Styles *Sequel to 'Adopted by... them!?!?!'*

You all know the story of Kendall Smith Styles. You know the highs and lows of her life and the friends, family and foes. Difficult challenges have been thrown at her and the ones she loves. Just when everything seems to run smoothly for her, the hardest obstacle yet decides to run face first into her.
Can Kendall overcome it and make everyone happy? Or will she be forced to leave her new life and everyone she loves?


37. Baby Zendall

Chapter 37: Baby Zendall (Probably not the best title...)

Kendall's P.O.V:

We're all at 'FLINk' film studios where the setting for the offices are. We've got two weeks to shoot the scenes we need and I think there's only five. All the extras have been flown in and chucked (not literally) into a large dressing room while Katy, Jackson, Megan, Brody, Zack and I have been put in a smaller yet still big dressing room. 

I'm currently changing from my tracksuit bottoms and hoodie into my character's 'uniform'. It consists of black skinny jeans, a white tee shirt with a leather jacket and the sleeves have been rolled up to my elbows. I stuffed my feet into black socks and the black trainers, tying the laces and strapping the Velcro together before opening the curtain and stepping out the room. The boys are already at the actual set along with Megan who has taken refugee on Jackson's chair the last time I saw her. 

Katy stepped out of her small room just after I did wearing black skinny jeans, a grey vest and a black button up shirt that's been left unbuttoned. Her feet are in normal black trainers and both of our hairs have been left untouched. Jenny's told us her and Jordyn will sort it out when we get to the set. 

"Ready?" I asked picking up my phone and script. 

"No." Katy mumbled but nevertheless grabbed her phone and script too, joining me at the door and leading the way. We got to the actual set pretty quickly, what else came quickly was my instant jealously as I turned my head to see one of the extras running her hand up and down Zack's arm. 

He looked over at me, smiled then stuck his tongue out. I raised an eyebrow at him and flipped him off, earning a glare and an over dramatic gasp from him. I laughed and turned to Katy who's looking at us like we've literally lost our heads. Minds probably, but I'm pretty sure my head is still on my body.

"I'm not even going to question your relationship." She shook her head and I laughed again. 

"Yeah people tend not to." Zack said coming up behind me. I turned to look at him properly. Like I said before - Zack looks illegally hot in the baggy black jeans, grey and black baseball tee and a black jacket with the hood pushed up. His hair's been brushed to the side making it look fluffy and he's bouncing on his feet slightly, the black high tops leaving squeaking noises against the tiled floor. 

"Where's the other two?" I asked. 

"Hello to you too babe." Zack said sarcastically making Katy burst out laughing. "Brody's talking to Chris (a/n: Chris plays Ash) and Jackson's with Megan."


"Geez you nearly kill him one time and we're suddenly troublemakers." Katy muttered as I lent up and quickly kissed Zack. 

"Love you." He whispered making me smile against his lips. 

"Love you too." I whispered, pecking his lips one more time before jogging towards Chris who's waiting beside the 'door'. Just behind him is a makeshift corridor to make this place look more realistic. It's pretty much like any other FBI building in movies, although I think it smells better. 

"Scene 2, Take 1." The man with the slappy thing said just as Zack stopped spinning in his chair and kicked his feet up on one desk. He looked up at a fully grown man playing one of the cops once David yelled action. 

"I thought I get the day off today." I muttered walking through the door with Ash. "You said I get the day off, why don't I get the day off."

He threw papers into my hands and smacked me round the back of the head. "Say day off one more time and I'll shoot you."

"Day off." I said quietly and ducked out of his grip as he whirled round, his hand on his gun's handle. I grinned and sat opposite Ryan, imitating his position.

"So what shit are we in this time?" He asked, nodding at the cop. The cop nodded too and left, Ryan looking at me. 

"Kidnapping." I replied throwing the papers in front of him. "Ten kids, five teens and one adult. The adult was shot in front of the teens, at least that's what the footage shows."

"Where are the kids from?" He asked flicking through the papers. 

"Funny you should ask that." Henry said walking out his office. He picked up a remote, Jackie said on the desk beside me whilst Troye and Marc took refugee on the floor. 

"Four year old twins, Carmen and Butler are from California." Henry said as fifteen pictures of teens came up. All of them were recent school pictures, all but one which looks like a photo taken from home. "They were abducted from their home during the night - no signs of struggle or breaking an entering. The same goes for 14 year olds Daisy, Freya and Ruby. They go to the same school but according to teachers aren't the best of friends."

"Are there any connections between them so far?" Troye asked. 

"No." Ash shook his head. "Carmen and Butler live in the worse part of town, they don't go to school and their parents can barely afford clothes for them let alone actual meals. The three girls are better off; private school, wealthy families, siblings. Whoever the unsub is, well they're making a different impression that's for sure."

"It gets stranger." Henry said. "17 year old Hannah Coppen was with her boyfriend late last week. They were at a club even though they're under aged, the boyfriend went to get them drinks and he said when he got back she was gone."

"Security cameras?" I asked. 

"They show Hannah talking to a female but something seemed to have grabbed her attention because she left. She was out of shot and that was the only camera in the area. Her parents said they saw her back at around midnight, she went straight up to her room and that was the last they saw of her. Hannah's sister has said she spoke to her and knows why she went but so far we haven't been able to get anything out of her."

David nodded over towards the benches lined up against the wall. There's kids all across them of all ages, most of them in tears. "Middle one, in blue. Millie." Ash said. I looked at her, she's only a toddler. 

Ryan looked at me and raised an eyebrow. I nodded and Henry tapped my shoulder. I got up and made my way towards her, weaving through the desks. Some kids looked at me as I walked past them but Hannah's little sister didn't say anything, just looked down at the small teddy in her lap. I crouched in front of her hair and she looked at me with glassy blue eyes. 

"Hey, Millie right?" I asked.

She nodded. So I carried on. "I'm Alexis, I'm here to find your sister but I need your help too. Is that okay? Can you help me?" 

Again she nodded. "Okay, let's go then."


"Any luck?" Ryan mused. He's still sat like he was before, flicking through some papers but everyone else has disappeared. 

I smacked him round the back of my head making him shoot up and throw a scrunched up piece of paper at me. 

"What the hell have I told you about being professional?!" Henry gave us that look. "What did you find out?"

"That Ryan's a dick." I answered sitting on the desk. I felt Ryan kick my back sharply so I swiped Ash's gun from his holster and smashed the magazine against Ryan's shins. He cringed and gritted his teeth together flipping me off in the process.

"Other than that piece of obvious information." Ash sighed. 

"Oh you should have been more specific." I sassed. "Millie said that Hannah seemed to be a bit edgy. She was constantly checking the window and when a car came up she was out of the window without saying goodbye. Millie saw her take a bag so Hannah must have known she wouldn't be going back any time soon."

"She wouldn't get in the car voluntarily though would she?" Ryan said obviously in pain.

"If she knew the person..." Henry said. 

I scoffed and rolled my eyes. "Yeah and I'm voluntarily going to clean Ryan's room without being paid."

"You're not allowed in my room." Ryan said sharply.

"Why would I want to?" I asked turning to look at him over my shoulder to see he's stood up. "It stinks of boy."

"Now you do too." He said and lunged at me, wiping his sweaty tee shirt on me. 

"FUCK OFF!" I squirmed under his sweaty grip, he burst out laughing and pulled away sitting back down. "What the hell have you been doing? You stink!"

"Training." He shrugged.

"KIDS!" Henry shouted and Ryan and I snapped our heads towards him. "Anything else?"

"Apparantly she kept mumbling 'Adam' under her breath but Millie doesn't have a clue who they are." I said handing him a piece of paper. "Millie drew down everything she saw Hannah take that night, some is pretty useless. Watch, shoelaces, pins but she also took a whole load of cash, loads of clothes and photographs of her friends and family. My best guess is that Hannah did now the person but was threatened to go with him. She wouldn't have been so frightened otherwise."

"That seems more likely then voluntarily leaving." Ryan spoke up. "From what her parents told the officers Hannah knows who to talk to and when. She's graduating in a couple weeks and then leaving for Uni, she's one of those kids. What she was doing in a club I have no idea but this definantly wasn't a target they just stumbled upon. They either planned all of them or Hannah was just a missing piece of the puzzle."

"What would they need with an A* graduate?" Ash said. The door burst open and Troye ran in. 

"Guys, five teen girls have been abducted on main town." He said. 

"Hannah's a distraction." I cursed. Ryan and I were fast at grabbing our guns, hiding them under our shirts and running after Troye.

"AND CUT!" David shouted scaring the crap out the extra who was flirting with Zack. Jackson and I burst out laughing whilst Zack tried to hide his laughter by biting his lip and ducking his head behind mine. I turned round and buried my face into his shoulder, attempting to calm down but in the end he started laughing too and it set me off once again. 


"Is that okay?" David asked, looking a bit unsure. I nodded and smiled making him smile and ruffle my hair. He's just explained that next week we'll be driving from here to Malta, a 26 hour drive. That means that when we get back to Barbados I'll get an extra week in which we're all going back to London before I have to go back to Hawaii to shoot some scenes for the Hunger Games movie. 

"Great." He said just as everyone else walked back into the main set area. Zack gave me a look and I smiled at him widely. He grinned back, catching on quickly before all of our heads turned to the opened doorway. A woman stood there looking quite uncomfortable, holding a type of bar behind her back. 

"Ah, Ileana." David smiled. "Kids, this is a good friend of mine Ileana. Please please come in."

Ileana walked in, a baggy behind her followed by a man. "Ileana works in the care home here and we're lucky to have her. She helped us cast the babies to play Ryan and Alexis in the flashbacks."

Katy, Megan and I instantly awed as Ileana turned the buggy round and two little babies came in view. The girl smiled, her green eyes becoming very bright and deep dimples printed in her cheeks. The boy has blue eyes like Zack and one slight dimple on his left cheek, identical to Zack's. 

"This is Iona, she's baby Alexis." David said nodding towards the girl and then turning to face the boy and patted Zack's shoulder. "This is Jabez. Baby Ryan."

"Oh my god baby Zendall!" Katy jumped up and down making me look at Zack and laugh as he stared at Katy like she's mental. 

Ileana un-clipped the strap keeping Iona down and then walked gently to me. "Geez she's light." I said as soon as Ileana stepped back and did the same to Jabez and Zack. 

"Hey look she's a fan." Brody laughed as Jabez stared up at Zack with his mouth open, the front of Zack's tee shirt in his small fists. I looked back down at Iona as she put her head against my chest and closed her eyes, heaving a bit and stuck her thumb in her mouth as I rubbed her back and rocked from side to side a bit to calm her down. 

"Had practice with Lux?" David mused holding his phone in his hands, either taking a picture or videoing I don't know. 

"Yeah and Eric," I laughed. "Zack may be able to lie down with him but he's terrible and putting him to sleep."

"Hey that kid hates me!" Zack said defensively. "Don't blame me!"

Iona gurgled a bit and shuffled in my arms, leaning up and balancing her head on my shoulder as Megan and Katy awed again. 

"Can I keep her please?" I turned to David. 

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