Styles *Sequel to 'Adopted by... them!?!?!'*

You all know the story of Kendall Smith Styles. You know the highs and lows of her life and the friends, family and foes. Difficult challenges have been thrown at her and the ones she loves. Just when everything seems to run smoothly for her, the hardest obstacle yet decides to run face first into her.
Can Kendall overcome it and make everyone happy? Or will she be forced to leave her new life and everyone she loves?


31. Pools and Hoodies

Chapter 31: Pools and Hoodies

Zack's P.O.V:

I laid down on the sofa with my head in Kendall's lap, my eyes closed but my mind on red alert. I knew something was wrong with her weight since we first met, she was always too skinny or too hungry at times and it freaked me out. She reassured me that she was fine and because her eating was normal I pushed it to the back of my mind. Then when we weren't speaking because of the whole Romeo-Marie incident I was constantly worried that she might not be eating. When we were in New York I was worried because she started wearing baggy shirts and although her wrists were always on show to prove she wasn't cutting them, she usually pushed her food round her plate, ate half of it and then left the rest. 

Without being in contact with her for three weeks I worried too but the knowledge that there would be loads of people round her to make sure she was safe gave me a slight bit of reassurance. When we were all watching the awards shows and Kendall came on I was so caught up in seeing her that I didn't see her weight. It wasn't until afterwards when someone posted a picture of her on Twitter and captioned it: Figure goals did I see the drastic change in her weight. 

Last night I could feel her ribs against my stomach but when she was asleep she was breathing heavily and sucking in breaths that I was more worried that she might be having a nightmare than anything else. Now though... I'm worried for her. Worried that she might go for good because of her eating. 

The thought of that made me tilt my head and move my thumb across her stomach over her tee shirt. Sure enough the outline of her ribs halted my thumbs movements, the hard edges rough against the tee shirt and my thumb. My eyes flicked up to see Kendall, she's not looking at me. Her gaze is fixed on her phone but the flash of embarrassment and shame that went across her eyes 

I snuggled towards her and pushed the bottom of her tee shirt up to reveal a couple inches of her stomach. I planted loads of kisses round her stomach, my fingers tickling her sides and I smiled widely when Kendall started laughing and wiggling under my grip. I sat up, straddled her lap and started full on tickling her making her laugh. There were tears in her eyes but they weren't sad tears anymore. 

"Zack please stop it!" She laughed. "Please Zack I'll do anything please!"

I carried on tickling here and laughing until we were both out breath and I had to stop. She gripped onto my wrists and stuck her tongue out at me. I stuck mine out licked her cheek. 

"Ewwww!" She screwed her nose up as I laughed and went to peck her lips. I did but it ended up not being a peck. She released my wrists and my hands were instantly running through her hair whilst feeling her nails dig into my shoulders. I bit her bottom lip and she gasped, her nails digging into my shoulder deeper making me moan into her mouth and press my mouth harder onto hers. I don't know how or when but Kendall ended up on her back, my hands gripping onto her hips as I kissed her. 

Her hands were bunching the hem off my sweatshirt in her fists. There was a loud rasping on the door but I purposely ignored it. Not long after there were a whole bunch of fists pounding on the door and I ended up throwing the door open, making Brody, Jackson and Katy nearly fall onto the trailer steps. Megan was behind them hiding her mouth with her hand and trying not to laugh. 

"Why didn't you just come in?" I asked Brody; letting them past. "This is your trailer too."

I turned back to Kendall who had sat up in the corner of the sofa, I jumped down next to her and laid my head back into her lap whilst grinning at her. 

"We... erh," Brody bit his lip trying to come up with something. 

"He couldn't open it!" Katy called from the kitchen area. She was standing on her tiptoes to reach inside a cupboard and when she joined us in the sitting area she had a tube of pringles in her hand. I scrunched my nose up at them, it's not that I don't like pringles, I just hate that flavor. 

"So what's up?" Kendall asked, her fingers running through my hair making me close my eyes. 

"We're going to the pool, you two coming?" Jackson asked a I stiffed up automatically. I know Kendall's not going to want to parade round in a swimsuit at the moment so her next sentence really surprised me. 

"Yeah, sure."

My eyes flew open and I stared at her in shock. "Zack you alright mate?" Brody questioned and Kendall finally looked down at me. I started having a silent conversation with her, the twitch of our mouths the only way I knew what she was saying. We've had silent conversations before and it sometimes creeps me out when I know exactly what she's saying. 

"Zack!" Katy called out and Kendall hit the back of my head making me jump and snap my head towards Katy. 

"Huh, what?" I stuttered. 

"Are. You. Coming. To. The. Pool?" She asked slowly as if I was a child.

"Yes." I mimicked her tone of voice with a slight nod. 

"Great now girls out!" Jackson said opening the door and over dramatically ushering an 'out' motion with his hands, kind of like jazz hands. 

"Bye." Katy and Megan said jumping down the steps. I lent my chin and pecked Kendall's lips quickly, then once more before standing up and helping her up too. 

"Aw, that's cute." Brody said and both Kendall and I turned our heads to see him pointing his phone at us. I chuckled and shook my head as Kendall laughed. 

"Bye." She said kissing me one more time before leaving with Jackson. 


I grinned as Kendall skipped down the steps of her's and Katy's trailer. Katy and Megan must still be getting dressed but Kendall only took about two minutes. She's wearing shorts and a hoodie I gave her a couple months ago... well let her borrow but that's pretty much signing it over to her. 

The strap of her bikini top is showing as she heads over here, keeping her eyes on her phone. She's barefoot but the pools only round the corner so the boys and I are barefoot too. 

"Hey." She said locking her phone and putting it into her short pockets. 

"Hi." I pulled her closer to me and since I'm leaning against the wall she's ended up pressed against my chest with my chin on top of her head. Jackson and Brody are wrestling in the middle of the courtyard and Kendall spun round in my arms to watch. She was cheering every so often and then bursting out laughing at others. In the corner of my eye I could see the group of girls who play the extras. They're all our age, the younger and older groups are in school right now. 

We all (minus Kendall) met them after coming back from New York - or London. I have to say I'm not fond of most of them, they're all stuck up and one girl got a little too close for my liking. I was thankful when David saw my discomfort and called over to the girl 'He's taken, leave him be'

Now those group of girls are shooting harsh looks at Kendall. I turned my head fully to look at them and they instantly stopped, putting on flirty smiles at me. One even went as far as winking at me and I couldn't stand it. I tightened my grip on Kendall and buried my chin into her shoulder, kissing her cheek and smiling cheekily at her. 

"You alright there?" She looked over at the girls and then laughed gently. 

"Kinda feel violated but other than that I'm fine." I replied making her laugh. "It's not funny, they're pretty much eye raping me!"

"Eye raping?" She raised an eyebrow. "How ever shall I make them stop?"

I pretended to ponder over the thought and then gave her another cheeky smile. I slowly brushed my lips against her jawline, across her cheek and then against her lips. I rested my forehead against hers and kissed her nose quickly. 

"Was that really for the girls?" Kendall breathed out. 

"Nope," I grinned. "Just wanted to do that since you left."

"That was five minutes ago!" She laughed, locking our fingers together giving me the chills. 

"And it was agonizing!" I threw my head back and sighed deeply. I felt her lips kiss my neck quickly and I shuddered. I shot my head right back down attacked her lips with mine. She knows that one of my weaknesses was kissing my neck, in fact there have been multiple articles written about us when she's done it in public when we weren't dating just to get revenge on me for pranking her before hand. 

"Don't you be trying anything babe." I growled. "'Cause I swear to god I don't care where we are-"

I was cut off by Jackson cheering whilst Brody laid groaning on the floor. 

"You were saying?" Kendall laughed at Jackson's victory dance, Megan giving him a strange look as Katy and her walked out the trailer and saw the scenario. 

"Okay." Katy said slowly not even bothering to hide the amused smile on her face as her boyfriend lay uncomfortably on the tarmac. 


"You sure you're not coming in?"Jackson called from the middle of the pool. We had played a large game of water wrestle as Kendall watched from her chair. Afterwards I had sat down beside her and let her rest her head on my chest. She's taken off her shorts but kept the hoodie on. You can tell it's mine because it looks like a dress on her, the only reason why you could tell she was wearing shorts was because she had tucked it in. 

"I'm good guys." Kendall replied looking at them. They shrugged and continued splashing each as I looked over the pool. It's been designed like a beach, as if Barbados needs another one. The 'sand' has been painted on and the water gets deeper and deeper, starting with maybe a centimeter or so at a slope. There are sun loungers dotted round the place and much to my dismay the girl extras from the courtyard have inhabited a large cluster of them. 

Katy's looked over at Kendall quite a few times, shooting worried glances her way and I know she knows somethings up. I've been close to telling her but it's not my place and I promised Kendall I wouldn't tell anyone. 

"Do you want to go in?" I asked kissing Kendall's temple. 

"Yeah, but you know I can't." She mumbled. Now if this was a cartoon I would have a light bulb on top of my head and it would have clicked on. I stood up, pulling her up with me and then ducking down. I slung her over my shoulders effortlessly and the others burst out laughing as Kendall screamed at me to put her down. I purposely walked to where there wasn't the slope of the pool but you have to jump, which I did. 

When I had resurfaced I received a smack on the back of my head from Kendall, it didn't hurt since it was the sleeve that hit me and it's damp so there was a spray of water. Her ponytail's wet and sticking to the hoodie and she looks so adorable and cute I couldn't help but hold onto her wrists and kiss her quickly. 

"I hate you!" She mumbled making me laugh. "But thanks."

"Don't thank me yet baby." I grinned as one of the boys shouted 'CHICKEN GAME'. The girls sat on the edge of the pool and I stood with my back to Kendall, Brody with his back to Katy and Jackson with his back to Megan. 

(Now let's talk about Megan quickly. I have to say I do like her, not in that way mind. She's great for Jackson, I've never seen him happier. She's slim but not slim-slim. She's got dark brown hair and grey eyes, a weird mixture but it looks nice on her. She's super funny and not shy, that's good because the last friend of Katy's we met wouldn't talk and got shy whenever Jackson asked her a question. Now back to reality.)

I held onto Kendall's thighs as she sat on my shoulders and we ended up in a three way game of chicken. Katy and Brody won after five minutes, then Megan and Kendall pushed her off Brody; exchanging high fives afterwards. I winked at Kendall when she looked over at me and she smiled at me in return. 

I know she's thanking me for what I did. What was I going to do? Let her sit there miserable? Believe it or not I am a good boyfriend....

I am, aren't I?

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