Styles *Sequel to 'Adopted by... them!?!?!'*

You all know the story of Kendall Smith Styles. You know the highs and lows of her life and the friends, family and foes. Difficult challenges have been thrown at her and the ones she loves. Just when everything seems to run smoothly for her, the hardest obstacle yet decides to run face first into her.
Can Kendall overcome it and make everyone happy? Or will she be forced to leave her new life and everyone she loves?


44. Hey

Chapter 44: Hey

Zack's P.O.V:

My walk ended up being an three hours long. I don't even remember where I went or when I started waking back to the hotel but before I knew I was walking down the lobby towards mine and Kendall's room. I thought I had calmed down from my 'episode' as Lauren calls it. I thought I had gotten everything out of my system but when the door came into view I became fucking petrified again.

I started thinking that I should never have given Kendall that letter, I should have kept it until I was older. I have no idea what's in that letter, the box I know what's in there. It even freaked me out when I was twelve and opened it for the first time. I had opened it just after Kendall's brother died and she had locked herself in her room. I had taken the box out to the rocks where I could see Kendall's balcony and opened the box.

There were two rings inside, promise rings with an infinity sign wound out of the metal on the smaller one (the girls one) and then then on the larger one (mine) just has the word 'forever' written on it on one side and 'always' on the other. I remember seeing my parents wear them and another set of rings that my sister, Jasmine, got. When I had first opened the box I had dropped it, thinking it was wedding rings but the words 'forever and always promise rings' written on the inside of the box calmed me down.

I had cried before because tomorrow's going to be the anniversary of my parents death and then two days later is going to be my fifteenth birthday. I hate having my birthday so close to my parents' death. It's bad enough they won't be here but to have to be happy on a day that I don't want to be on is just a burden. Looking up I notice that I'm stood in front of the hotel door, the brown paint suddenly becoming extremely interesting.  

I took a deep breath before opening the hotel door, closing it after and looking up to meet the worried yet relieved green eyes of Kendall Styles. For a minute or two we just stood looking at each, Kendall looking relieved more than anything else.

I don't know what to do, I may have freaked her out. I'm not sure. But it was Kendall who made up my mind. She let out a deep breath and pretty much ran over to me. I swiped her up, turning round so that one of my hands is pressed against the door to steady myself, the other hugging Kendall's waist with my face in the crook of her neck.

"Hey." I whispered, smiling when she laughed. She pulled back and I lent my forehead against hers, smiling slightly when she placed her hands on my cheeks.

"Hi." She smiled and I chuckled, taking my hand away from the door I pushed her hair back. She's gotten dressed into sleeping shorts and a red long sleeved shirt, her hair down and curling near her waist. We stood there again, just holding each other and smiling at each other. We probably look like complete idiots but I don't care to be completely honest.

"I'm sorry." I said for the fourth time tonight. Kendall smiled widely and shook her head.

She lent up and I dipped my head down. The taste of her lips made my insides explode and for my brain to pretty much melt.

"You don't need to be sorry." She whispered breathing hard against my mouth. I didn't speak, I couldn't speak so instead I moaned and nodded against her lips, feeling the way her lips curl into a smile as I lift her up and slid my hands down her back. Resting my hands under her thighs I walked backwards until my heels hit the back of the bed and I fell backwards, Kendall's hand shooting out by my head to steady herself but neither of us stopping kissing the other one. I flipped us over, wincing when the box hit my shins and landed on the rug with a thud. I broke away and turned my head to look at the blue box at the same time as Kendall.

I bit my lip and slid off the bed. I picked up the box and sat down on my knees in front of Kendall, the mattress dipping ever so slightly as she sat up and crossed her legs.

"So I'm going to take it you read the letter then?" I asked looking up at her. She nodded and I couldn't help but smile. "So, if I give you this." I held up the box. "You won't freak out?"

She swallowed and shook her head. I studied her for a moment, not for a second doubting her or my next movements.

I lent forwards and claimed her lips with my own. Both of our eyes closed and her hands found their way to my shoulders. "Keep your eyes closed." I whispered pulling back and opening my eyes. I opened the box and eyed the rings that I've had in my suitcase since the movie started. I picked up my own and slipped it onto my pinkie finger, then I picked up the other one.

I took Kendall's hand and moved forward on my knees a bit, letting the box slid away onto the rug again. I slipped Kendall's pinkie finger into the ring, her eyes opened and she gasped when she saw it. She looked up at me, her eyes widened slightly and her mouth curved up.

I cupped her cheek and pressed my lips to hers once again, her hand entwining in my free one and the other resting on my hip.

"I love you." I said in a breath. "I love you so much it actually hurts."

"I love you too Zack." She whispered as I laid her down on her back and started kissing her jawline, slowly making my way down to her neck. Her fingers wound themselves into my hair, her chin raising as my lips came in contact with her collarbone. Tugging the hem of her shirt down it exposed the curves of her collar and she gripped onto my hair. Her pulse quickened against my lips, her throating shaping the movements of a quiet groan and her hands sliding down onto my neck. As I moved up to kiss her lips again I happily let her slide her hands under the shoulder of my jacket and push it down my arms until I brought my arms out of it and Kendall threw it somewhere.

I ran my hands through her hair as she started unbuttoning the three buttons of my tee shirt. My hands traveled up as she rolled my shirt over my head and then I threw it in what I think was the direction of my suitcase but my mind's foggy and the only thing that I'm paying attention to is how close Kendall is to me.

I hitched Kendall up to my height, resting my hands on her hips. There was a knock on the door and (realizing that we're not in our own little world) we sprung apart. I busied myself with my phone, managing to smooth down my hair as Kendall kicked aside my jacket and opened the door. Harry stood there looking down at his phone but when Kendall opened the door he looked up and smiled.

"Hey Dad." Kendall gave him a hug as he took a step in.

"Hey Kendall, Zack." He nodded towards me with the sideways glance he's been given me since I started dating his daughter.

"Harry." I nodded back at him, Kendall looking between us suspiciously.

"I'm going out." Harry said. "Liam's with the kids, their asleep. If you need anything, he's down the hall."

"Okay." Kendall said. He gave her one more hug, gave me another warning look and then left, closing the door behind him. I sighed and threw my head back, puffing out air from my cheeks.

"What was that?" Kendall asked jumping back on the bed beside me. I turned my head to look at her as she placed a hand on my chest; the cold metal of her ring hitting my skin. I slid my fingers between hers and held our hands up, watching my fingers spin her ring round her little finger.

"I don't know." I shrugged to her previous question. "I think it has something to do with the fact that I'm dating his daughter." I said smiling. "That tends to piss Dad's off, I'm pretty sure he hates me."

"So why are you smiling?" Kendall questioned pushing herself onto her elbow.

"Because..." I dragged out; wrapping my arms round her waist and us onto her back, sliding my lips across hers. "I'm dating his daughter." I smiled against her lips.

"You're such a weirdo." She laughed shaking her head. I slipped both of my hands in hers, locking our fingers together and brought them over our heads, stretching them as far as Kendall's arm could take while moving my lips slowly against hers.

I don't know how but we had ended up switching positions - Kendall now laid on top of me, her hands gripping my neck and her legs between mine. I casually ran my hands down her back, smirking against her lips as I put my hands in the back pockets of her shorts.

Her hands shot back and gripped my wrists but I chuckled because there's no way she's even thinking about moving my hands.

"What happened to keeping this PG?" I whispered, pecking where her jaw meets her ear.

"We're not around my little sister anymore." Kendall moaned. "Why? Do you wanna stop?"

She smiled as she pulled back, almost like she was going to sit up but with my hands still in her back pockets I slammed her hips down to mine which was a bad choice. I groaned at the contact of her hips crashing into mine and buried the top of my head in the pillow when I tilted my head up. Not caring at all that she's already teasing me, Kendall set her lips down on my neck which had me groaning even more.

"Fuck baby please don't." I rushed so it came out as one long word but even though I was begging for her not to, my fingers had knotted her hair into my hand, the other still planted on Kendall's butt.

"Ba-bab-baby please." I pretty much whispered, all my energy drained suddenly. "Kendall." I moaned thankful that these rooms actually are soundproof.

Now normally I'm the one in this position, the one withering under her lips and trying to not to get revenge on her for teasing me like that but I guess today I didn't want it to happen because I gripped her hips and flipped us round so fast it would probably look like a blur.

I pressed my mouth hard against her neck and started to get her moaning as I traced her neck with my lips. It didn't a long time, maybe three or so minutes before Kendall was in the position I was once in - tired, drained yet still fully alert - and let me tell I love it. I grinned against her lips, reaching over and flicking the light off making the room flood in darkness.

"You bloody tease." Kendall muttered as I chuckled and rolled off her.

"Well," I sighed as her arms round me from behind and I held onto her hands against my chest. "payback's a bitch."

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