Styles *Sequel to 'Adopted by... them!?!?!'*

You all know the story of Kendall Smith Styles. You know the highs and lows of her life and the friends, family and foes. Difficult challenges have been thrown at her and the ones she loves. Just when everything seems to run smoothly for her, the hardest obstacle yet decides to run face first into her.
Can Kendall overcome it and make everyone happy? Or will she be forced to leave her new life and everyone she loves?


35. Pent Houses, Hotel Beds and Parties

*This is going to be a pretty long chapter, sorry.

Chapter 35: Pent Houses,Hotel Beds and Parties

Kendall's P.O.V:

"You do realize your supposed to be holding our hands, right?" Jackson called out to us. Katy, Megan and I had joined hands when we got out of the car and started walking. The hotel's at the top of this small hill which you have to walk up and us girls took the lead, swinging our hands between us. 

"Yeah we know." I called back, looking over my shoulder. Zack looked at me and winked quickly and I grinned before turning round again. The plane ride was 13 hours and 25 minutes long and we had to stop once. I did eat and I've noticed it's getting a lot easier to actually swallow down a meal. I looked at my stomach in the airport mirrors quickly and yes you can still see the outlines of my ribs but it's not as obvious as before and it's not a long way to go until I'll be back to normal. In fact I could probably go swimming again and be able to get away with it, just blame the loss of weight on the training.

Zack's helping me through it and I think he really understands the situation and he's not pushing me. I was extremely taken by shock when he nearly said he loved me. I mean I knew I loved him, you know in a best friend kind of way and then when we started dating I didn't know what love meant. Then when he nearly said it I realized that I really did love him. It has been a while since he found out about my eating problem, probably two weeks or something, I'm getting better and he's really helping. God I love him so much.

"Come on, hurry up." Katy said down towards them which was probably a really bad idea. The boys all gave each other a mischievous grin and I knew what that meant.The girls and I detached ourselves and sprinted off into different directions. Megan and I ran towards the large rocks that separates the road to the hotel from the grassy hill that leads to the beach. We climbed up them in lightning speed and looked behind our shoulders to see Zack and Jackson not far behind us. 

"Try not to get lost!" Megan shouted as I jumped down and landed on the grass. 

"You too!" I shouted after her as she started running away, Jackson's body coming into view as he followed her. Zack suddenly popped up on the rocks and grinned at me. I started running down towards the beach but I heard him land on the grass and follow me. He's just as fast as me, maybe a bit faster so it was no surprise when he suddenly had a hold of my hip and spun me round until I was facing him. My hands on his chest, his arms round my waist and my chin raised to look up at me. 

I'm breathing heavily and so he's he but he's used to sprinting so he's not as tired as me. 

"Nice try babe," He said casually. "but next time try not to run down hill."

"Oh shut it." I mumbled making him laugh, his chest vibrating against my palms and I can't help but smile up at him. 

"Come here." He chuckled, pulling me a bit closer and I stood up on my tiptoes to kiss him quickly. I looped one arm round his neck and he smiled against my lips, breaking off the kiss. 

"We might want to go," He whispered with his lips brushing mine when he spoke. "I don't want that guy with the camera thinking we're animals who can't control themselves."

From the corner of my eye I saw a large man not even bothering to hide and just snapping pictures of us. "Besides," He carried on. "David might be pissed off if we don't get there soon and I have a feeling Brody and Katy are lost."

I laughed and nodded, pulled away from him. We started walking back up the hill, most of the time I was whining and Zack had a hold of my wrist, dragging me up there. By the time we had finished climbing back up the damn rocks Jackson and Megan were standing at the hotel gates looking all loved up. 

Zack jumped down onto the gravel road and turned round, taking my hand and helping me down too. I was soon enveloped in his side, his arm round my shoulder and both of mine round his waist. 

"Where are the other two?" I asked as soon as we joined Jackson and Megan. 

"No idea." Megan replied. Jackson and Zack started talking about some football (soccer) thing while Megan and I started talking about this party tonight down at the beach. I felt Zack tense up when the boys tuned into our conversation and I gave his waist a slight squeeze in reassurance. 


"Where the hell have you lot been?!" Harvey scolded just as we walked into the lobby. Brody stood to the side of Harvey motioning with his hands that David's gone crazy and drove Harvey down with him. Katy's sat down in one of the arm chairs and trying not to laugh. 

"Went for a run?" I said slowly making the other five burst out laughing. 

Harvey gave us all a look before sighing and shaking his head. "Penthouse, just go." Knowing that we would just agitate him more we all sprinted towards the elevators. The hotel is made of small pieces of brick covered with white paint and then the rest is glass which is really cool. The elevators are pretty modern with mirrors on everything and the girls wanted a picture but their phones had died on the plane. So, like the super girl I am, I got out my phone and we all huddled together to get a group picture. 

After that the elevator opened straight into the penthouse - not a good security case if you ask me. Then again I saw Brody put in a couple numbers before the lift started, could have been a security PIN. We all stood in the center of the penthouse looking round. 

It's so beautiful. The walls have been painted white giving the room loads of light. One wall is made out of glass that slants to the side with doors leading to a huge balcony. The other walls all have book cases filled to the brim with books and some flowers. The floors wooden and there's a large light green rug with a black coffee table on it. The sofa's are pointed towards the TV in a line and there're long enough to be sofa beds if you rearrange the cushions (and take our suitcases off of them). There's a kitchen taking up a whole wall with an island in the middle. On the other wall are three doors leading to the bedrooms. 

"Shall we say half an hour?" Brody broke the silence. We have all decided to go down to the beach for a bit before coming up here and getting our new and improved scripts. We will then have a couple hours to relax before the beach party tonight.

"Sounds great." And with that we all got our suitcases and split into the rooms. I don't really think I have to say who went with who now do I?

Zack almost instantly flung himself on his back onto the large bed and stretched out, his tee shirt riding up to reveal his stomach. I lent back on a wall and looked round at the room; it's pretty small but the light flooding in from the windows and the door (leading to the same balcony as the other room and there's also curtains so no pedos could look in, don't worry.) made it look pretty big. In the corner by the window there's two arm chairs and a settee without the armrests or back. A small circular table sat in the middle with a couple magazines on the top, it sat on top of a black rug that's fluffy. Beside that are double doors that have been kept closed, probably the wardrobe or some type of spare space. There's a flat screen TV on the wall facing the large bed, white covers and pillow cases and a black leather headboard. There's a door beside me that's been opened and inside there's a small bathroom with a stand up shower and an indent in the wall where a large mirror has been put in. A sink's underneath along with those small bottles of shampoo and conditioner that we end up stuffing in our bags instead of using. Katy and I have a whole stash of them in our trailer and I've got a whole bunch for Uncle Louis who requested them for Daisy and Phoebe.

Either side of the bed are white small shelves with lamps on both of them and a small silver case. Looking back at Zack he's still in the same star fish position. I couldn't help it but take out my phone and take a picture, posting it on Instagram: Someone's enjoying the hotel bed...

While on my phone I cropped the elevator picture and set it as my lock screen. My home screen is of the day we were shooting in Eastwood. The gang in England and all of us had taken a group picture with Lilly's selfie stick and she sent it to me a couple weeks ago. That had gone on all of my social media because it's the only group picture of all of us there is. 

"Will you stop playing with your phone and come here." I looked up to see Zack leaning on his elbows. He's taken off his hoodie and kicked off his shoes, both of them on the floor already. He looked at me, pouting and tilting his head to the side like a puppy and I rolled my eyes but jumped on the bed next to him anyway. I ended up sitting with my legs crossed, his head in my lap and my shoes kicked off beside his. I lent down and kissed his forehead and his eyes fluttered shut, his eyelashes casting long shadows down his cheeks. My hands joined with his and he tilted his chin up, opened his eyes and pecked my lips. 

"I love you Kendall." He whispered and my heart raced at those simple words. Simple words that cause a not so simple feeling. 

"I love you too Zack, so much." I whispered back and kissed his lips. "So so much." 

He smiled and turned round, sitting up he grabbed onto my wrists and kissed me properly. I tilted my head to the side and smiled as the same knee buckling, heart melting feeling exploded throughout my body. 


"You sure you want to go?" Zack asked as soon as I stepped out of the bathroom. Zack had gotten changed and then reluctantly let me go and get dressed myself. He's wearing blue trunks with a red and white stripe at the waist. He pulled on a white tee shirt, turned round and stopped in his tracks. 

I looked down self consciously. I had stood in front of the mirror for a good ten minutes debating whether I should just back out or not. In the end I just got dressed into my bikini and left before I could over think it and freak myself out. 

I'm wearing a pink bikini, the edges have black linings and you can see the faint lines of my ribs but they're not as prominent as when I first told Zack about them. 

"What?" I asked nervously looking back up at him. He's stood looking me up and down, his eyes widened slightly and the bottom of his tee shirt still in his hands even though it's on him. 

"Are you trying to bloody kill me?" He asked making me roll my eyes and chuckle. I walked over to my suitcase and fished out my thin jumper. Slipping it on I remembered this is the one that's too big for me, the shoulders slip down my arms but Lou (Teasdale) had attached some material to make it look like I'm wearing a vest underneath it and keeping it up. 

I sat on the bed and ignored Zack's staring as I pulled on my converses that I was wearing before and then finally turned to look at him. 

"You okay there?" I smirked and he shook his head to knock himself out of whatever trance he was in. His hand went on my back and pulled me up against his chest. 

"You're seriously asking for trouble babe." His voice came out husky, like he's just woken up. I continued smirking and then lent up to kiss just below his ear on his jawline. His hand turned into a fist behind my back and he pushed himself against me harder. 

"Come on." I laughed, ducking away when he tried to kiss me. He swore at me but let me take his hand and lead the way out of the room and into the main part of the penthouse. Katy's sat down on one of the sofa's and Brody's by the island in the kitchen - drinking from a glass. 

Katy looked up from her magazine and gave me a glare as I sat down beside her. "What have I done now?" I asked, Zack disappearing into the kitchen. 

I hugged one of my knees to my chest and Katy poked my thigh. "This," She said. "This is what you have done."

I looked down at my thighs and rolled my eyes. I'm not gonna lie, I like my figure (minus the slightly visible ribs of course). I have a flat stomach, thin legs and a thigh gap. I don't show it off all the time, in fact you'll usually see me in jeans and a hoodie. 

"Oh my god look at this." Katy suddenly jumped up and got a hold of my hand, running into her room. As we passed Jackson and Megan's room Megan was walking out and she was also dragged along with us. We're all dressed in pretty much the same thing, bikinis and some kind of knitwear along with converses. It's like we planned it. 

Katy's room is pretty much identical to Zack and mine. Her's is just cream and white instead of black and white. From the glance I got in Megan's room her's is blue and white. 

Katy had obviously been doing some fashion reading because all the magazines that so far haven't been touched in my room, are spread out on her bed. Brody's normal clothes have been chucked on what I presume is his pillow whilst Katy's is in a ball on top of her suitcase. 

"We're in the magazines!" Katy threw a magazine at Megan and I, Megan only just catching it whilst I was too dazed by the zooming object. 

"Actresses Katy Fordhill and Kendall Styles along with friend Megan Butler," Megan read out loud. "made a powering entrance at Athens' Airport today all sporting the latest trends in fashion. The three all wore clothing that comes up to a thousand pounds added together and alongside security guards and screaming fans these girls are living the life any teenage girl would die for."

"A thousand pounds?" I asked in disbelief, reading over Megan's shoulder. "Jesus Christ!"

"I know." Katy replied, flicking another magazine shut and then brushing herself off. 

"GIRLS COME ON!" Brody called out.

"That's our cue I guess." Megan said sliding the magazine onto the bed. We made our way back into the living room and saw the boys waiting inside the elevator. I swiped my phone off of the coffee table along with my headphones before joining them. Guess how many selfies were taken in the elevator?


"I did not!" Katy shoved my shoulder as Megan and I burst out laughing. 

"You did too!" Megan and I laughed. The boys are still at the beach but after tanning, being thrown in the water by the boys, tanning some more we decided it was enough and went to the small coffee shop round the corner of the hotel. Megan and Katy got coffees to go whilst I just got a chocolate milkshake to go and we headed up to the penthouse. We've planned our outfits for the beach party, we've showered and now we're sitting on the sofas and joking round with our drinks in our hands and fashion magazines on our laps. 

Now let me let you, we did have to enter a PIN to get into the elevator and neither of us knew it so we had to call Brody which was pretty... interesting. People kept looking at us argue with Brody down the phone that it wasn't working as they easily got into the elevator, - no PIN - and left whilst we were rambling on about a PIN.

"I don't believe you guys." Katy shook her head and stood up. She came back a couple seconds later with a plate of chocolate chip cookies. I bite into one just as my phone buzzed with a text message. 

From: Zack x

The boys and I are on our way back. David's sending the scripts up soon, I love you babe xxx

I smiled and instantly replied. 

To: Zack x

Alright, I love you too xxx

Three minutes later the elevator doors opened and David walked in along with the boys. Zack collapsed beside me after going into our room and coming out freshly changed in track suit bottoms and a tee shirt. He put a hand on my thigh, squeezing it slightly and kissing my cheek as David started talking. 

"Here are you scripts." David said flinging down five white scripts. I reached over and grabbed two, giving one to Zack and then flipping mine open as David continued. "Don't loose them. We'll have to re-shoot some scenes to get in the right lines but nothing major. It's mainly the scene where Katy gets shot. For the party tonight please behave, Harvey and I will be there to keep an eye on you. Don't forget we're shooting tomorrow as well, so no late nights."

He didn't even say goodbye, just left. 

"Well," Katy said getting up with the script in her hand. "I'm hungry. Anyone want anything?"

"No thanks, I'm going for a nap." I said, hitting Zack's chest when he chuckled before standing up and closing the door behind me once I walked into mine and Zack's room. After I had showered I just threw on some sleeping shorts and my 'MARVEL' tee shirt along with a large hoodie. I had just pulled it over my head when the door opened and closed again, Zack now leaning against the door. 

"Tired?" He questioned and I answered it with a yawn, slapping my hand against my mouth as I did so. He gave me a lopsided smile and grabbed the back of his tee shirt, pulling it over his head. He walked over to me, dropping his tee shirt on his suitcase and I wrapped my arms round his neck as his hands went to my hips. I closed my eyes as he lowered his head towards mine and lightly placed his lips against mine. 

It wasn't an actual kiss but I was more than happy when he pulled me into his chest and I could nestle my head into his shoulder. I yawned again, exhausted from the good couple hours spent at the beach and the hot chocolate hasn't helped at all. 

"Lie down." Zack kissed my temple and stepped back. "I'll be back in a second okay?"

I was too tired to argue and I nodded, smiling when he gave me a quick kiss. When he came back out of the bathroom, rubbing a towel on his face I had put my pre-planned on one of the arm chairs, pulled back the covers and pushed myself up so my back's against the headboard and the duvet comes up to waist. He grinned, threw the towel away and then climbed onto the bed, crawling until he's got head on my chest and wrapping his arms round me. I giggled and put my right hand on the back of his neck, my left hand busy running up and down his bare back feeling the way his muscles tensed and then relaxed. 

I felt his hand slip under my shirt and land where my rib cage is, the only difference from last week when he did the same thing is he had to sweep his hand round until he found them. I felt his smile against my neck before I saw it. 

"I love you so much Zack." I whispered and I truly meant it. His eyes instantly glistened and his smile became wider which I didn't think was even possible.

He pushed his forehead to mine and I closed my eyes, smiling as he whispered back. "I love you too Kendall, I always have."


The beach has been totally transformed since we were all down here. There's low tables everywhere, blankets taking up loads of room and they've even put up small huts round the place. Hanging between the huts and the life guard posts are fairy lights that glow a pale blue. The place is packed with people either in the sea or on the sand. Everyone's tanned here and most of them speak English with only a few mistakes. 

The girls and I had dressed into closely matching outfits. We had put on our bikinis again - all the same style but Katy's is blue and Megan's is white. Over that Katy had put on an Aztec styled pencil short skirt and a grey vest tucked into it. I put on a flower printed pencil short pencil skirt, a white sleeveless crop top and a light blue button up shirt with the sleeves ripped off. Megan's sporting a black and white striped short pencil skirt with a black tee shirt with 'MUSIC' written on the front in white. All of our hairs are up in ponytails only mine had strands of hair down at the sides of my face because they're too short to fit inside the band. 

The boys had all put on their trunks and plain tee shirts, all of us were barefoot and sat on a couple blankets with David and Harvey watching us closely from a makeshift bar in one of the huts. Zack's stretched his legs out, resting back on the palm of his hands - with me in between his legs and resting against his chest. Brody's got Katy on his lap and Jackson has Megan curled up against his side as we all joke around and laugh about nonsense crap. 

"Can we please not talk about that!" I begged turning red as everyone burst out laughing. When we were shooting at Eastwood, the scene where we jumped off the roof, I actually ended up tripping near the ledge and if it weren't for Harvey being right next to me I would have fallen to a certain death. 

Zack pushed off his hands and wrapped one of his arms round my waist, the other round my chest and he planted a kiss on my cheek. "Aw, you embarrassed enough yet babe?"

I turned to him and smacked his chest. "I hate you." I laughed as he wrinkled up his nose. 

"Love you too baby."

a/n: Sorry but like I said at the beginning, this is going to be a long chapter! Not my fault! Well maybe it is...

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