My love...Percy Jackson

Destiny Smith gets to camp half-blood the hard way alone, till a certain son of Poseidon saves her. As soon they to saw each other they fell in love.Then after not even being at camp for a day she gets claimed. Then her life changes forever.


6. Friends (but I don't forgive you)

Annabeth's P.O.V.

I smiled as Destiny ran away. No Percy for her. But at the same time I knew they'd find a way.

Everyone searched for her she'd been missing for a hour or two. I've been following Percy to see what he does if he finds her.

I followed him into the woods. Ignored what they said until she started climbing down the tree.

When she got to the bottom Percy grabbed her hand and my anger flare.

"Percy I can't I have to join the hunt," Destiny said in a small voice which me smirk.

"Actually," he said which made me worry that his mind was working," your mom has to accept your oath and you haven't answered them so you can."

She smiled," Guess your mind can work at times."

I glared at the back of her head. He smirked at her then Percy leans down and kissed her. HE KISSED HER!!!!! That's supposed to be me! The horrible part she kissed back! I felt my heart brake in a million pieces and thrown into Tartarus.

I sighed and walked away hearing Percy say," Will you go out with me?"

"Yes!" she said.

I fiddled with my bracelet. I looked at it sadly one half of a heart. Said Best Percy had the other half. Your still my friend I just don't forgive you.

Percy P.O.V

I looked at my necklace at the heart that said Friends. I smiled at it then frowned at it I hope Annabeth will be okay with this. Of course she would she's my best friend. I grabbed Destiny's hand pulled her out of the woods


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