Styles *Sequel to 'Adopted by... them!?!?!'*

You all know the story of Kendall Smith Styles. You know the highs and lows of her life and the friends, family and foes. Difficult challenges have been thrown at her and the ones she loves. Just when everything seems to run smoothly for her, the hardest obstacle yet decides to run face first into her.
Can Kendall overcome it and make everyone happy? Or will she be forced to leave her new life and everyone she loves?


28. Breathless

Chapter 28: Breathless

Kendall's P.O.V:

My showers tend to take way over twenty minutes so when I was in and out within four, let's just say I surprised myself. In a record breaking time I was dried, dressed in the clothes Zack gave me and dried my hair with the towel. It was damp by the time that I was down but I couldn't be bothered to put it up so I left it hanging down before stuffing my other clothes into my backpack. 

I opened the door of the bathroom and stepped out to see Zack sitting the sofa on the other side of the trailer. He's only wearing grey tracksuit bottoms and his dog tags, his laptop on the sofa beside him and he's smiling and shaking his head making his hair bounce. 

"Hey babe, come here." He tapped his knee with his free hand and then typed something into his laptop. I threw down my bag onto the floor by the mini fridge and wrapped my arms round Zack's torso, sitting on his lap. I held in the shivers running up and down my spine as he wrapped one arm round my waist; instead I turned my attention to his laptop. 

"Check this out." He said

On the screen was his email account but he moved his finger over the mouse pad and clicked onto a piece of mail. The link took the page onto a magazine's website. The large, bold title read:

Worlds Most Googled Couple Reunited At Last!

Underneath was a large picture of today at the airport where I had my arms round his neck, my eyes closed as his hand was on my neck and he was kissing my forehead. Both of our faces were a bit red but our knuckles were white where we were clutching onto each other. 

'TOO YOUNG' stars Zack Cowell and Kendall Styles (formerly Kendall Brad), both 14 years old, took the title of ''Most Googled Couple" after just three days of being an official couple. The two teens have since proven that they really deserve that title and many more by the odd Public Displays of Affections and the amount of 'OTP' comments in their Twitter's, Instagram's and any type of contact with them. 

After being signed to the new Hunger Games movie, Kendall has spent the past two weeks in Hawaii where we've seen her constantly on her phone or working out. Over in Barbados we see the same from our other love-sick puppy, Zack. Director and Producer of 'TOO YOUNG', David Tanner, posted this sweet pic on Twitter after the couples heartwarming reunion. 

There's a picture of when Zack and I had dozed off in the car, my head on his shoulder and his head on top of mine; our hands joint with his fingers between mine and my legs tucked between his. Captioned it was: He's finally shut up... maybe next time we'll just send him off with Kendall...

The Twitter picture has gone viral, spreading all the way over to Facebook and Instagram on 'Zendall' fan's pages. Movie star, Broadway populist and friend, Brody Casmon (dating Katy Fordhill, also friend; movie and Broadway star.) told a fan this morning "They're always going on about each other, it's kind of cute most of the time but I tend to zoom out sometimes. Hopefully they won't break up anytime soon, they bring out the best in each other." 

Previous interviews with Kendall's adoptive father, Harry Styles (21) and Zack's Uncle and guardian, Simon Cowell (55) show that both have known for quite some time that the two teens 'belong together' and should have been together for quite some time already. For more info on the pair visit-

I didn't bother reading the rest and quite frankly I couldn't because when I finished reading 'visit' Zack pushed his forehead into the curve of my neck and I resisted the urge to smash my lips against his. 

"Most googled couple huh?" I sunk my fingers into his hair as he hummed with a slight nod. "How many times did you google us?" I giggled. 

"Only like a dozen times I think." He smiled. "I lost count after the sixtieth search."

"My weirdo." I grinned against his cheek - giving it a quick kiss.

He scoffed and pulled away slightly; this time both of his arms went round my waist, leaving my chest up against his. 

"Are we really going to start the nicknames now?" He raised an eyebrow. "Ken Ken." He emphasized Lux's nickname for me making me slap his arm gently. 

"Shut it, she couldn't say my name right and you know that!" I pointed a finger at him. "What was your nick name again?"

His eyes instantly went wide, he hates his nickname and managed to bribe Lux into not calling him that anymore. It only took £65 and an ice cream cone. Now he's being called 'Za' which he's okay with. 

"You promised!" He groaned throwing his head back and letting out an over exaggerated sigh. I laughed and moved my hands up to lay flat against his chest as I moved so I was straddling his lap. I saw the grin on his face even before he looked directly at me. 

My lips brushed against his, his eyes closed as a small whine came from the back of his throat. "Fucking hell baby just kiss me already." He muttered and that was enough for me. Closing my eyes I pressed my lips down on his and tried (not to mention failed) to hide the catching of my breath in my throat as his hands slid down my sides and onto the bottom of my back, his index finger curling over the tee shirt and catching the strap of the boxer shorts he gave me to wear. 

I let out a sound of surprise as - while he took control of the kiss - Zack placed his hands on the bottom of my thighs and hitched me up a bit so my hips came in contact with his. I slid my hands up and into his hair once again before another whine came out of him and he stood up effortlessly, my legs wrapped round his waist to stop me from falling but he seemed to have that under control. 

Keeping his hands under my thighs he made his way towards the bunks where his is at the bottom like mine. He ducked down, sitting down first and then leaning down onto his back before rolling over so he's hovering over me. Through all of this his lips have been moving mine smoothly against his but now he's slowed it down until his forehead is against mine and I'm left breathless. 

"Whoa," I breathed out. "Where did that come from?"

He chuckled, still with his heaving chest and - caused by my fingers running through it - his hair messy. "That's phase one of catching up."

"And how many phases are there?" I asked still trying to catch my breath. 

"Depends how much catching up we need to do." Zack replied leaning back down at planting another kiss on my lips. This one was a lot slower, making me pull him down closer towards me so that our bodies slotted together. 

Fisting the pockets of his tracksuit bottoms I groaned softly and that seemed to set off Zack because he pulled back and buried his forehead back into neck whilst pecking my collarbone, a low moan growling off his lips. 

I visibly shivered and squeezed my fists harder into his pockets. The things this boy does to me...

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