Playing with Dolls

Playing With Dolls


2. With Baited Breath

Upon opening the door I was immediately struck with an unholy dose of a bright heavenly like light. The normal dank corners of the great hall were normally shunted with darkness. Now the age old shutters had been opened I came to realize they were all now bathed in glorious morning light. As the light shone past me into the hallway I strode across the room to find my father, quite giddy with excitement holding a piece of parchment tightly. 

"Father?" I said quietly, my confusion allowed to bubble out in my voice. I sharply corrected myself. My back straight I stood calmly and awaited his reply. It was then he noticed my presence. He hastened over to where I stood, is face brighter than the red of a new born babe. He was still a way across the room but I could make out the parchment was adorned with the royal seal. The thought filled me with dread. Whatever the kind wanted, I wanted my father to be no part in it. 

3 years of war and taxes and now he wants to set sail for France again. He had bled our village dry and now he was asking my father, the lord, for more. The anger drew up inside of me until my father grew near. He hesitated, so I pounced. 

"It's from the King isn't it?" I snarled. "He wants more, it's sick!" I harshly continued. Before I knew it the anger inside me raged uncontrollably. "You know there are people out there with no more than grains of wheat to there names, all because of the kings obsession with war. That and his obsession with women, you know I wouldn't put it past him that this was were half the taxes go on." I cried. 

My fathers face was a gasp. I knew I had disappointed him. I had to apologize. 

"Sorry father, go on." I said quietly. My heart was fierce. My mother used to say I has the passion and the fight of a man, but the meekness and beauty of a woman. Father smiled. 

"Kitty my dear, it is not at all what you think. The Kings comes here to our manor. He writes that he wishes to apologize for the long years and comes with a promise things in England will get better." Father continued smiling as he handed me the letter. Shocked and confused I fount myself oddly angry. Scanning the letter I blurted

"This cannot be true, he has always been such a brute."

Taken aback by this new revelation I found no more words. I looked around for a moment and noticed the table neatly polished and the chairs where currently being seen to by the local seamstress. I let out a sigh. I felt defeated. I did not want him here. Placing my hand on my head my Father looked confused. 

"My Dear Kitty, what is wrong. This is good. Maybe he will invite you to court and that'll bring with it so many opportunities for you. Try to see this as the blessing it is and not as a burden." He comforted. 

Taking my hands he kissed my forehead. I loved my father, I knew he wanted what was best for me and the village and that was what was in his heart. I let out a limp smile as he gestured to the door.

"I'm sure you have much to be getting along with, I shall not keep you." I smiled in agreement and turned toward the door. Grasping at its cold, big handle a thought chilled me to the bone. I would have to be in the presence of the King of England. Hurrying out the door and clasping my basket I left the Manor House. 

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