Styles *Sequel to 'Adopted by... them!?!?!'*

You all know the story of Kendall Smith Styles. You know the highs and lows of her life and the friends, family and foes. Difficult challenges have been thrown at her and the ones she loves. Just when everything seems to run smoothly for her, the hardest obstacle yet decides to run face first into her.
Can Kendall overcome it and make everyone happy? Or will she be forced to leave her new life and everyone she loves?


5. What's Stopping You

Here are the character Profiles that they play;

Kendall plays Alexis (or Alex for short). Alexis looks and acts like a normal girl around her friends and teachers but the minute the last bell of the school days goes off, she's in extreme amounts of danger. When her parents were killed before her eyes at the age of eight her life was turned upside down. She's now apart of the ACPP, American Child Protection Program, where they help American children who are in danger or life threatening conditions. 

Zack plays Ryan, an adventurous and outgoing fourteen year old. When his father is forced to abandon him one night he's left in the middle of no where. Alexis' boss (Henry) finds him and takes him in as a son, just like what he did for Alexis. When Ryan finds out the truth about Alexis he is intrigued, so he's recruited too. 

Katy plays Jackie, the exact replica of Alexis-apart from her boss is just an old family friend. 

Brody plays Marc, a surprisingly smart and clean fighter. His parents are away constantly on business trips, so getting out the house is no problem for him. 

Jackson plays Troye, an old friend of Jackie who just so happens to be the latest target for terrorist around the city. 

Things don't quite go to plan with their tac-tics. The kids are forced to leave the city that they grew up in, they're new location of hiding.... an abandoned suburb. Tracking devices are hidden in their clothes which are ditched and end up in the wrong hands. When Henry thinks the kids are in trouble he rushes out to find them, only to get captured by the enemy. 

The kids all have multiple things in common; they have a thirst for adventure...they want revenge....and they're all being targeted.

Too Young: To Know This Is Wrong...


Chapter 5: What's Stopping You

Zack's P.O.V: 

The gun was pointed to my forehead, the gun loaded with one bullet that will kill me. My hands tied behind my back, ankles bidden together as my eyes could barely stay open. I could taste the blood through the cloth that stopped me from screaming. For the past hour I've been kicked, punched, slapped, slit and threatened but after the four years training nothing slipped from my mouth. My bones were aching, my skin lashed and cut as the pain soared through my body. 

The masked man grabbed a fistful of my hair, throwing my head back to look at the carrier of the gun. Also known as my very own father. That's right, my own father has just beaten me and is pointing a gun to me-ready to kill me. 

"We'll ask you one more time" He sneered. I could only see a blurred vision of him as my eyes fluttered shut and then open again. I feel like I'm about to pass out but if I do they'll defiantly kill me. 

"Where are the others?" The cloth was loosened and fell by my neck allowing me to talk if I wanted to. I remained silent, coughing up a little blood. 

"You know son." He chuckled, lowering the gun and croaching in front of me. "I don't wanna kill you, far from it. You can stay here, you'll be safe here and won't have to fight another day in your life. Just tell us where the other children are."

I looked up at him with disgust. "You'll never be my father." 

He grinned wickedly. "Ryan, Ryan, Ryan. I've been your father since your mother told me she was pregnant and I'll be your father for the end of time. So you can either tell us where the kids are, or die. It's your choice" 

I looked him straight in the eye before sucking my cheeks in and spitting on his face. "I'd rather die"

"You really don't know what you're up against do you?" He muttered wiping his face and shaking his hand. "I could kill you right now"

"What's stopping you?" I smirked. His face turned red and he stood up before his foot connected with my chest. I coughed up even more blood and fell down on my stomach. A gun shoot went off and my side felt like it was on fire. I screamed and a fist connected with my face, rolling me over and another punch landed on my nose and then my eye. He held up another gun, pointing it to my chest where my heart is. 

"I wouldn't" The all too familiar voice of Alexis (Kendall) rang in my ears. I saw her brown and red hair, along with her gun and the black clothes that were stained with mud and blood. She was sporting a cut lip and a black eye, but the gun she was holding and the two men behind her posing the same way made it look like she meant business. 

My 'father' turned his head to look at the man in the mask before nodding. In two seconds he was on the floor with a bullet to the chest and a man over him. 

"Anymore men you want dead before you stop assaulting your own son?" She warned. He seemed hesitant, but then yanked me up on my feet and held the gun to the side of my head. 

"Take a step closer and little Ryan here is dead" 

Alexis froze as I gulped. The look of fear was written into her eyes as she looked at me almost as if she was questioning how quick she was. 

I shook my head feeling a tear slip down my cheek. "I'm so sorry" I mouthed. Suddenly I'm wide awake, the need of passing out no longer printed in my body. 

"Drop the gun" My so called dad instructed. I moved a foot, the rope slipping a little as I tilted my eyes to look at it. The knot was undone, and the rope was hanging loosely at my feet. I quickly looked up at Alexis who noticed too. I slowly and slightly nodded moving my fingers up and loosening the knot around my wrists. She slowly bent down and dropped the gun at her feet, taking a step back as my wrists were freed. 

"Goo-" Before he could even finish a word I ducked out from his grip and knocked the gun from his hand. He was too stunned to notice Alexis pick hers up as I pinned his hands behind him just between the shoulder blades. The man that was behind Alexis took him from me, putting him in handcuffs and started walking him to the door. Alexis lowered the gun and stood next to me. 

"Ryan what an earth are you doing?! I'm your father! I'm FAMILY!" He demanded as I looked at Alexis and smiled. 

"You're wrong" I looked back up at the man I called my father. He looked shocked and scared, vulnerable. Troye, Marc and Jackie ran through the door. Staring at my dad before rushing over to me. 

I looked at them all, then to my father who seemed to have already gotten the point. He nodded before he was escorted out and away from my life for good. I felt a body throw them self against me, the red strikes in her hair made me hug her waist as she cried into my shoulder. I nodded at the other three who smiled and left the room once more, shutting the door after wards. 

"I thought you were dead" She cried as I started stroking her hair. Tears were slipping down my face as I felt her tears soak my neck. "I thought I was too l-late"

"It's okay Alex, it's okay." I whispered pulling away slightly and kissing her temple before moving back to my original position. "It's all gonna be okay."

"I was so scared, Ry" 

I took a deep and shaky breath, not even trying to hide my tears. "I was too Alex. I was so so scared"


We all stood in a line over looking the once beautiful city. What were sandy beaches and amazing glass buildings, are now grey dust and only a couple floors remaining from buildings. Rubble was everywhere and tiny dots were visible, they represented people who were trying to clear everything up. I stood with my hands in my pockets, all my cuts and bruises were checked out along with the bullet that had only skimmed across my side. 

"Why do I have a feeling this isn't over?" I asked to no one in particular. 

"Because it never is." Alexis replied. "It never is"


"How the hell do you guys manage to pull scenes like that off?" David, the director, questioned as we turned round to face him and the camera crew. The 'CUT!' still audible as we looked at each other and smiled. We turned back to him and as if it was scripted, shrugged. 

"We're just awesome actors" 

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