Styles *Sequel to 'Adopted by... them!?!?!'*

You all know the story of Kendall Smith Styles. You know the highs and lows of her life and the friends, family and foes. Difficult challenges have been thrown at her and the ones she loves. Just when everything seems to run smoothly for her, the hardest obstacle yet decides to run face first into her.
Can Kendall overcome it and make everyone happy? Or will she be forced to leave her new life and everyone she loves?


24. Interviews Without Kendall

Chapter 24: Interviews Without Kendall

Zack's P.O.V:

"WHERE'S THE FUCKING REMOTE!" Katy yelled as I brushed my hair back with my fingers and put on a grey beanie. We're doing interviews today, the first movie interviews without Kendall and let me tell it's weird her not being here. Before interviews she would always be messing round and pranking us all; so of course we all braced ourselves when we walked in the dressing room, expecting some sort of explosive but then nothing happened and we all bummed out for a bit.

Before Jenny left to go back to Barbados (an award show dress emergency apparently) she laid out some clothes for us to wear. I had on some dark grey jeans, a plain dark blue tee shirt with a light grey jacket over the top which I kept undone and I had pushed the sleeves up to my elbows. I shoved on some black high top Supras; a Rolex watch, rested my dog tags round my neck and leaving them over my tee shirt and then secured a black belt round my waist.

Stepping out of the changing room I saw Brody in some black jeans, a white tee shirt and a black leather jacket with a red and black snap back on; white Nike trainers hitting the floor as he did weird steps with his feet. Jackson had put on some blue jeans and a red flannel along with a black beanie, white Supras on his feet. Katy reminded me of Kendall; wearing black leggings, a white baggy shirt and a black scarf; they both look like a spitting image of each other. The blue in her hair reminds me she's not my girlfriend but Brody's. 

"Everyone shut up!" She said and switched the channel over to E! once again. I sat on the back of the sofa and started eating some grapes when the hosts started talking. 

"Now we all know that even though the second part of Mockingjay hasn't been released yet," The woman started. "Hunger Games fans are exploding after finding out that there will be a movie about what happens after Part two of Mockingjay."

"That's right." The man said just as a screen came down behind them. "Suzanne Collins hasn't written a book for this movie however she says that the fans will definitely be wanting a whole lot more."

"Even better than that," The woman (I should really learn their names) exclaimed. "Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth..."

As their names were called videos of them posing for pictures at the red carpet came up before the screen went back to the two hosts. 

"Have all told us that the movie has exciting plots and spins to the previous movies.'' She continued.

"The three will be joined on screen by actor Woody Harrelson as mentor and friend Haymitch Abernathy, Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket and Jena Malone as Johanna Mason." The guy said. "But we also have two new arrivals; eight year old Robbie Kennedy will play Rye Mellark alongside Kendall Styles as his older sister, Willow Mellark."

A picture from Instagram came up of Robbie standing in front of Kendall, her head resting on top of his as they both squeeze their eyes shut and grin widely at the camera. 

"Early this morning Kendall, Jennifer, Josh, Robbie and Liam were spotted getting onto their private jet, headed to Hawaii where we'll see our hot celebs dressed up and ready for shooting." The woman said with her hands clasped in front of her stomach. "But for now let's pay attention on our two new arrivals, Kendall Styles and Robbie Kennedy."

"We all know Kendall's story," The man said, his body in half the screen and a picture of Kendall in the other. It must have been from today because there's a private jet near her and her hair is fully brown. She had some dark blue shorts that look like they've been cut at the bottom, a captain america logo vest top that's a little baggy at the bottom where it's been tucked into her shorts; a blue, back and white flannel top has been tied round her waist and white converse have been loosely tied on her feet. She had tied her in a messy bun but it looked 'totally fucking perfect, that fucking bitch' (Katy's exact words) and I caught the light reflect off her dog tag resting on her chest. She's looking down at her phone; blue Beats connected to them but the headphones are handing on her shoulders.  

The man continued speaking as different pictures of Kendall came up, all of them from today at the airport. "She's had the typical fan fiction life; adopted by the biggest band in the world, makes friends with other famous children, etc. etc."

"Yep and now she's in two movies, Too Young - a movie about five teenage spies trying to save their world from collapsing - and The Hunger Games: The Girl On Fire Burns On - adding a twist on the recent Hunger Games films." The woman said, reclasping her hands together after smoothing down her hair.

"That's a lot for a girl who two years ago was sitting in an orphanage." They both nodded at the guys statement. "now her 'brother' Robbie Kennedy has also done some pretty awesome jobs-" As they said his name his picture came up, he wore some jeans and a hoodie with high tops on and he was holding onto his back pack as he stood next to a suitcase. "Little Robbie here has been Brooklyn 99, Ride Along, Insidious, Piranha, he's been an extra in the X-men films and so much more! Now he's starring in a bit more... peaceful environment."

The woman made a sound of amusement at the man's comment and then composed herself again. "Insiders have told us that Robbie and Kendall have become quite attached to each other and even Robbie's four year old twin siblings, Rosabell and Harvey, have taken the liking to Kendall."

"That's right and according to Francis' twitter the child playing the extras are extremely excited to be meeting her in Hawaii. That's all we've got for now but at seven o'clock tonight we'll have live feeds from Hawaii where we'll hopefully see Kendall and Josh in action."

Katy switched the TV off before they could do that annoying goodbye thing and we all sat in silence for a bit. 

"Is it bad I was hoping she'd look miserable?" Jackson asked suddenly. 

"Well she wasn't exactly smiling." Katy added. 

"Yeah but she was in an airport. She's sick of them remember?" Brody countered. 

I looked down at my lap and then up at them once I felt their eyes on me. "Don't look at me!"

"Oh come on!" Brody groaned. "You can't possibly be okay with her leaving!"

"Actually I am!" I said getting up and putting the bowl of grapes on the counter top. "She's not gone forever guys," I laughed. "and we're all doing something aren't we? Sure I miss her but I don't want her miserable."

"TWO MINUTES!" Someone screamed outside the door and we all snapped our heads towards it. For a second I forgot we weren't in the hotel. 

We were all silent again for a moment. "I don't like it without Kendall here." Katy said quietly. 

"Neither do I." The lads and I murmured back before four security guards came and escorted us to our seats.


"Wait so you're telling me," Danny said through the phone as I kicked the door shut behind me and took another sip of my coke. "that all you did was piss Kendall off, kiss her, say something and bam... you're dating?"

"Pretty much yeah." I chuckled, throwing the empty coke can into the bin and then turning round. 

"Damn, it took me ages to ask out Cece out and it took you a damn kiss?" 

"Well two years actually." I pointed out flinging the remaining shirts into my suitcase and zipping it up. Jackson and I have arranged for a flight tonight to take us back to England. We're going to be spending about two days by ourselves in the mansion near Wales then Jackson's older brother, Finley (23) will be joining us with his girlfriend, Maisie. After that Uncle Simon will be home from this tour thing and Jackson's going to spend a night or so with us before going with his parents once they get back from Canada where they were visiting Jackson's grandparents. 

"Yeah but still." Danny whined. "How come you get all the hot girls?"

"I do not." I laughed. "Josh does."

"You got Kendall." He pointed out. 

"Dude you do realize you have a girlfriend right?" I asked. "One that can kick your ass?"

He was silent for a minute or so before he dropped his voice to a whisper, "Shit she's glaring at me now."

"I'll let her kill you." I laughed. "See you Danny."

He called me colorful choice of names before I hung up and threw my phone down. I peeled my clothes off and took a quick shower before putting on some clean black jeans, a white vest and a grey sleeveless hoodie over the top. I shoved on some white high tops and dried my hair. I was in the middle of styling it into a quiff when Jackson came in with his phone recording a video and he pointed it at me. I saw him lean his skateboard against the wall by the door as he started speaking.

"Here we have a wild Zack Cowell looking ravishingly handsome as always." He said then stood next to me, putting the camera up high so we're both in the frame as I smiled and rolled my eyes. I continued brushing my hair up and then when my hair stayed up I tied a black and white bandanna round my forehead, pushing it up slightly. 

"If you weren't dating Kendall I would totally bang you right now." Jackson said with a straight face. 

"Trust me if you weren't in a relationship too I would take you right here." I replied winking at him as he sighed dreamily and covered his forehead with the back of his hand. We tend to joke around like this because the other day before Kendall left he was on Skype with Megan and Kendall and I walked in on it. 

Kendall had told her how Jackson and I would always find ways to make it look like we would be making out or something whenever Kendall was around. That lead to Kendall and Megan joking about 'Zackson' for the rest of the night. 

"Ready?" I asked as I put my laptop, jacket and some other random crap into my backpack.

"Yeah." Jackson replied just as I put my backpack on my back and picked up my skateboard from the foot of the bed. David told us to leave our suitcases in the hotel rooms and they'll be shipped out for us. We only have one each along with a duffel bag each too, our other cases have been sent with Katie and Brody to Barbados. 

Jackson pressed 'pause' on the video and then shrugged on his backpack before we both left the room. I took a small run up and then slid the skateboard onto the floor, my feet came in contact with it and I started kicking the floor to gain some speed. Jackson was soon beside me on his skateboard too, the video started again. I haven't been on my board in quite a while and it feels good to be back on it. I tilted to the side when we got to the corner and then when we saw the stairs Jackson and I both got ready to jump. The stairs go in sets of five then a couple meters of walking space so we managed to jump down a couple before we got to the bigger set and we had to get off the boards. 

It's midnight, the sky was pitch black when we stepped out the back door of the hotel. We managed to sneak past the paps and then we started skating down the street. The airport isn't faraway, about ten minutes on foot so David has let us go by ourselves as long as Harvey is in the car going steady beside us. He's made the car go extremely slow behind us and then sped up a bit as we went down a hill before Jackson and I skidded to a stop outside the airport doors. 

It took twenty minutes to walk through the building and then we were sat in the private jet. Instead of chairs there's beds which Jackson and I happily jumped into. There was a small space between our beds where our boards laid upside down so they don't roll away along with our backpacks. 

I laid down on my back, bending one leg upwards with my foot on the bed whilst covering my eyes with one arm. My other was draped across my stomach lazily. I tilted my head sideways to see Jackson reaching underneath the beds; it was then that I noticed the huge gap I left in the bed. Big enough to fit another person. 

Kendall.  I instantly thought as the plane took off.


"Aw sweet." Jackson grinned bringing out a box that looks like if he opens it up they'll be a drill inside. There was a note on top which he read quickly. He looked at me then nodded to the bottom of my bed. "You got one too."

I furrowed my eyebrows and reached under the bed, my fingers came in contact with a handle which I grabbed onto and brought out the box identical to Jackson's. I put it on the bed beside me, propped myself up on my elbow and opened up the note.

Virgin Airlines is pleased to have you on board, please accept this free gift which we hope you will thoroughly enjoy. Have a safe flight Mr. Cowell. ~Amanda J, Airline Producer for Virgin Atlantic.

I opened the box up and grinned widely. Inside was a small screen attached to the lid and in the bottom looks like a CD portal with a game controller. 

"Awesome." I breathed out. 

"I know right?" I looked over at Jackson as he spoke. "Where are the games?"

I shrugged and then shuffled to the edge of the bed, I checked under the bed but didn't find any then I checked the overhead compartments. 

"Bingo." I said standing on the edge of my bed. Jackson did the same on his and we both got the duffel bags out. I emptied the contents on my bed, all the boxes of games littered the white sheets and I took a picture of them; posting it on Twitter:

@OfficialZackCowell: Thanks @VirginAtlantic. I think this will be a very productive flight...

"What are you going to play?" Jackson asked I went down on my knees and started shuffling through them. 

"GTA." I replied as I found it and put the case on my pillow. "You?" I asked as I started stacking the cases back into the duffel bag. I put it beside the bed and then laid down on my stomach, up against the wall with the box on my pillow as I put in the disc and waited for it to load up. 

I glanced over at Jackson who has gone white as a sheet. "Mate what's wrong?" I asked.

"Heights." He gritted through his teeth in response. 

I grinned and shook my head. I patted the space on my bed beside me and he laid down on his stomach beside me, his game box beside mine. He had put in Black Ops and soon he forgot about his fear of heights and was shooting the guts out of people. 

After maybe an hour the lights had dimmed down in the plane, Jackson and I had put in our headphones to listen to our tasks instead of reading them and both of us were extremely tired. I had set up an account on the actual device, it's pretty much an Xbox and everything is the same. I just had time to shut the game down, shut the lid of the box down and rest my head against the covers of the bed before I fell asleep. Jackson had fell asleep a minute or so before me.

Little did I know Harvey would post a picture on Twitter of this very moment: @StuntHarveyCoby: 'Zackson' moment 2500 feet in the air...

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