Styles *Sequel to 'Adopted by... them!?!?!'*

You all know the story of Kendall Smith Styles. You know the highs and lows of her life and the friends, family and foes. Difficult challenges have been thrown at her and the ones she loves. Just when everything seems to run smoothly for her, the hardest obstacle yet decides to run face first into her.
Can Kendall overcome it and make everyone happy? Or will she be forced to leave her new life and everyone she loves?


48. Morning Or Should I Say Afternoon *2 Years Later

*I AM  SO SORRY THAT I HAVEN'T UPDATED BUT I HAVE A REASON! So lately I've had like multiple football (soccer) assessments and trails and I've been so nervous waiting for the results that I had huge writers block. 

I have tried multiple times to write different chapters but they aren't coming to me easily so I've had to skip forward but I've tried to add in as much detail as possible. Sorry but hopefully this way it will be better.

Chapter 48: Morning Or Should I Say Afternoon *2 Years Later

Zack's P.O.V:

My fifteenth birthday was a very emotional occasion. It was mostly family at the party who were going on and on about Jas and I turning fifteen and it was Josh, Jake and Danny who managed to sneak us all out without being caught. 

My sixteenth was when we were shooting the second Too Young movie, Too Early. I couldn't talk to Jas in person but we Skyped and when I got home a week later we spent all our time together.

My seventeenth was probably the best. It was the day that my uncle from my mother's side, Monty, pulled Jas and I aside from everyone else and drove us to my grandparents place. They died before Jas and I were born but our parents would tell us loads of stories and we felt as though we knew them. We had lived in their house until the accident when Simon took us in.

He gave us the key and drove away again letting us spend some time together in our old house that hasn't been touched since the day we left. Jas started crying first when she found the glass Mum had drank out of before she left, her pink lipstick is now a part of the glass and while Jas cried in the kitchen I walked up the stairs to my parents room.

My dad's wallet and phone were sat on their dresser, they only needed to pick up something from Mum's work, and the picture of Jas and I is now covered with a thin layer of dust from the 11 years that the house has been left alone. I did cry when I opened their wardrobe. It was stiff and I had to tug at it but when the door finally gave way two presents fell out, one labeled Zack the other labeled Jasmine. Both of them had the words, For your 17th, we love you  xxx

Jasmine opened hers right away but mine was left alone for a couple days. Jasmine had gotten a charm bracelet that hasn't left her wrist since that day.

My sobs had been lodged in my throat when I opened mine, finding my dad's car keys to his Range Rover inside. It's now parked in the garage. It took days to clean and the engine needed to be fixed but it runs brilliantly and now I have my licence I can up and drive it whenever I want.

I've changed a lot since the first Too Young movie has come out. It was a hit, especially for our age group back then and now we're shooting the third movie.

Too Late. 

I wouldn't say that I've matured because if anything I'm even more childish than before but I'm only seventeen, I still have time to grow up. Kendall and I are still going strong, sure we've had slip ups along the way but after the Hunger Games movie she was in (which she didn't think went that well in her opinion - I loved it) we've both just stuck to the movie that we're working on now.

Somewhere in the first movie we had a line which has ended up on merchandise. I think it was in the scene where we were hiding out in the abandoned mall. I don't know what happened before it but I had said the now famous line, "You got my back?". 

Kendall was only supposed to nod but instead said "Yeah, I got your back." by mistake but it worked so well that it stuck. In the second movie it came back three times and in the one we're currently shooting we've said it four times. We've only been on the set for a month.

All in all, the past two years have almost seemed like a dream to me.


"Zack get up!" Kendall hit me again with the pillow she's decided to arm herself with. I groaned and cracked an eye open, immediately smirking at the view. We're shooting scenes in Florida where Uncle Si has an apartment which he's letting us all stay in; by us all I mean Jackson, Brody, Megan, Katy Kendall and I.

It's hot and since Kendall turned sixteen she's tended to only sleeping in her underwear and a tee shirt when it's hot so this morning I was greeted to the sight of my amazingly beautiful girlfriend of two years wearing my tee shirt, leaving her tanned legs on show as the hem of my Adidas tee shirt only just covers her mid-thigh. Her hair had been bleached by the sun leaving it almost blonde but still brown which suits her a lot and she's only tied it in a ponytail with the curls from last night bouncing when she shifted from one leg to the other from where she stood in the middle of the bed, pillow in hand.

"Good morning." Kendall jumped on her knees by my waist and poking my bare chest. "Or should I say good afternoon."

"We got back at two in the morning." I grumbled rolling onto my stomach and burying my head into my pillow, my sentence muffled. "What do you expect?"

"Come on, you need to get up." Kendall laughed as she tried to pull me up but I didn't budge. As I got older the boys and I started working out a lot more often so I'm not surprised that Kendall can't even kick me off the bed like she used to be able to do.

"No!" I whined shoving a pillow over my head. "Go to the signing without me."

"It's not the signing today, it's the table conference." I turned my head and raised an eyebrow at her over my shoulder.

"Like it makes a difference." I said.

"It does you can't get away with drawing on the table." Kendall said lying down beside me over the duvet. She rolled onto her side as I took the pillow off my head and put rested my cheek against the pillow beneath me to look at Kendall. Her eyes are still bright green and even though she doesn't have the baby cheeks anymore they're still a bit chubby making her look innocent especially when she smiles and her dimples show.

I reached down, gripping the back of Kendall's thighs and swinging them over my back and then I pulled Kendall closer to me by her waist. She shuffled the rest of the way and kissed my cheek making me smile and close my eyes. I tilted my chin up and she lent her head where mine was as I kissed the top of her head and sighed into her hair.

"How long can we stay here until we're actually late?" I asked having to hold in the slight shiver when Kendall put her index finger on my bare back and started drawing patterns. I've noticed that when I turned seventeen the butterflies and shivers I got whenever I am around Kendall are beginning to go away and instead everything just calms down. Instead of tensing for a second I relax immediately under her touch which went from a cold yet exciting touch before to a warm and relaxing one now. I still worry about losing her, about waking up to hear she realized she can do so much better - which she can - and she up and left but the worries always wash away when she looks at me and makes me laugh somehow.

I truly to admire her. Not everyone could do what she has done. Harry told me when I turned sixteen that when they first saw Kendall she was sassing them and denying the fact that she had a gift in music. She didn't seemed phased by the abuse that Marie was giving her which broke Harry's heart but I wouldn't have known because when I first saw her at school she was the happiest and funniest person I had ever had the privilege to meet.

I could go on and on about the cute way that she scrunches her nose when she's concentrated or how she always puts people before herself but what I think got me hooked on her in the first place was the way she lost herself so easily in books. We were twelve and halfway through the school year when she first joined the school so when we were writing our essays she had been given a book and all she did was read for the next two weeks. I would look up sometimes and see how she always turned the pages carefully, how her eyes widened slightly, her lips parted sometimes and then other times she would have her teeth sinking into her bottom lip. She would always read in class the same, with the book open on the table in front of and her fingers keeping it open; her body leaning over it slightly, one elbow on the table and her hand cupping the side of her neck.

When she reads no one disturbs her because it's like magic while watching her read. Her presence might be in the room with you but she's somewhere different entirely. There have been times when I can't talk to her for hours because she's so absorbed in reading but I never mind because it's relaxing to just sit beside her and have her calm aura around you.

On occasions when I sit right next to her she'll peel herself away from the pages for a couple minutes to ask how I am, at times giving me updates on the book and then she'll curl up in my lap and I'll lose her all over again. I think she's cried over books twice and it's entertaining because she doesn't even know why she was crying but I had come over and hugged her while laughing until she calmed down and then she would put the book down for the rest of the day.

Needless to say that every single English teacher loves her.

"What you thinking about?" Kendall asked playing with my fingers on my left hand. I had been so caught up in thinking about her in her own different world I had entered my own for a moment.

"You." I replied. "Just how absolutely brilliant you are and that I actually don't deserve you."

She laughed gently and kissed my knuckles. "Funny how I find myself thinking exactly the same thing."

"Trust me if you don't deserve me of all bloody people it's because you deserve so much better." I kissed her forehead.

She laughed again and pressed her lips against mine for a second. "I love you Zack but you're such a dork."

I smiled and kissed her again. "I love you too Princess."


"You miss your own car?" Kendall asked buckling her seat belt. 

I turned the engine on and put my own belt on while driving out the apartment's drive. "Yep. This is such a shitbag at times."

Uncle Simon rightly doesn't trust me using his Porsche and instead rented a Range Rover for me to use. Brody and Jackson have their dad's cars to use since their father's own houses down here but my car is back at home.

"Well hey, tomorrow we're back home and you have your car again." She shrugged turning on the radio. "That is if Jas hasn't used it."

"She better not have she's crashed her own twice already and she hadn't even left the bloody garage." I muttered making Kendall laugh. As we drove towards the conference hall I kept my hand on Kendall's thigh as she sang along to the songs on the radio. Most of them I don't know seeing as it's a disk that Lily gave her before we left. It's filled with old song from the 80s and 90s but Kendall prefers this music to the music now and it's amazing to watch her sing along to them like she wrote them herself.

There was a sudden chill when we got out the car and it wasn't the amount of shouts and screams from the photographers and teenage girls outside the high wire gates. I waved causing the girls to scream higher. Kendall was trying to stop her hair from flying around her neck and face from the wind when she walked round the front of the car. I chuckled and she glared at me jokingly. I took off my snapback and place it on her head before throwing an arm round her shoulder and pulling her against my side as we walked into the hall, away from the girls waiting to get in who are currently screaming.

We've been here enough times since we were thirteen to know where to go after getting our tags. I clipped mine onto my jean pocket whilst Kendall used her index finger and thumb to flick it in the air and back down while we waited behind the curtain. David's on the stage already pushing in the chairs and helping to set up the microphones.

He's still directing the movies, even after last years slip when he told us he might not be able to direct this movie. We were gutted and when searching for new directors with him just in case we made a point to hate every single one of them. Eventually he got news back that he was given clearance to work with us and that settled all problems we had; we even teased him by saying that the other directors probably would have given us leeway and wouldn't get as stressed.

Turns out we're the first ones here even though the other four left before us. Brody and Katy came less than five minutes later and Katy fell into Kendall's lap before anyone even said hello. Megan and Jackson joined us another three minutes later, two minutes before we're due to start. People are starting to quickly fill the seats around the room in front of the curtain and there are peopling setting cameras and getting ready to put this on some live broadcast.

Everyone knows none of us actually takes these things seriously. We never have. We always just mess around and manage to improvise our way out of answering questions we're not supposed to answer. I think we're all fidgety because after this we're going back to the apartment to pack and then at ten pm we're leaving for the airport. The girls want to go to the beach one last time but since I still have the bandage on my wrist from the last time I've passed on the opportunity.

You see we went to the beach on the first day we came to Florida and the boys and I were throwing an American football around, this is when we were shooting a scene on the beach and had a few minutes free time. When we were shooting again Brody and I had to do a fight scene against these other two boys and Brody smacked into me by mistake. I fell and cut from the palm of my hand to my elbow on a rock. My hand and elbow are fine but my wrist kills and we found out I sprained it when landing funny.

For scenes I need to take the bandage off but it kills and I have to bit my tongue in my mouth to keep myself from winching whenever I move it. Kendall hates the fact that I'm still shooting the movie even though I was give the chance to wait until my wrist got better. She said it will only get worse but I keep reassuring her I'm fine even when she can tell I'm not.

Right now she's drawing on the white cloth on my wrist with a gel pen that she found in the rental car . It's just random Aztec prints that she's drawing but since the bandage is coming off tomorrow I don't mind as long as the boys don't get a hold of the pen. I fear what they'll draw.

"Kids let's go!" David said from behind us, ushering with his hands.

"We're seventeen I think you should stop calling us kids." Brody murmured.

"Stop acting like kids and I will." Was all David replied with before we all got prodded until we walked towards the table in the middle of the raised platform. I sat down in the chair with my name labeled on it and waved at the girls in the front row who are smiling widely and waving. I slung my arm across the back of Kendall's seat - which is to my left - as I flicked the table cover with my fingers.

"How's your wrist?" Kendall asked quietly as an interviewer asked David the first question; something to do with how he feels about working with us for the fourth year in a row.

"It's alright." I replied toying with the back of her tee shirt between my fingers. "Doesn't hurt as much as it did last night."

Last night we all attended a dinner with the new producers of the film and it went alright. My wrist had stopped hurting for a couple days so I took a risk and left the bandage at the apartment. When we got there it went smoothly until they shook my hand at the end of the night. I was in so much pain and my hand was shaking so much that I couldn't drive. Falling asleep was difficult even with three painkillers in my system and I felt bad because Kendall refused to go to sleep until I was out like a light.

She really is too good for me.

"Good." Kendall replied, entwining our fingers together when I moved my hand from her chair to her lap. She smiled at me as I squeezed her hand and then we turned our attention to the conference.

A/N: Sorry about so many of these stupid stars...

"What?" I asked lifting my head from Kendall's shoulder. We're all at the airport sitting in the waiting area. Brody and Jackson are sat on the floor bouncing a basketball between them, Megan and Katy have gone to get a Starbucks (they asked if Kendall wanted to come but Kendall's been put off of the company after her fifteenth birthday) and Kendall had sat down in one of the black chairs. I was with the boys and then pushed myself up. I slumped in the seat beside my girlfriend, crossed my arms over my chest after flicking my hood up and then closed my eyes; resting my head on Kendall's shoulder.

She's looking round the waiting area and then she shook her head. She gave me her phone which is opened on Twitter. She clicked on a tweet preview and it opened up on two pictures of us. The first is a picture of when we were fourteen and in the airport, the day we signed the first movie deal (A/N:Chapter 2: I Know You Love Me, I Know You Care) and the second must have been taken a couple seconds ago because it was our previous position. The person who uploaded it had captioned it; 2 and a half years later, still relationship goals x

I chuckled and got out my phone, going onto her Twitter. I followed her and favourited and retweeted the tweet. Kendall laughed as my phone buzzed with loads of comments on the retweet. 

I put my hand on her thigh and slid my phone back in my pocket before leaning over Kendall and pressing my lips to hers for a kiss. She grinned against my lips and I smiled as I poked her sides to get her giggling. Again our phones buzzed and when Kendall pulled her phone out she laughed and lent her head against my shoulder. Looking at her phone I see a picture of her giggling against my lips, the caption; Why do they have to be so damn cute?!

I laughed and lent my cheek against the top of her head as she curled her legs towards her chest. "Why do I have a feeling there's going to more?" Kendall murmured into my shoulder.

As if on cue our phones buzzed again and Kendall lifted her head to look at me as I answered. "Because there is."

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