Styles *Sequel to 'Adopted by... them!?!?!'*

You all know the story of Kendall Smith Styles. You know the highs and lows of her life and the friends, family and foes. Difficult challenges have been thrown at her and the ones she loves. Just when everything seems to run smoothly for her, the hardest obstacle yet decides to run face first into her.
Can Kendall overcome it and make everyone happy? Or will she be forced to leave her new life and everyone she loves?


39. Iona and Jabez Styles

Chapter 39: Iona and Jabez Styles

Kendall's P.O.V:

"Kendall." Zack laughed whilst shaking my shoulder. 

"Fuck off." I muttered and rolled over, pulling the duvet over my head in the process. 

"Your Dad's in the living room." He sighed and I was up and out of the room within two seconds. Dad's stood by the kitchen island with his phone in his hands and I ran over quickly, hugging him as tightly as possible. He chuckled after regaining his balance ruffling my hair. 

"I missed you Dad." I mumbled into his tee shirt. 

"I missed you too Baby Girl." He laughed. Someone cleared their throat behind me and I turned round to see Louis over dramatically throwing open his arms and throwing his head back too, motioning with his fingers a 'come here' and then opening one eye, giving me a glare until I hugged him. 

How I ran past them all I don't know but it turns out Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam along with Simon had been sat down on the sofas. After hugging them all twice, being thrown over Louis' shoulder for no apparent reason and being held upside down for a bit we had all stood around in the kitchen. I sat myself on one of the counters and made myself a bowl of cereals. 

Five minutes into a conversation about shoes (don't ask, if you're a directioner you probably won't find this weird anyway) Katy and Megan came out of their rooms wearing leggings and vests like me. The only difference is that I have my hair in a messy bun while theirs are left down. 

"Morning." I mused when they looked up and froze - yeah Megan's never met my family and Katy's barely said hello to them. The same goes for Brody and Jackson who woke up fully when they groggily walked out of the room. The four remained frozen in their place when Zack walked out of our room fully changed in dark grey jeans, a lighter grey long sleeved tee shirt with 'Eastwood Secondary School Football Team' written across the front and his red plaid shirt I stole from him a while ago. The sleeves on both the top and the shirt have been pushed up showing his black watch and he stopped to look at the four, then to me and raised his eyebrow. 

I shrugged and continued eating my cereal turning to see Dad looking at me. "Is this normal?" He asked nodding towards the others. 

"Depends who we meet." I replied. "Should have seen them when we met Dwayne Johnson." 

"Don't." Katy snapped out of her trance and pointed a warning finger at me. "Just don't. You swore you would never bring that up again!"

"What? What happened?" Louis jumped up in excitment. 

"Nothing." Katy and Megan said at the same time, both of them glaring at me. 

"Why can't you tell us?" Zayn asked. I held out my arm so they could see where Katy had written 'you will not tell ANYONE about when we met Dwayne Johnson ever or Megan Butler and Katy Fordhill have the right to make you die a slow and painful death' 

"Girl code." Megan, Katy and I said at the same time. All the males exchanged freaked out glances, whilst Katy and Megan continued giving me a look suggesting that I will end up dead within 24 hours if I tell anyone.


I was super fast changing into a clean pair of leggings,a black over sized tee shirt and a blue denim jacket. I shoved my feet into some white lace ups after getting into socks and then I switched on my hair straighteners. Whilst waiting for them to heat up I pushed the sleeves of my jacket up to my elbows and put on my white bracelets I got from some girls a year ago. 

I roughly straightened my hair and then threw it into a high ponytail before switching the straighteners off and leaving the bathroom. The sleeves of my denim jacket fell as I reached down to put my previous clothes in my suitcase making Zack laugh from the bed.

"God you're tiny." He laughed sliding off the bed and walking over to me.

"Fun size." I muttered watching him as he took one of my arms and started folding the sleeve over and over until you could actually see my hands and part of my wrist. He did the same with the other one and then I wrapped my arms round his neck, his hands found their way to my back and he smirked at me.

"You're looking good today." He said, feeling him tug at the back of my jacket I raised an eyebrow at him, his smirk turning wider. "Do you really have to go just yet?"

"I'll be about half an hour." I replied. "Jackson and Megan are going out, Katy's going to the beach with Harvey to do a quick photo shoot and the boys will be downstairs in their room. I'm sure Brody can keep you company."

"And what are we supposed to do for half an hour?" He whined, placing his lips against my forehead. The contact caused me to close my eyes and melt in his arms, clutching the back of his plaid shirt in my fists.

"You could always pack." I muttered, opening my eyes and eyeing our room. Clothes are everywhere along with cables from chargers and magazines. 

"We're leaving tomorrow." Zack muttered. "There's plenty of time."

"Photo shoot." I mumbled. "We've got one tonight and then we have to leave early tomorrow morning."

"It's like you're forcing me to pack." Zack said. "What about you huh? When are you going to pack?"

"After the photo shoot when you've no doubt fallen asleep." I replied pulling back when Dad called my name. I lent up and quickly pecked his lips. 

"Have fun." I laughed as he groaned and fell back on the bed, flipping me off in the process.


"Well it looks nicer than the dump I came from." I said looking up at the care home. It's painted with different colors and along the bottom of the wall are small doodles that the kids must have made - either that or there's some artists that are a bit behind in Greece. 

"It didn't look that bad." Dad said as we walked down the gravel path towards the door. 

I stared at him like he was crazy. "There were five broken windows, two smashed in doors and the place stunk of dog even though there hadn't been a dog there since 2005."

"Yeah you're right it was pretty bad." 

Looking up at the building there's balconies and balconies, some with kids my age or younger standing there and looking at us. I looked back at the door when it opened and Ileana stood there smiling at us. I smiled back and gave her hug when we reached her, Dad shook her hand and they started talking while Ileana led us down a corridor. 

Ileana opened a door and we were in the usual meeting room. In the care home I was in it was only used for when you meet your new parents and since it was locked and now it's empty it must be the same here. I lent against the round table in the middle of the room, Dad sat on one the chairs by the table and Ileana went to go get Jabez and Iona. 

"You excited?" Dad asked after three minutes, his eyes had been focused on his phone but he looked up halting my tapping of my fingers against the wooden table. 

I nodded and smiled widely at him. "Extremely."

"So are you doing to give up your room for one of them?" He asked casually and I froze. 

"Depends." I said slowly. "Do I get the other one?"

Last year the boys had the house refurbished and one of the spare rooms was completely remodeled. There was a walk in wardrobe but part of it was knocked down. There's now two archways on either side of the room leading to a big but still small room, designed specifically for a wardrobe, there's also a chunk of wall taken out of the middle of the wall to make a kind of window thing, a king sized bed is under neath it and around the room are shelves, a giant TV, mirrors and a large desks - not to mention an en suite bigger than mine. The floor's wooden, the bathroom has black tiles and the 'wardrobe' has a white carpet. 

Dad looked at me suspiciously. He had said that if someone else moved in I would be able to have that room if I was desperate enough but since no one's came or left. 

"I was kidding," He replied. "but when we get back we'll see."

"Really?" I asked holding out my pinkie finger. He sighed, put his phone in his pocket and wrapped his pinkie round mine. 

"Promise." He said. 

There was a baby's laugh in the corridor and both mine and Dad's heads snapped towards the door where Ileana suddenly appeared carrying Iona, Jabez crawling beside them. Iona looked extremely adorable in dark blue baggy jeans, a white tee shirt with a pink bunny on it and a cardigan with another bunny's face on the hood. She's wearing small trainers too and her dimples were deep when she looked over at us and giggled, balling her fists up and punching her legs.

Jabez tugged at my leggings and I smiled whilst picking him up. He's wearing camo styled long shorts, a deep blue hoodie with a white skull on the top and blue trainers with yellow laces. He giggled too, clutching onto my denim jacket and then looked at Dad, his giggling stopped but a wide smile took place instead. 

I grinned as Dad smiled widely and I held out Jabez for him, he looked tiny against Dad. His back against Dad's arm and his hands playing with one of Dad's bracelets. Ileana gave me Iona and then ruffled through some papers on a desk I didn't even notice. When Iona started kicking her legs I held under her arms, put her on the ground and then Iona started 'walking' round the room with me taking slow steps behind her. At times she would slip but I was there to pull her back up quickly making Iona giggle and throw her head back to look at me. 

I kissed her forehead and picked her up again in time too see Dad sign the papers. He had sat Jabez down on the sofa, he's sat up and eating some kind of biscuit. I put Iona next to him, smiling when Jabez broke half of the biscuit off and put it on Iona's lap. I got out my phone and pointed it at them, sticking my tongue out at them to make them laugh. I snapped a picture and sat with my legs crossed in front of them, letting them eat their biscuits as I cropped the picture and put it on Instagram.

@kendallstylesofficial: New arrivals... Iona and Jabez Styles

I looked my phone and turned my head when I felt Dad's eyes on me. I smiled at him and he returned it.

"They're quieter than you were when I adopted you." Dad said nodding towards the two babies.

"Hey, bring Marie here and we'll find out." I scolded. "She wouldn't last a second."

"No teaching the kids violence!" Dad said instantly, raising an authority eyebrow at me. I held up my hands, Ileana, Dad and I bursting out laughing when Jabez and Iona copied me.


"Where are going?" I asked as we walked in the elevator carrying Jabez. Iona may have preferred me over Zack yesterday but she prefers Dad at the moment and Jabez refused to leave the care home unless I was carrying him. Seriously he nearly burst into tears when I had walked out the room to get a quick drink.

"The boys have gone back up to yours with Simon. Some kind of agent business I think." Dad shrugged. 

"Oh yeah that." I sighed, punching the PIN in and watching Jabez in amusement as he giggled and pointed at himself in the mirror. Simon had said that we need an agent, especially since this movie is bigger than anyone predicted and it's not even out yet. At first Simon wasn't exactly up for us having an agent, he couldn't find one he was happy with so in the end Zack and I just ended up forcing him to sign the papers saying he was our agent. When we left the room we swore we heard him give a silent cheer so it must have been a trick to get him the job all along.

Cheeky bastard.

The elevator doors opened and I let Dad get out first. Simon's sat on one of the sofas next to Zack, both of them leaning over the table and some papers, Zack signing one of them. Simon looked up and waved me over. 

"Thanks." I said to Zayn who gave Jabez a smile and took him from me. I sat on the floor beside Zack and watched as he scribbled his signature on a couple lines. Simon slid identical papers and a pen towards me. Arrows are pointing to places where I need to sign and there's only a few blocks of writing, just stating that I don't respond 'yes' to any movie deals until Simon and I have a meeting to see if I could handle it or not.

After what's been happening lately with me and my eating I signed the first line quickly, feeling Zack's eyes flick to me briefly. I lent my head against Zack's jean clad leg and felt his lips press themselves to the top of my head for a second as we both finished signing the papers and then the elevator opened again with Jackson, Megan and Katy. Brody came out of his room and then Zack's phone rang with David's ID on it. 

"Time to go." 

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