Styles *Sequel to 'Adopted by... them!?!?!'*

You all know the story of Kendall Smith Styles. You know the highs and lows of her life and the friends, family and foes. Difficult challenges have been thrown at her and the ones she loves. Just when everything seems to run smoothly for her, the hardest obstacle yet decides to run face first into her.
Can Kendall overcome it and make everyone happy? Or will she be forced to leave her new life and everyone she loves?


47. New Bedrooms and Street Dance

Chapter 47: New Bedrooms and Street Dance

Kendall's P.O.V:

"So you can have the room as long as you unpack by yourself?" Zack asked from my bed. It's been stripped of the pillows, duvet and blanket covers leaving it with just the plain material filled with feathers. The covers have been shoved in the wash and then folded in the cupboard down the hall. My new bed is yet to be made but I can't use the same covers since they're too small.

"Yep." I replied, throwing books off my shelves and into the large boxes in the middle of my room. "Liam has to help with the computer but that's it."

"What's happening to this room?" Zack asked still flicking through the pictures that were once on my wall but now in a duffel bag or in Zack's hands. 

"Iona gets it in two days." I explained huffing and falling onto my back opposite Zack. "She's sharing with Jabez at the moment but it needs to be painted before she can move in."

I closed my eyes and covered my eyes with my forearm, huffing again. "But right now I'm seriously debating if I want to move or not. It's so much work."

"So you're just gonna cave after what... a year of wanting the new room?" Zack chuckled. "All because of moving a couple boxes?"

"Yes!" I replied moving my arm and looking at Zack. "I need to move them all the way upstairs don't forget!" 

"Yeah but then you get the whole floor to yourself." He said. "I mean it may not be big but then you don't need to complain about the boys being so loud at night or just barging in."

He's right. The top floor isn't big at all but I'm still obsessed with it. The actual bedroom is huge, there's an en-suite and a giant walk in wardrobe that I already mentioned. To get up there you need to climb like ten steps on the spiral stair case at the end of the hall and then if you turn right there's a big plain room with mirrors covering two full walls and wooden flooring (if you turn left it's my new room). Zack and I go up to that room about once a week (you know, when we're in England) and dance for a bit since it's better than the studio a couple streets over. 

"Ugh, I hate it when you're right." I muttered getting back up. "But I'm going to need your help carrying the boxes up there."

This time Zack groaned but nevertheless got up. "I'll start now then." He grumbled, kissing me quickly and then picking up a box. 

It felt like I was packing a lot faster with Zack carrying the boxes up to the new room because the place wasn't as crowded as before. 

"This is the last one I'm carrying." Zack warned when he came back. There's only two left and I'm still filling one up. "And I'm going to stay up there. That bed is really comfortable."

"Why am I not surprised you said that." I shook my head, stopping  abruptly  when he kissed the top of my head. I tilted my head up and he kissed my lips twice. 

"I'll be up there in a minute." I said. He nodded, kissed my forehead, picked the box up and then left after winking at me. 

I checked that he was gone completely and then quickly emptied half of the box I'm packing. I went to the very back of my wardrobe and got his present out from the drawer before putting it in the box and piling everything on top. Simon had helped me with Zack's present because Zack is one of those people that is impossible to shop for. 

So we got something that you can't buy in a shop.

While I was in Hawaii Simon called me saying that Zack's obsessed with this one baseball player, Carlos Beltran, and he was in Hawaii at the same time as me. I had one of Zack's hoodies that just so happened to be his plain white one with a stitch of a baseball bat where the logos tend to be on shirts. 

Carlos happily came over to the set and signed it for me and he was also with a couple of his friends, Max Scherzer, Miguel Cabera and Alex Rodriquez. They all signed it and also wrote him some cards plus Alex Rodriquez even put one of his lucky tie up bracelets in the card. 

So yeah, I'm hoping he likes it.


"Shoes." I warned when Zack went to pull his feet up on the desk. He muttered something and then put his feet back on the floor. I had kicked him off the bed so I could sort some things out and I literally had to pull him off which was hard for me. 

"You look tiny against the bed." Zack grinned and I rolled my eyes. The bed's bigger than my other one because the frame is bigger too and the designers brought in the fattest mattress the world has to offer. But it's comfortable and big so I'll forgive them for making me have to climb to get on it. 

"I look tiny against everything according to you." I muttered under my breath. 

"What are you even doing?" Zack asked tapping the space bar of my Apple computer repeatingly for no  apparent  reason. 

"Trying to organise my school work but I don't want to." I whined stomping my foot. I've finished about half of the boxes but it doesn't really count because I looked through all of them and only did the books and little things like pictures, pens, notebooks etc. 

Yeah, I completely forgot I had clothes that I need to unpack, not to mention wear. 

"Take a break." Zack said, leaning back in the soft desk chair that spins. He cocked his head to the side, pulled the puppy dog eyes and pouted his lips at me, patting his lap with one hand at the same time.

I looked at him then at the boxes on my bed. Of course I wasn't going to choose work over Zack so I threw everything back in the boxes, put them underneath the bed and then walked over to Zack. He gave me that heart stopping Hollywood smile of his and pulled me onto his lap. I wrapped my arms round his torso and buried my face into his neck, his scent filling my nose. 

The house is quiet since the boys are out. Zayn has come back into London for the first time since leaving One Direction because him and Perrie moved to Bradford. They all went out to dinner and I ate at Simon's. I wasn't supposed to. The fridge had been stocked up especially so that I could stay home with Jabez and Iona and make something to eat but Lauren had offered to take the two along to this baby soft play area because she was going to meet some friends and Eric has been ill so she couldn't take him (They're back now though and sleeping) . Simon forced me into staying and eating some pizza and then Jasmine had dragged me to her room and we watched Teen Wolf until she fell asleep and I went downstairs to see Zack. We went to his room for maybe fifteen minutes but then we came here. 

Before I started packing and everything I quickly changed into some light grey fitted tracksuit bottoms with white straps that I've left undone. I also put on a black tight vest top that only covers half of my stomach, leaving the other visible. I had put on a green plaid shirt but then it got hot so I tied it round my waist and since I hate not wearing shoes round the house I put on some white socks and white high tops along with my favourite brown tie up bracelets.

We stayed in silence for a bit and then Zack seemed to perk up suddenly. "Wanna go dancing?"


"You said this was gonna be easy!" Zack complained lifting his head. 

"It is!" 

"For you!" He raised an eyebrow. "You're a professional!"

"Come on, please? If you can do that backflip into a split you can this." I said. "Look, do it this way."

I got down on my stomach and then lifted myself up into a pushup position. "Just copy me."

Zack nodded and mimicked my position then looked at me. 

"Okay, first move your feet closer to your stomach a bit, bend both knees." As I said the instructions I did them and Zack copied. "Great, now lean your left knee against the back of your right knee."


"Now with your hands, spin yourself round to the left. You'll land like this." I showed him and ended up balancing on one hand, my right foot on the ground outstretched as far as it will go and my left knee bent with my toes barely touching the ground.

"Your turn." I watched as he did so like he had been doing it for years. "There you go, you can do it!" 

"I know, you just look hot dancing." Zack grinned falling onto his back and rubbing his eyes with the ball of his palms. He did the stiffling a yawn thing and I stood up, nudging his stomach with my toes. 

"Go home, you're tired." I said and he shook his head. 

"No, I want to stay. He said standing up. "I'm no-"

He didn't get to finish because he yawned and clamped a hand on his mouth. 

"Go home Zack." I kissed his cheek. "Besides, tomorrow's your birthday and we can't have the birthday boy tired."

He smiled and then his eyes sparked like they do whenever he wants something. "Seeing as their's technically only ninety-five minutes until my birthday," He said slipping his hands into mine. "I think you should just give me my present now."

"Nope." I shook my head. "You get your present tomorrow."

"When tomorrow?" He asked. 

"After the party." I said. "Or before, depending on how nice I'm feeling."

"I have a feeling your going to be unbelievably nice tomorrow." He shrugged. "Like really really nice. So nice you decide to travel back in time and give me my present now."

"Nope." I said popping the 'p' sound. "Seriously go home."

"Fine." He groaned and smiled when I lent up and kissed him quickly. I walked down the three flights of stairs with him and kissed him again before he opened the door. 

"I love you." I called after him. 

"I love you more babe!" He shouted back before the door shut. I smiled and then ran up the stairs until I got to my room. I climbed into the bed, snuggled under the duvet after kicking off my shoes and was close to asleep when my phone buzzed. 

I mentally groaned and then quickly checked it until I was smiling. 

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