Styles *Sequel to 'Adopted by... them!?!?!'*

You all know the story of Kendall Smith Styles. You know the highs and lows of her life and the friends, family and foes. Difficult challenges have been thrown at her and the ones she loves. Just when everything seems to run smoothly for her, the hardest obstacle yet decides to run face first into her.
Can Kendall overcome it and make everyone happy? Or will she be forced to leave her new life and everyone she loves?


38. Can You?

Chapter 38: Can You?

Zack's P.O.V:

"Can I keep her please?" Kendall turned to David, giving him a slight pout as I continued rubbing Jabez's back. He's starting to fall asleep a bit like Iona. 

"You could just ask your dad if he's willing to adopt again." David shrugged and Kendall's face lit up. "No!" David said. "I'm pretty sure he's got a bit much on his plate with you already."

"He was actually saying how he wants to adopt again." I said making Kendall smiled triumphantly. David sighed and threw Kendall her phone. She caught it swiftly with one hand and sat down on the sofa, putting Iona on her lap. I went and sat on the armrest beside her as the other started a conversation with Ileana. 

Kendall pointed the camera at Iona and took a picture. She went onto the messaging app and started texting Harry. 

To: The Curly Dadster (I don't even want to know what happened that day)

Can you adopt her? Please I'll be good I promise! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

"What are you gonna do if he says yes?" I asked. 

"Probably scream." She said resting her head against my arm as I lent down and kissed the top of her head. "I always wanted a baby sister or brother."

"If he says no you can have Eric." I said making her laugh. "I'm pretty sure Uncle Simon won't notice."

"What happened Lauren?" Kendall asked. "I'm pretty sure she'll notice when her son is missing."

"Damn it." I muttered making Kendall laughed. She jumped when her phone vibrated (I swear this girl never puts her sound on) and then instantly calmed down Iona who woke up with a start. I looked over her shoulder as she read the text. 

From: The Curly Dadster

She's adorable! What's her name? Is there another one?

She pointed the camera at Jabez and took a picture. 

To: The Curly Dadster

*picture* The girl's Iona, the boy's Jabez. So is that a yes?

From: The Curly Dadster

How long are you in Greece for?

To: The Curly Dadster

The rest of the week

From: The Curly Dadster

Then sure.

"Did he actually just say yes." I gaped catching the attention of the others. Ileana seemed a bit taken aback. 

"To both of them yes." Kendall was staring at her phone in shock then snapped her head up to Ileana. 

"B-both of them?" Ileana gasped. "No one's wanted them both before, is he sure?"

She held out her phone and Ileana took it, reading it through and covering her mouth with her hand. "This is just..."

"Bloody hell I want your dad!" Megan said making us all laugh. 


An hour later, up in our room and Kendall's still bouncing with excitement. "Babe," I laughed catching her attention. "Come here and stop jumping."

I'm lying on the bed, on top of the covers in some flannel pajama bottoms and a green tee shirt. Kendall had put on one of her vests with a plain red tee shirt over the top and leggings, then continued jumping on the balls of her feet. She looked at me before jumping beside me and snuggling up to my body. I kissed her forehead and wrapped my arms round her, looking back at the TV. 

Kendall didn't want to let the babies go when it was time for them to leave. I think knowing that they're her new brother and sister kind of made her upset but Harry and the boys are coming down - they're on the plane now and tomorrow the papers will be signed. Pretty quick if you ask me. Heck even Zayn's coming and he was down in Bradford.

"Excited?" I mumbled feeling her fingers tap in a rhythm against my back.

She nodded and smiled against my chest. I chuckled and pulled back from her, pushing hair from her forehead and tucking it behind her forehead. 

"You know what you've done right?" I asked. 

Her eyes widened slightly and she groaned, slapping a hand to her forehead. "Oh my god, people are gonna hate them aren't they? Fuck what have I done?-"

I quickly cut her off by pressing my lips against hers. I slid my thumb up from her chin and separated our lips using it, tracing her bottom lip with it. "I didn't mean that." I said gently. "I meant you've already done more than most fully grown women could ever do."


"Yes." I laughed quietly. "You did what Harry did for you, gave you a family and a home. Iona and Jabez will grow up with the best father in the world, four uncles that will protect them with their lives and a sister that would do anything to make sure they don't grow up like you did. Babe, you gave them a life. They won't remember growing up without parents and if Harry wants to and thinks they can handle it they'll be told when they're older. You've already done this huge thing without thinking twice or thinking about you might possibly lose. You were just thinking 'these kids need a home, let's see what Dad says'. You never knew he would say yes just like that, god babe Lauren couldn't do that and she was full on happy about adoption before Eric came along!"

She looked at me for a bit before wrapping her arms tightly round my neck and buried her face into my shoulder. I held tightly onto her as I rolled her onto her back and hovered over her. 

"What would I do without you?" She asked looking at me dead in the eye. "Sure you may have made me think I ruined their lives for a minute but still..."

"It's not my fault you jump to conclusions." I whispered kissing her cheek a couple times and then tracing her lips with mine. Her breath hitting against my own. 

"Not my fault you gave me a heart attack." Kendall countered. "And you're giving me another one at the moment." She said indicating that me teasing her is working.

"How do I make it stop." I whispered making sure my lips touched hers for less than a split second. 

"You know." She replied.

I smirked and moved my lips to hover over her ear. "I don't think I do." I whispered taking her ear lobe between my teeth and tugging slightly making her mutter a swear word under her breath. I locked eyes with her when I pushed my forehead to hers and kissed her nose. 

"Yes you do." She nearly gritted her teeth together but choose instead to scrunch the front of my shirt in her fist and pull me down much to my liking. Surprisingly she had control of this kiss and instead of fighting her for it I let her push me onto my back and straddle my waist, her lips tearing against mine with my hands sliding up her shirt to rest on her bare hips. 

"Babe" I groaned quietly knowing that if I don't keep my voice volumed the others will hear from their rooms. So we can have sound proof trailers but not hotel rooms?

Feeling her hands roll my tee shirt up I broke the kiss of and grabbed the back of my shirt, throwing it aside when it was off and I was kissing her again. I grabbed the bottom of her shirt, feeling the fabric of her vest under my fingers. I tugged at the red material, signaling I want it off and she obliged. Sitting up on my waist I watched her as she did the arm crossy thing and brought her tee shirt over her head. 

Throwing my self at her, I attacked her lips with mine and pushed her back into the mattress leaving me hovering over her once again. She bit my lip and opened her mouth letting me slide my tongue inside her mouth and they started battling against each other as I tugged at her hair. Her nails dug into my shoulder blades and I tensed up, tugging her hair again when she grinned against my lips. 

She whimpered but pressed her nails down dipped, gasping suddenly and pulling back. It was then I felt the sharp jabs on my shoulder blades, small wet trails making their way down my back. 

I looked at her nails which were painted white, small droplets of blood on the tips. I stared at her, trying my very hardest to suppress a smirk.

"I am so sorry Zack." She said. She moved from under me and tugged at my arm, dragging me off the bed. "Don't get it on the covers!" She scolded when I fell back. I sat up to see there were no other colors on the duvet other than the white sheets.

She dragged me into the bathroom and turned me round so my back was facing her, my front facing the mirror. She wet one of the hand towels and placed it onto my left shoulder blade. I cringed and jerked away at the sting, relaxing when her small, warm hand placed itself on my hip. 

She kissed between my blades and mumbled a sorry before carefully replacing the towel. I cringed again but kept in place as she wiped off the blood, every now and again kissing the back of my neck. My breath hitched and the quickened when she had finished cleaning the cuts and then trailed the cloth down my back to wipe off the trails of blood. 

"Sorry." She whispered against the back of my shoulder, putting the towel into the laundry basket. I grinned at her in the mirror and in a flash I had switched our positions leaving her cornered between the sink counter, my arms either side of her with my hands gripping the edge of the counters creating barriers so she can't move. 

"Well now I just get to mark you." I whispered seeing my eyes turn dark in our reflection. I moved down and started kissing her neck, moving my lips to one of the places I know gets her moaning. She groaned but pushed my back, giving me a look I've been given many times. 

"Zack my Dad's coming tomorrow." She muttered when I put my lips back against her neck. I hummed with a slight nod, moving from one spot to another. "Zack." Kendall hissed when I moved the strap of her vest down and sucked at the collarbone. 

I removed my lips before a mark could be made, Kendall sighing as I hugged her waist tightly and buried my forehead into her neck. 

"When they leave again..." I trailed off. 

She chuckled and ruffled my hair. "Well too bad. They're coming to Malta with us, then we'll all be in London. So if you can wait two weeks."

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