Playing with Dolls

Playing With Dolls


1. Fresh Start

The cockerel sounded daybreak. My heavy heart rolled out of the bed as I draped my neatly sewn under-dress over my petite frame. I waited on my bed patiently for Martha to come and tie up my corset and it was there, on my furnished bed with fine linen sheets, that I took a moment of reflection. My room was east facing something I had noted from ever since I could remember. I watched as the sunlight poured into my room and trickled over my floor. My mirror showing my reflection like a glowing angel as the sun danced and pranced around my body. I remembered my brothers and I racing about in the tall golden crops in bright summer - how the sun kissed our youthful faces. Our hair whipped like tails as we jumped and leaped up and down. 

I was brought back to reality sharply. My door had flung open widely and in bumbled Martha. She had a large frame but a big heart. Her hair done up in her usual messy bun and her shoes so shined you could see your reflection from a mile off. Laying down my freshly pressed laundry upon the bed she spoke;

"Now miss, up you get. We cant have you looking this unsightly for too long - people will talk."

With this my body was hastily hoisted up and shaped into my corset. I felt less human with every tug of the strings. Like I was pottery to be shaped and molded in an attempt to please others. Finally my over coat was placed upon me and I was free to go - or so i thought. I had just gone to pick up my basket to retire when Martha piped up again.

"Oh, I almost forgot dear, your father wishes to see you in the dining room. I suspect it is rather urgent as he will not eat one bit of his breakfast - I tell you ever since your mother died he has..."

I had closed the door and sped away for although Martha means well she can sometimes let her mouth and head run away with her and often says things that get her into, well, spots of bother. I graciously made my way downstairs to the door of the dining room where I paused to collect myself. 


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