Styles *Sequel to 'Adopted by... them!?!?!'*

You all know the story of Kendall Smith Styles. You know the highs and lows of her life and the friends, family and foes. Difficult challenges have been thrown at her and the ones she loves. Just when everything seems to run smoothly for her, the hardest obstacle yet decides to run face first into her.
Can Kendall overcome it and make everyone happy? Or will she be forced to leave her new life and everyone she loves?


41. Road Trip Hand Holding, Jealousy and Late Night Car Snuggles

Chapter 41: Road Trip Hand Holding, Jealousy and Late Night Car Snuggles

Zack's P.O.V:

"Ready to go?" Kendall asked from the bed as I walked out the bathroom changed in black jeans and a sleeveless hoodie. She's sat on the bed wearing silver and black exercise shorts and a sweater with 'GEORGETOWN' written in white. She has on white high tops and you can just tell Kendall's ready for a 26 hour car ride. 

"No." I muttered sitting down on the edge of the bed and tying up the laces of my black high tops. I closed my eyes and smiled when Kendall's arm wrapped themselves round my neck from behind and I lent down into her. I relaxed and lent the back of my head against her shoulder, smiling even wider when she kissed my forehead.

"We have five minutes you know?" I whispered, turning round and keeping myself up by putting my hands on her hips. Brushing my lips against hers twice Kendall shivered and clutched onto my hoodie. 

"Mhm." She hummed, her eyelashes casting long shadows down her cheeks. 

"So what do you wanna do?" I asked, kissing her neck and tugging at the bottom of her sweater. I can feel the shape of her vest underneath the material. 

"Well what do you have in mind." She asked quietly running her hands round to my back as I moved so I'm eye level with her. She opened her eyes and I moved the corner of my lips up. Cupping her cheek with one hand I pressed my mouth down on hers and let Kendall take full control again. 

I groaned when I sitting with Kendall on my lap, her legs round my waist tightly and her hands cupping my cheeks with me spinning the strap of her bikini bottoms round my fingers. The girls know that if we come across a beach, the boys and I would no doubt want to mess around there for a bit so they've put their swimming costumes on underneath their clothes just in case.

"Kendall." I moaned quietly trying to volume the amount of noise I make but with Kendall running her hands ether in my hair or on my back it's pretty hard to do so. I tugged her sweater over her head and spun us round, her back landing hard against the mattress and my hips instantly crashing down on hers before she pulled me down and our mouths tore at each other's. 

I peppered kisses from her lips, down to her jawline and then finally reaching her neck where I had her squirming under my grip. 

"RIGHT LET'S GO!" Harvey shouted from the main room - his voice booming through the doors. Sighing against her neck I closed my eyes and pecked her neck once more before standing up with my hands enclosed in hers, pulling her right up with me. 

Kendall tilted her chin up to look at me and I grinned at how small she is. She's eye level with my lips which is the perfect height for me, if I'm staring at her or something I can make it look like I'm looking over her if she suddenly looks at me. When we were twelve we were pretty much the same height but it's like she's just stopped growing.

"Come on." I kissed her forehead. "Let's go."


"Well you guys are social." Harvey muttered making me look up from my phone. We've been in the car for an hour and a half and in that time we've all gotten out our phones and found out this car has WIFI. I've slipped out of the top half of my seat belt, shuffled forward until I'm at the edge of my seat and lent my forehead against the back of the passenger's seat. Kendall had sat in it and lent her back against the door and put her hand between the door and the seat - interlocking our fingers together. My elbow's resting against my knee, the back of Kendall's hand pressed against my lips. Every now and again I can feel Harvey's eyes flick up from looking at the road to check on us all from the driver's seat. 

Jackson and Brody are sat behind playing games on their phones while Megan and Katy had sat in the back and fallen asleep. 

"We do try Harvey." Kendall replied sarcastically. I smiled against her hand and continued scrolling down Twitter, occasionally coming across tweets about Kendall and I. 

"I'm hungry." Jackson whined making Harvey sigh. 

"Ten minutes and we'll be at a service station 'kay?" He said checking the GPS David forced him to take.

"Okay." Jackson grumbled. 

"There's also a playground if you want to use it." Harvey muttered obviously thinking we'd scoff at him but Brody, Jackson, Kendall and I all gasped in excitment and looked up from our phones automatically. 

"Oh my god." Harvey muttered rolling his eyes. 


"They're staring." Kendall whispered. We got to the service station five minutes ago and while Brody and Katy went to go get some food from KFC, Jackson and Megan went to one of those convenience shops for packets of food and Harvey went to get gas; Kendall and I ended up in Costa 

"Who are?" I asked looking up from my phone. Kendall discreetly nodded over to the corner where a group of three girls our age are looking over at us. They don't see me looking at them from the corner of my eye, in-fact they're too busy glaring at Kendall. 

One saw me looking at them and nudged another one who nudged the last one and then they were all smiling sweetly at me. I gave them a lopsided fake smile then turned back to my girlfriend who's looking away from them. 

"You alright babe?" I asked raising an eyebrow. 

"I'm fine." She said quickly, smiling at the lady behind the counter who gave her her chocolate. I didn't want anything so with that we left, Kendall a couple steps ahead of me. I grabbed her elbow and spun her round so she's facing me though she never met my eye.

"Are you jealous?" I asked, seeing the three girls leave Costa and watch us yet again.

"Why would I be?" Kendall asked sarcastically. "It's like they look like bloody models are anything and that they're eyeing you up. No biggie."

"Baby," I laughed shaking my head. "You don't need to be jealous."

"It's not funny!" Kendall said.

I cleared my throat and shook my head again a bit more seriously. "No, I'm sorry it's not."

Kendall looked at me for a minute and then rolled her eye, turning round again and walking away. I was just about to run after her when there was a hand on my bicep, squeezing down slightly. 

"Hey gorgeous." A female voice said and I tensed up as I turned to look at her. "Trouble with..." She trailed off looking at Kendall who's talking to Megan, Jackson looking at me with raised eyebrows.

"That." She finished off making her two friends laugh. 

"That..." I snatched my arm away from her. "Is my girlfriend."

"Oh but baby," Another girl laughed. "You could do so much better. Like one of us."

"Or all of us." The last one laughed.

"Sorry." I smiled sarcastically. "I don't deal with prostitutes." 

With that I ran over to Kendall, wrapped my arms round her waist and pressed my lips to hers forcefully. I heard Megan shove Jackson away as Kendall gasped but nevertheless her hands gripped my arms and she kissed me back.

"I'm yours alright." I whispered resting my forehead against hers. "All yours baby."

Keeping her eyes closed Kendall nodded and went on her tiptoes, her lips coming in contact with mine. 

"I'm sorry." She whispered making me chuckle.

"Don't worry." I pulled away and took her hand. "I would have probably done the same thing."


25 hours we've been in this minivan and let me tell it's so boring. We've stopped five times, fallen asleep like a thousand and then annoyed Harvey so much he's resorted to putting in earphones so he can't hear us. Jackson's in the front now with Harvey; Brody, Megan and Katy in the middle while Kendall and I are in the back. 

I've lent my back against the window with my feet pressing against Kendall's seat - or what was Kendall's seat. She's moved between my legs, her back to my chest and my arms round my waist, one of my hands caged in one of hers. She's got one ear bud in, the other in my ear but whilst she's watching some music videos on her laptop I've got my eyes closed and I'm resting my cheek against the top of her head. 

I'm pretty sure she can feel my heartbeat go slower as I start to drift asleep and even when she moved it wasn't enough to wake me up. Everyone else (apart from Harvey thank god) has fallen asleep and I'm surprised I wasn't the first one to go. 

Hearing the soft click of Kendall shutting her laptop, the ear bud was taken of my ear and then Kendall kissed my cheek. She started moving and I gripped onto her tighter, pulling her right back in. 

"Please... stay?" I asked my voice coming out husky. 

She nodded against my neck and moved an inch, suddenly a blanket covering us up. "Always." She whispered and kissed my collarbone.

"I love you Kendall." I whispered, yawning a bit. Kendall's free hand fell on my chest and I felt her smile against the exposed skin of my neck.

"I love you too Zack." She whispered. "Good night."

I couldn't reply because I actually did fall asleep then. Wrapped up in a blanket with Kendall breathing steadily against my chest, god I love this girl.

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