Styles *Sequel to 'Adopted by... them!?!?!'*

You all know the story of Kendall Smith Styles. You know the highs and lows of her life and the friends, family and foes. Difficult challenges have been thrown at her and the ones she loves. Just when everything seems to run smoothly for her, the hardest obstacle yet decides to run face first into her.
Can Kendall overcome it and make everyone happy? Or will she be forced to leave her new life and everyone she loves?


29. Jet Lagged Cuddles

Chapter 29: Jet Lagged Cuddles

Kendall's P.O.V:

I don't actually know what woke me up. It could have been the closing of the trailer door; then again it was soft and quiet so if I was asleep it wouldn't have stirred me at all. No, it must have been the fact that when I fell asleep Zack had been pressed up against me and his body heat was luring me into a slumber. 

Now though his bed's cold, the blue sheets wrinkled from where he was lying and I'm suddenly cold. Opening my eyes I see that he's not even in the trailer, his shoes are gone but none of his drawers look like he's been in them and neither does his wardrobe. 

I groaned and buried my face back into his pillow, his scent filling my nose again. I remained lying there, cuddling his pillow until the door opened and shut again; Zack's chuckle soon audible. There were two thuds and then the bed dipped signaling that Zack's sat down on the edge of the bed. I instantly relaxed as his hand started rubbing my back, my body shuffling over to his. 

"Good afternoon." Zack emphasized but I just grunted in response making him laugh. 

"Shut it." I mumbled into his hip, grinning when he shuddered. I love that I can affect him in the same way that he affects me too. I yawned suddenly, clamping a hand over my mouth and screwing my eyes  shut. That must have look so attractive, note the sarcasm. 

"Jet lag?" He questioned and I opened my eyes. Nodding I tilted my head back to look at him. His hair's slightly wet; like he just got out of the shower and he's changed into basketball shorts, the strap of his boxers on show (surprise, surprise). Unlike Brody and Jackson he's been keeping his hair the usual length, the other two have been growing it out a bit. They both keep their hairstyles the same everyday but Zack usually ends up doing different things to his hair. 

Let me tell you, this boy looks good in anything. 

"Why'd you go?" I tiredly mumbled as he turned his body to lie down, his abs in my view for a couple seconds before my green eyes locked with his blue ones making my heart rate quicken. 

"Well while you looked like you had just died," Zack said, my eyes rolling. "I went for a shower and then David called, we've got the day off so we can do what we want."

My arms were round his waist and one of his circled round my neck, the other went under my head and pulled me closer towards him which I gratefully accepted. 

"So let's just cuddle, how does that sound?" He whispered as I lent my forehead against his chest. 

"Like heaven." I kissed his shoulder. "Thank you."

His cheek lent against the top of my head and I felt the heaving of chest as he sighed. I closed my eyes and finally let sleep wash over me once again. 


"Oh my god that is so cute!" Katy woke me up by gushing again. Seriously she needs to know her fucking timing. I don't know how long it's been since I fell asleep but as Zack groaned and choice a swore word in a raspy voice I know it must have been a while if Zack fell asleep too. Zack's one of those awkward people that if they wake up it takes them ages to fall back asleep whilst I'm out like a light. 

"That's no way to welcome Megan is it?" Brody tutted but then threw a pillow at me when I flipped him off, still holding onto Zack tightly; the muscles in his back tensing as he moves and tucks my head under his chin. 

"Guys just leave them alone, I can meet them later." A stranger's voice said soothingly but since Brody's said 'Megan' it must be her. 

"But-" Jackson started.

"Jackson, listen to your girlfriend and beat it." Zack muttered just as I opened my eyes, sat up and quickly threw the pillow back at Brody. It landed smack in his face and he stumbled back in surprise. Zack turned his head and burst out laughing along with Jackson, Megan and Katy whilst I grinned sweetly at Brody who's glaring at me like he wants me dead. 

He probably does.

"Well you're up now." Jackson said and then grabbed a hold of Zack's shoulder, pulling him off the bed and onto his back on the floor. Zack groaned and swore once again. 

"Come on." Brody kicked Zack's leg. "We're all going out."

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