us.

"Sorry ma'am! He'll be fine now!" I yelled back glaring at Percy.

"He'd better be!" Was all I got back.


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