Styles *Sequel to 'Adopted by... them!?!?!'*

You all know the story of Kendall Smith Styles. You know the highs and lows of her life and the friends, family and foes. Difficult challenges have been thrown at her and the ones she loves. Just when everything seems to run smoothly for her, the hardest obstacle yet decides to run face first into her.
Can Kendall overcome it and make everyone happy? Or will she be forced to leave her new life and everyone she loves?


6. LA

Chapter 6: LA

Kendall's P.O.V: 

"This is so unfair" Zack complained, swinging his gun up, around his shoulders, in the air and then repeating the pattern when he caught it. He's wearing the male version of what I'm wearing- black jeans, black high tops, a black tee shirt and a black leather jacket. We're in LA at the moment, in one of the most popular shopping centers which has been shut down for the day so we can shoot a couple scenes before going to Eastwood in London (Zack and I's school) to shoot the last few scenes of the month. After that we can go home to spend Christmas and the new year with our families, then we get a couple weeks off before going back to Barbados and carrying on filming. 

Zack and I are super excited to go back to Eastwood because we've been in Barbados for two months now and the only interactions with our friends we've had so far is Skype every other night. 

"What's unfair?" I asked taking my leather jacket off and replacing it for the black vest jacket Jenny, the wardrobe and make up artist, gave to me. She scurried off before I could thank her so I turned back to Zack. 

"We're in LA, there's a beach two miles away and it's boiling hot. We're standing here in complete black, waiting to run for ages before having a quick shower and flying to England where it is no doubt raining and utterly freezing." Zack said in a 'duh' voice like he's it a billion times. "How could you not know that?"

"Because I'm too busy planning ways to kill you." I muttered under my breath but he heard and gave me a glare and a sarcastic smile. 

"ZACK KENDALL YOU TWO READY?" David (our director just in case you forgot) said through his megaphone. Katy, and Jackson are behind him waiting to shoot their scenes after this scene. Brody was stood by the large windows, waiting for his cue. 

"NO!" We both shouted back. David gave us a blank look before he caught on and you could practically see the light bulb above his head. We haven't been told what scene we're doing, all we've been told is to stand here and wait. David jogged over along with the stunt guy, Harvey. 

"Okay what you two have to do is run down the end of the...corridor... thing" Harvey said a little unsure, his eyebrows knitting together while David sighed and his shoulders slumped down. 

"Completely wrong" David said. "You two need run round the corner, as fast as you can towards Brody. Whilst your running your jackets come off, along with your shoes, watches and tops. That's why you've got a vest on underneath that Kendall. Brody will start running round the other corner, into a room where Zack you lock the door after both of you run in. That's when you do the dialog while changing. Understood?" 

"So we're pretty much stripping while running down a shopping center?" Zack asked. "This isn't a porno" 

David looked at me and nodded, my hand flying up and smacking Zack round the back of the head. 

"OW!" Zack shouted-stumbling forward and blocking himself. 

"Stop being a technicality dick and I won't do it again" I mumbled. 

"That doesn't even make sense" Zack retorted. 

"PLACES!" David screamed, spinning round and sitting back in his seat. Zack and I rounded the corner before getting ready to start running. 


We ran round the corner, Ryan (Zack) skidding onto his butt before shooting back up again. I threw my jacket behind my shoulder before slipping out of my tee shirt. Ryan did the same leaving him shirtless whilst my vest kept part of my stomach warm. It was ripped slightly and stained with (fake) blood along with the rest of my clothes. I spotted Marc (Brody) who nodded and started running past the window and pretty much flying into a room. I rounded the corner, stopping for a split second before abandoning my shoes and rushing into the small conference room. Ryan locked the door after him, Marc diving into the bag and pulling out white clothing. 

"Why white?" Ryan asked, slipping the white tee shirt on. I did that shirt swap thing where my vest comes off at the same time that the white tee shirt goes on. I smacked the back Marc's head when I looked up and saw him staring which resulted in Ryan glaring at him too, being the over protected brother he is. 

"Huh, what? Oh right, you know the man that runs the ACPP?" Marc said quickly as I tied my hair up and put the white hoodie on I was given. 

"Francis? What about him?" I asked. 

"He put tracking devices in all our black clothes since that's the only color clothes we have." Marc said, sitting down at the table. 

"WHY?" I shouted from behind the big poster as I changed the black jeans to the white ones. I walked back out and put the socks and converse trainers on before sitting at the table opposite Marc-Ryan next to me. 

"He never put tracking devices when we star-" Ryan started, both of us catching on mid sentence. 

"He switched sides." I rubbed my forehead. "Why would he do that?"

"No one knows. The office has gone mental and it made matters worse when we couldn't find you two. Henry was rushing round like a mad man. He was bright red when Ash told him you guys had gone on the mission he gave to the 'professionals'." Marc said using air quotes. 

"What happened to them by the way?" Ryan asked. "They're supposed to be here, we should have run into them by now."

"Yeah, we've been here a week now. The place was empty 'till today." I added on. "And how did you get here?"

"Troye and I were locked in the office 'till Ash came. Jackie got out of hospital and we were all flown out here two days ago but you two were constantly on the move we couldn't find you. We found your bullet cases down a couple corridors and we just carried on following them. Jackie found you lot yesterday but we had to get the clothes before getting you two." Marc replied. 

"Why?" Ryan questioned leaning forward in his seat and resting his arms on the table. "Why couldn't you get us and then the clothes? Or at the least Alex?"

"Mate calm down" Marc said sternly, sure enough Ryan's fuming. "We were told that you two are the most targeted with Francis. If we were to get you two first we would all have been dead by morning."

"Who told you to let us potentially die while you get freaking clothes." 

"Ry calm the fuck down" I snapped, pulling him back.

"Alexis we were on the verge of fucking dying yesterday" He spat back, turning to me. "You were shot, you nearly had you arm broken from running and both of us haven't ate in four days. The only water we've gotten was from that storage room and it was warm and didn't do great when we were chased round the fucking place. At one point you couldn't fucking stand up without support and if it weren't for the fact that that airplane had scared those men we would have been dead two days ago."

"And Marc didn't fucking know that so stop being a dick!" I said standing up and dragging my gun off the table. 

"Where the hell are you going?" Both Marc and Ryan said as I walked to the door. 

"You said Troye and Jackie are here, I'm going to find them while you both calm the hell down 'cause I've seen two year olds be more mature" I slammed the door closed after me, looking right and left before turning to the right and running half way up the stairs. 

"CUT!" David shouted. I turned round and skipped down the stairs while Brody and Zack came out the room laughing-nearly in tears may I add. 

"If I didn't know any better I would have said you three hated each others guts" David said smiling fondly at us all, behind our backs we all fist pumped each other before I was ushered into my chairs and Katy and Jackson started getting ready for their scenes. Zack and Brody went back into the room while the other two went to were Zack and I started off. 

"You wanna do the honors?" David asked giving me the megaphone. 

"Oh yeah" I smiled, taking it off of him. 



"Will you lot stop acting like children!" Jenny groaned. Currently we are at the airport waiting for our flight. We got bored and found two trolleys that were empty, so of course Zack got one and shoved me on one before pushing and spinning it round the VIP waiting area. Katy and Brody copied while Jackson got out his phone and started videoing. From the way my phone is lighting up it's obvious that Jackson put some videos on Twitter or Instagram. 

"We are children Jen" Katy laughed. 

Jen sighed and slumped further in her seat, probably wondering why she volunteered to look after us at the airport whilst David and Harvey went to go get some food for all of us. "I told him, I told David not to employ teens. He should have listened."

"Oh come on Jen" I said, Zack spun the trolley and stopped it so I was in front of Jen. "The movie would be so boring without all of us."


GUYS I DID IT!!!! I uploaded a chapter which I am actually pretty proud of. I haven't checked this chapter so there might be spelling/grammar mistakes but please don't point them out. Sorry for the amount of swear words they use when they act, and if you haven't already guessed the movie won't be family friendly.

Hope all of you had a great Christmas and new year although the London firework display for new years was really crappy wasn't it?

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