Styles *Sequel to 'Adopted by... them!?!?!'*

You all know the story of Kendall Smith Styles. You know the highs and lows of her life and the friends, family and foes. Difficult challenges have been thrown at her and the ones she loves. Just when everything seems to run smoothly for her, the hardest obstacle yet decides to run face first into her.
Can Kendall overcome it and make everyone happy? Or will she be forced to leave her new life and everyone she loves?


18. Dog Tags

Chapter 18: Dog Tags

Zack's P.O.V:

I smiled as Kendall grumbled and switched off her alarm. She rolled back over and wrapped her arms round my neck again and draped her leg on top of mine. I pushed her hair from her face with two fingers and kissed her cheek gently. 

"Come on up you get." I sat up and since she was still hugging me she came up with me until her arms slipped and she flung herself back down again. 

"Five more minutes." She mumbled into her pillow. I laughed and stood up after putting on my Supras. I slipped into my tee shirt and then turned to see her already looking at me. "Do I have to go?" She nearly whispered.

"Yeah baby." I replied taking a hold of her hands and lacing my fingers with hers before I pulled her up into a sitting position before sitting on my knees in front of her. 

"And you can't come with me?" Her eyes were half closed and she had tilted her head up to look at me through her lashes. 

I shook my head and planted a soft kiss on her lips that lasted a couple seconds but it did the job of setting off fireworks inside me. "No, I gotta stay here."

"You sure?" She mumbled leaning up and sitting on her knees with her forehead pressed again mine. "You might be able to fit in my suitcase."

"And do what for the six hour flight?" I laughed cupping her cheeks in my hands. Kendall made a sound against my lips when she pressed hers down on mine. "I'm really going to miss you."

She smiled, pecking my lips quickly. "I'm really, really, really really going to miss you too." She said kissing me between each 'really'. 

"You know," I mumbled against her lips, pulling her onto my lap. "You'll be late if we don't get going now."

"Mhm." She mumbled pressing her lips down on mine again. My breath hitched as she wrapped her legs around my waist and then her hands were on my neck whilst mine were sweeping round her body; not quite knowing where to put them. They ended up underneath her hoodie, resting on her hips and squeezing down. 

Her phone rang, the ringtone loud and blaring. The same ringtone she set for Josh but when I was about to pull away so she could answer she pulled me right back in again. I made a sound of surprise but relaxed and continued kissing her. I've wanted to do this for two years now and I'm not going to argue with her now of all bloody times. The phone stopped ringing for two minutes in which time I found myself on my back, Kendall still straddling me and my hands fisting her hair. 

Lilly's ringtone now blared but - afraid she'll actually answer this one - I flipped us over and allowed Kendall to pull my hips down into hers before I tore at her mouth with mine. I opened my mouth and ran my tongue across her bottom lip twice, she moaned and when I put my left hand beside her head to steady me she took my bottom lip in her teeth and nibbled on it making my breath become irregular.

By the time we had to pull away for air she had missed calls from all our friends back home and two texts from Lilly. She laughed as she read the texts, shaking her head too as I stayed hovering over her. 

"What's she saying?" I asked. It looked like she froze when she looked up at me, like she was only just figuring out what position we were in and let me tell I'm loving this position. Her knees are bent, my hips in between them; my hands either side of her head and one of hers hanging loosely on my belt. Her eyes flicker downwards to her hand and my eyes follow, smirking I look back up at her and raise an eyebrow. 

"I know you love me baby," I bend down to whisper in her ear. "but you're leaving in about ten minutes and I'd rather not rush."

I winked, she blushed and I laughed although she never moved her hand. I was still laughing when she locked her phone, threw her phone behind her shoulder and tugged at my belt making me fall on top of her. Her mouth came up hard on mine, my brain became fuzzy and my heart bounded as her other arm wrapped round my neck and pulled me closer once more. 

"Shit." I muttered making her giggle. 

"Language Zack." She whispered against my lips.

"It's English Kendall." I replied, grinning and then kissing her softly. Even when we pulled apart I kept my eyes closed, it hid the widening slightly when I felt Kendall's fingers curl round the chain of my dog tags and pull them out of my tee shirt. I finally opened my eyes to reveal Kendall reading the names on the small, silver tags. There's one for my Uncle Simon, one for my parents, one with mine on there and one for Kendall.

She smiled when she looked at her one, a black rubber border round the tips of it unlike all the others.

"When did you get these?" She asked looking up at me.

"Uncle Simon gave them to me a couple days before I met you. About a week later I got one done for you." I whispered a little embarrassed by the fact that I had one done for her and she had no clue. 

"I like them." She said looking back at them. I carried looking down at her before I grinned suddenly and sat up, my legs either side of her waist. I got the spare, empty chain out of my pocket and then took the tags off. I haven't taken them off for a while but it didn't seem to matter as I took off the tag with my name on it. 

Kendall pushed herself up onto her elbows as I put my tag on the spare chain and put my chain back on. I felt Kendall's eyes on me as I kissed her cheek and clipped the chain round her neck. She smiled down at the tag and then up at me as I pulled back. 

"Thank you." She said sitting up and kissing me quickly with the tag in her fist. I cupped her cheek in one hand and put the other on her hip, kissing her forehead gently before pulling away and getting off the bed. 

"Come on, five minutes till we really are late." 

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