8077 Words To Write A Wrong

One day the time will come when your friends' darkest secrets betray you.


8. Matt: Apocalypse Night

Burning. The fire licks at their ankles. Running. I hurried towards the hills. Wishing. There is no time to look back. Everything is gone. I was standing on a burning heath. The flames liked the burning flesh and gorged on the stench that came from the bodies. They danced at the feet of their masters and ran as if the whips of those very masters are behind them. Black was majestic, white was beautiful. Beautifully frightening. Tonight, there's evil in the air and thunder in the sky and a killer's on the bloodshot streets. For this was the night the sinners fear.

The world turned upside down, the rain burned and the devil's flames licked at the feet of the black horse. When you've been fighting for it and all your life you've been struggling to make things right, they don't distinguish between what you have done and what you could do. Four stood above all, reigning in the new kingdom. They have been called many things through the ages. Now, I knew them only as those guys who were going to kill me. I could see them, and they could see me. The pale horse was the one I saw first. Its hooves pounded the ground, but the haze hit me. All the people that I love, and loved, Peter, Lucy, Claire, Nathan and Ryan, they've all been before me and now it was my turn.

This was it. I tried to run but white hooves trapped my feet. I tried to scream, but a red steady hoof on my mouth blocked out the shout that was threatening to form. Reaching up my arm, the cold and the dark seeped through my soul. They know you. They know what you have done. When the end comes, they will find you. When oblivion is calling your name, the faceless won't save you. Death comes in all shapes and sizes, and tonight, it comes for you.

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