Styles *Sequel to 'Adopted by... them!?!?!'*

You all know the story of Kendall Smith Styles. You know the highs and lows of her life and the friends, family and foes. Difficult challenges have been thrown at her and the ones she loves. Just when everything seems to run smoothly for her, the hardest obstacle yet decides to run face first into her.
Can Kendall overcome it and make everyone happy? Or will she be forced to leave her new life and everyone she loves?


32. Photo Shoots

Chapter 32: Photo Shoots

Kendall's P.O.V:

"So we're doing a photo shoot today for SEVENTEEN." David explained as we all walked from the cars to this huge building. I'm guessing it's the SEVENTEEN magazine building. Zack's obviously not listening, he's looking everywhere but David and swinging our interlocked hands between us. Megan's spent the night with Katy and I - girls night! Although tonight she's spending the night in Jackson's trailer, Katy's going to Brody's and Zack's while Zack is coming over to mine and Katy's. 

"Girls," David said as soon as we walked through the back door. "Second on the left."

He gave Katy a key then turned to Jackson. "Fourth on the right. Be good boys." With that he walked away and left us in the corridor. 

"What did he say?" The boys asked at the same time. Katy, Megan and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. 

"Bye boys." We laughed. I lent up and went to kiss Zack's cheek but he moved at the last second and I got his lips. He smirked and I pulled back. 

"Fourth on the right." I whispered in his ear, actually kissing his cheek this time and then following Katy and Megan into the dressing room. Inside was a large white leather sofa, a TV and a table. There were two curtains that have been opened showing two changing rooms, two racks of clothes (both folded and hung up) on either side of the curtain. They've been labeled, the tags multicolored and I couldn't help but stick mine in my bag. 

Katy and I knew about this fashion shoot so we both chucked on black leggings and high tops. Katy's put on a Nike crop top while I covered my stomach with a Nike hoodie, pushing the sleeves up to my elbows. I threw my hair into a high ponytail afterwards too, Katy put hers into a bun. 

Megan stretched out on the sofa whilst Katy and I shuffled through the labeled clothes. I picked out the one labeled '1' and pulled back the curtain after stepping inside. Thankfully all my clothes cover my stomach, if not then I would be in deep shit. I'm going to have to tell David sooner or later but Zack's reassured me that for now we'll focus on trying to sort out my eating. Credit to him, he made sure I ate at least one slice of toast this morning. When he saw I couldn't go on he snatched the last piece from my plate and made it look like he was stealing it so the others wouldn't be thinking anything. 

He really is amazing.

So anyway... the first outfit consisted of white skinny jeans, a light blue button up shirt and some black converse. There was a list of instructions on my hair and makeup on the back of the clothes back. I had noticed a make up table and some straighteners etc. on our way in so I took the list and left. I wiped off my previous make up, screwing up my nose as I saw the small spot just under my hairline. I did as the list instructed, put on the powder and I was halfway doing my lipstick when Katy joined me. 

We ended up doing our makeup together whilst singing along to the Hannah Montana music that Megan put on. Don't judge us we had a Hannah Montana marathon last night. Now... saying for you not to judge us didn't mean the boys didn't when they walked in and saw us. I caught a look at Zack in the mirror and he winked at me.

He's wearing black jeans, the cuffs at the bottom had been rolled up maybe twice meaning the tip of his blue high tops reached the bottom of his jeans. The white tee shirt and blue denim shirt looks good on him, especially since he's rolled the sleeves of the shirt up and added a black beanie. 

Suddenly he's behind me, his arms round my waist and he's kissing my cheek repeating. I turned my head to look at him and stuck out my tongue out. 

"Zack leave her alone!" Katy said picking up some straighteners and putting them on the makeup table. "Can you help me Kendall?"

"Yeah sure." I disentangled myself from Zack which took some effort before taking a look at her sheet.

"Megs?" I called over my shoulder as I plugged in the straighteners and switched them on. Katy found a make up stool and had sat down on it so I was taller than her. 

"Yeah." Megan replied, looking up from her phone. Jackson's sat next to her on the sofa with his arm round her shoulder and his spare hand on her knee. 

"Can you get the spray please?" I asked. "From the shelves?"

"Sure." She jumped up and walked over to the shelves where there are a dozen or so bottles of spray. She grabbed like five and joined me at the makeup table. Katy's done the basic makeup already and since Megan's experienced she's offered to do ours today. So whilst Megan set to work on Katy's makeup I separated her hair and put one half into a loose bun. I again separated Katy's other half of her hair into five and got one section. I got a comb from the drawer beside Zack and then combed the section out. When I was done with that - knowing I'd need the comb soon - I slipped it the handle of it into Katy's bun. 

This whole time Katy's been looking at her phone in an uncomfortable position but she looked up and grinned wickedly at me, making me burst out laughing along with Megan. 

"What are you doing?" Brody asked as I twisted the locks of hair round until it looks like a tube and picked up the straighteners. 

"Sorting out her hair." I replied. I tested the straighteners on some paper first, making sure it had heat up. Instead of touching it myself I lent over and pressed the paper onto Zack's exposed arm. He wasn't watching so he jumped back in surprise and started rubbing his arm. 

"Why is that burning?" He asked. 

"Well that's ready to use." I replied and then ran the straighteners down the twisted hair. It stayed in place and I did that with the rest of the hair until all of Katy's hair was small twists. Megan stepped back from doing her makeup and allowed me to step in front of Katy. She closed her eyes when I told her too and then I shook out the twist. It left her hair curly and bright. 

"Keep 'em closed." I ordered and picked up a spray. I took off the lid, sprayed some onto the piece of paper I burned Zack with and then sprayed a whole bunch round her hair. The hairstyles we're doing now are going to be used for the whole shoot so we need a lot of hair spray to keep it up. 

"Can I open them yet?" Katy asked as soon as the clink of the bottle sounded. 

"Wait a second." I got the comb and held onto the brushing part. With the handle I did as instructed on the list and put it just above her ear. Flipping her hair over the side into a huge comb over. After spraying more spray onto her hair I tapped her fore head with my palm and walked away. 

"Need help with yours?" Megan asked after Katy thanked me like a thousand times. 

"Please." I sat down and then the two girls got to work. I nearly choked at the hair spray when Katy 'accidentally' hit my face. My makeup's supposed to be natural so Megan finished quickly and then helped Katy do the low braided bun. 


My eyes are hurting from the flashes, my cheeks are hurting from smiling and the smell of food is making me feel sick. The photographer is French - stereotypical photographer I know. There's a video camera following us round for some teen gossip news channel and I honestly nearly fainted when they filmed us sitting down and eating at one point. 

I got a fruit salad which was small so I managed to eat all of it with encouragement from Zack who's been whispering in my ear all day and kept his hand on either my hand, hip, waist or back all day whenever he can. The photographs are being mailed to us and we're on the last set at the moment which are going to be used to advertise our upcoming live interviews.

I don't see why we can't just tweet about it and have it done with. 

"We're nearly done babe." I felt Zack's cool breath hit my ear as he tilted his head slightly to whisper at me. "You feeling okay?"

I gave him a slight nod knowing that if I say no that David will find out. He's been watching me like a hawk all day and it's freaking me out that he might know something. 

"Right now girls." The photographers translator said after the babble of French words tumbled from his lips. "You're gonna stand between the boys. Arms crossed all of you, no smiling."

We're wearing all black in this one and as Katy stood between Zack and Jackson and I moved between Brody and Jackson, I noticed that the extras had just started filing in. The group of girls our age are wearing extremely short shorts and even shorter tops but I paid no attention to their eyes on us. 

Katy and I were told hands in our back pockets after the other pose didn't work so as soon as I shoved mine in my pockets the flash went off. The picture came up on the big screen and if I do say so myself we look like bad asses. 

Zack's hand was soon in mine and he pulled me closer to his body, brushing his lips against my temple and I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms round his waist. I relaxed as his arm went round my shoulder, those burns from where he touched me on full alert but they're more like those type of adrenaline burns. They excite you and scare you all at the same time. 

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