Styles *Sequel to 'Adopted by... them!?!?!'*

You all know the story of Kendall Smith Styles. You know the highs and lows of her life and the friends, family and foes. Difficult challenges have been thrown at her and the ones she loves. Just when everything seems to run smoothly for her, the hardest obstacle yet decides to run face first into her.
Can Kendall overcome it and make everyone happy? Or will she be forced to leave her new life and everyone she loves?


20. I Miss You

Chapter 20: I Miss You

Kendall's P.O.V:

"G'night." I say tiredly to Lilly through the phone as I shut my trailer door behind me. I was barely off the plane when she called fangirling about some article written about Zack and I in a magazine. The call lasted the half hour ride from the airport to the set where Too Young is shot. We're staying here for the photo shoots and the live solo interviews plus a red carpet event and then we're going to a hotel in Hawaii for two weeks. 

Lilly hung up after saying good night and I flung my stuff down by the sofa. A familiar red piece of clothing caught my eye as I went to turn round and I grinned. I quickly changed into some leggings and a white vest before slipping into Zack's red hoodie. He must have left it here the night we all left for New York and I'm glad. It smells like him, the smell is hard to detect. I can't put my finger on it but it smells like Zack. It's warm and comforting, makes me feel safe. The hoodie's too big for me, the bottom of it falls down to my mid thigh whilst the sleeves roll past my hands so you can fit another set inside. I flick the hood up and close my eyes for a bit, leaning against the counter top and thinking about the airport and the plane ride. 

He's always been taller than me which makes me love his clothes because they always swallow me up. When he first started lending me his clothes they were close to fitting, we were pretty much the same height and weight but now he's taller than me and with all the healthy salads and everything that Katy and I are forced to eat I'm a lot lighter and slimmer so his clothes are even bigger.

I was so close to crying when we were all saying goodbye. Then I saw how upset Brody was about Katy that I held it all in until we were in the air and Francis fell asleep. Since it was the private jet he curtained himself off in his section leaving just me lying on the two seater, silently crying. 

After pushing my hair into a messy bun I get out my phone and dial Zack's number quickly. I was supposed to call him when I land, meaning when I get off the plane but what with Lilly I couldn't. It only rang once before Zack answered. 

"Babe!" He nearly shouted making me laugh at his enthusiasm. 

"Hey!" I laughed crawling onto my bed and leaning against the wall where I've stuck up pictures of all my friends and family.

"Have you just landed?" Zack asks as I hug my legs to my chest with my free arm.

"No." I reply. "I'm at the set, Lilly called me pretty much the second the plane landed and I couldn't get rid of her."

"Urgh, she stole my time." He muttered making me laugh. "How are you?"

"Lonely." I sighed then smiled. "But I have your hoodie so it makes up for it."

"My red one?" He asks.

I nod then remember he can't see me. "Yeah, you left it here and I got cold."

"Oh don't say that!" He groaned and then there was a 'plop' sound like he just threw himself on the bed. "I already want to cuddle with you, that doesn't help."

I giggle and shake some hair from my face. "Sorry baby, what am I supposed to say? I love it over here without you? I hate you so much?"

"YES!" He exclaimed. "It will make it easier to stay away from you for so long!"

"Okay, I hate you so much." 

"Hate you too." He sighed then it went silent for a minute. "Nope didn't work."

I laughed and shook my head. "You're the craziest person I have ever met... you know that right?"

"Absolutely." I could pretty much see him smirking.

"Stop smirking." I muttered.

"How did you know I was smirking?" He sounded a little creeped out but he laughed nonetheless. 

"Because I know you." I replied. "You're nearly always smirking."

"Okay I'll give you that one." He laughed. 

"How are you?" I asked looking up suddenly as a light outside flicked on.

"Extremely bored." Zack answered making me look back at my feet. "Katy's kinda confused because Brody didn't say anything the whole ride home and then locked himself in his room. Jackson and I won't tell her what's wrong with him, we don't know what to say her."

"Why? Because she's a girl or because Brody's your friend and you don't want him hurt anymore?" I asked. 

"Both really." He sighed. "What are we supposed to do?"

"Talk to Brody first." I said. "If he wants someone to talk to Katy then I can do it if you need me to."

"I don't need you to do that." He said quickly. "I need you with me." 

"Yeah," I whispered, a tear slipping down my cheek before I could stop it. "I need you with me too. I really miss you Zack."

"I really miss you too baby."

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