My love...Percy Jackson

Destiny Smith gets to camp half-blood the hard way alone, till a certain son of Poseidon saves her. As soon they to saw each other they fell in love.Then after not even being at camp for a day she gets claimed. Then her life changes forever.



Destiny's P.O.V:

I wake up I had the weirdest dream there was a giant dog and a cute guy named Percy Jackson in armor. I sat up and saw the cute guy in the chair next to me sleeping, "this is new" I thought.

I slowly shook him awake.

"Percy... Percy... PERCY!!!" I yell trying to wake him up.

He jolted up looking around shocked, his eyes landed on me and he smiled.

"Glad to see your awake, I should probably take you to Mr.D and Chiron," he said.

I practically dragged him out of the place when I heard Chiron. I ran outside and saw Chiron in centaur form I ran then threw my arms around his waist he hugged me back.

"Hello, Destiny I'm glad to see your awake," he said.

"Chiron I've missed you as soon as you left the monsters came back," I told him he looked at me sadly with his million year old eyes.

"At least you survived this far," he said.

Then a plump man walked out and he stopped dead in his tracks when he saw me.

"Destiny I'm glad to see your alive," he turned to Percy," Peter please show Destiny around."

Percy groaned," Its Percy."

Percy showed me the cabins and told me I'd stay there 'till I was claimed, he showed me the mess hall, the arena, the lava wall, and lastly the lake.

"This is my favorite place in camp," he said.

"Why?" I asked quietly.

"Son of Poseidon," he said referring to himself and I nodded.

Then he looked at my and smirked he came over and picked me up. He started running to the water.

"Percy!!!" I yell as he dumped me in the lake.

As I sunk in the water and saw a hippocampus not that far from me. It was a little baby and it was moving the water playing with it. "Can it control the water?" I thought.

"Yes I can" something spoke in my mind.

I turned and saw the hippocampus looking at me.

"You can talk to me" I thought.

"Yes now you might want to find your friend he's worried about you"


Then I swam to the top. I saw Percy looking around frantic. He turned around and saw me.

He breathed," Don't scare me like that."

I sighed," I guess."

Then I splashed him in the face and swam away. I turned and saw him focusing on the waves. then a huge wave formed.

"Cheater!" I yelled and all he did was shrug.

I closed my eyes waiting for the impact but it never came then I felt something rub against my legs. I opened eyes to see the hippocampus from earlier next to me and Percy soaked looking shocked.

"I don't even know how she did that I can't get wet," Percy said.

"She has special powers," I said looking serious.

Then we burst out laughing.

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