Styles *Sequel to 'Adopted by... them!?!?!'*

You all know the story of Kendall Smith Styles. You know the highs and lows of her life and the friends, family and foes. Difficult challenges have been thrown at her and the ones she loves. Just when everything seems to run smoothly for her, the hardest obstacle yet decides to run face first into her.
Can Kendall overcome it and make everyone happy? Or will she be forced to leave her new life and everyone she loves?


12. Hunger Games Meeting...

Chapter 12: Hunger Games Meeting...

Kendall's P.O.V: 

My eyes stuck to the glass of water in front of me. I watched the ice cubes melt slowly making the circular rim of the glass misty and cold when I touch it. It's quite sad to say really, but I envy the water and ice at the moment. 

I know I know, you're being offered a part in a second movie that's absolutely huge and everyone loves it!!! Be fucking happy! bla. bla. bla. Well I can't be happy at this moment in time because if anything I'm stressed out. I've been given five huge booklets that are weighing down on my lap, my heads pounding from the amount of information that's being thrown at me, Zack's not speaking to me again because he feels as if I'm leaving him all over again and Katy's really bugging me because she keeps jumping up and down asking me if I'm taking the deal or not and most of all my Dad's in the middle of recording so we had to contact Simon who instantly said I'll take it and left everything to me.

So yeah, there's a whole lot of stuff going around in my mind and I've just zoned out of the meeting. I mean; I'm fourteen and I was thrown into the first movie because I thought it would be fun. Trust me it is but since I arrived I've been doing anything and everything to make people happy that I've completely forgotten to make myself happy. Probably seeing Zack happy and bouncing around made me feel as if was happy too, doing this huge movie with my best friend and all but right now I'm not so sure. 

"Kendall. You alright?" Francis said leaning over in his seat next to me and knocking me from my thoughts. I looked up at him and noticed everyone else is still talking to Suzanne and her team about what happens to my looks. 

I gave Francis a simple nod of my head but he didn't seem to buy it. He motioned with his fingers to follow him before standing up. 

"Francis, where are you going?" His assistant, Elizabeth (by the way she hates being called Beth, Becca, Ellie or even Zab), said in her posh accent. 

Francis just smiled at her in a way that makes it look like he's completely and utterly fed up with her. "It looks like Kendall needs a breather. I'm taking her out for some air, if that's alright Suzanne." He turned his attention to Suzanne Collins who nodded. 

"Of course Francis." She waved her hand before the conversation was started back up. Francis led me out the room and towards the trailer park. He sat on the steps of the wardrobe and makeup trailer whilst I pulled myself up on the brick opposite him.

"Now." Francis said resting his elbows on his knees. "What's up?"

"Nothing." I shrugged but he rolled his eyes. 

"Kendall, I work with actors and actresses and I know when they're lying." He replied. "You hid it way better than the others but still, you're lying. What's wrong."

I sighed and scrunched my shoulders down. "It's just." I started before rethinking my choice of opening. "I'm kind of being thrown into this whole movie career when I didn't even know what I was doing in the first place. One minute I'm sort what ordinary and then BAM! I'm in this huge movie and then you come along with the whole Hunger Games movie and I really didn't even get a say in it."

"So you're feeling..." Francis urged, gesturing with hands a carry on action. 

"I don't know..." I puffed out my cheeks and breathed out my mouth as I thought. "Confused I guess."

He smiled and stood up before taking two steps towards me. "Kendall." He said gripping onto my knee caps. "You are such a talented young girl and you've got the part for this role falling at your feet and kissing the ground you walk on. It is yours if you want it but no one is going to push you. So... do you want the part or not?"


"Now this is for the benefit of Jennifer and Josh." Francis said standing directly next to a large screen. "And of course Kendall and Robbie."

Before you all get lost let me get you all caught up. David and I were flown out to Louisville in Kentucky for a meeting with Jennifer, Josh, Robbie Kennedy (who plays Rye, he's eight by the way.) and Francis. After the meeting there's going to be a quick costume fitting and a photo shoot to promote the movie and then interviews. Robbie isn't part of the interviews this time around because... well he's eight and he's chosen not to. I'll be having my interview with Francis and Woody Harrelson (Haymitch) whilst Jenn and Josh do an interview together with Liam Hemsworth. 

Before the meeting I realized that Robbie and I do look quite alike, only after he attached himself to my leg and refused to let go until I agree to meet his younger brother and sister when we go to the photo shoot. Since he hasn't left my side and most of the time I've had to pick him up. He's super adorable and I actually do wish I was his sister because he's so sweet, so of course we took a bunch of selfies together and posted them on Instagram and Twitter. 

Alongside Francis is Suzanne, next to her is Woody and then sat next to Josh is Liam. Apparently they all know this stuff so Liam's on his phone and taking pictures of random stuff, Woody is playing with some sort of string and Suzanne is fixated on her clipboard.

"To begin with is Robbie's and Kendall's eye color." Francis said pressing a button on a remote. A picture of me and Robbie came up on the screen, before it zoomed into our eyes. My green eyes becoming very light and detailed along with Robbie's bright blue ones. "Now in the epilogue of Mockingjay, Willow had Peeta's eyes and Rye had Katniss'. This means you will both have to wear contacts, but only in some scenes. Others we can edit your eyes or something, is that alright?" 

I nodded and I saw Robbie look at me before nodding his head as well. I doubt he even knows what we're on about but he keeps looking at me whenever questions are asked and agreeing with whatever I do, which makes him even cuter. 

"Great, next Kendall." He said and I felt everyone's gaze turn to me. Francis didn't say anything and I sat there awkwardly whilst they all looked at me which is creeping me out. 


"What?" Francis asked.

"You said, 'good, next Kendall' then you just stopped talking." I answered making his face light up as he remembered. 

"Right yes okay, back on track." He mumbled pressing a button on the remote. A picture of me looking up as David talked to me about some scene came up. I was wearing all black and my hair is falling down my shoulders, brown and red waves.

"We're going to need your hair black."

We're gonna need my hair what now?

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